Saturday February 4th 2023

This is an experience. It is also a satire.

So, this Brother thought he should spend less time on social media and text messages while working. After all it is company time, and this other worker dudes were having circle jerks on over his phone.

Since the Brother pays the bills on a personal phone and that circle jerk got wider, he needed to be cut that mess out cold turkey. He turned the phone off all day.

Well you know addicts don’t like cold turkey. They chased the Brother down, stalked the halls. He gonna pull that phone out. They they can pull out and have their good time.

One desperate jerker loudly proclaimed, “He got that damn phone off.” That jerker dude was having hard withdrawals. How he gonna get the circle back together without his primary trigger.

“What are we supposed to do?” One jerker asked.

So they lied. Called security, the tech support to investigate. Even playing junior detective. Hiding in corners, rooms, and getting others to spy.

As for the Brother. He knew discipline required work on his part. It was never about a circle jerk. It was about him managing his time and his actions the way he saw fit.

Just which one of these circle jerk dures is man enough to openly claim their BS? Not a single one. We gonna call them Friends of KKKAREN, or Circle JerKKK!

Happy creative endeavors.


Friday February 3rd 2023

Note: This is an experience. It is also a satire.

This KKKaren was mad again with a Black employee. She wanted the cops called on him and went to security. Security told her they can’t call again, and they got to get someone else to call. So, they was gonna skirt the law to enforce the law? Sounds like grade A racist BS to me.

Karen was sick and tired of this Black dude not working the way she wanted him to. Damn it, this is her building and she poured the concrete for the foundation, and laid down the tile. No way in hell was this Black man going to have freedom on her watch.

“Let me speak to his manager,” she raged. That didn’t work, and she went up that chain to no effect.

So what does she do next? Why, get someone else to call the police. Police arrived and left. Nothing happens. They don’t even question the brother. The white person who helped her was uncouth enough to show up in the area and let the brother know who was one of the rats.

Keep in mind the Black man was just too damn chill to be upset at the petty, insecure people their constant weaponizing of the law, and systemic racism. That don’t mean they right or tolerated. It means thank God he didn’t get shot over some racist mess.

The brother also has to keep in mind that to navigate in society, one has to understand KKKAREN feels entitled to her racism and weaponizing the police, and as long as others enable her, it’s best for him to remain level-headed.

KKKaren was still pissed, and she may have burned a cross or two. We don’t know, but believe she did. She still stalks the area, mad as hell, and ready to call the cops and a manager. She may burn another cross or dozen, cause freedom sucks for you and me, but not for she.

It’s her world and you’re a cop call and manager away from trouble. That and she went flying off on a burning cross saying, “I’ll get you, and your little social media too.” She was just getting started.

February 2nd 2023

Hello. Hope all is well, and you are safe.

It’s morning. The weather has been up and down in temperatures. It was warm yesterday, the day before cold. Today is reasonably warm. Gotta love the ups and down of winter.

Writing stalled. Big surprise. I need to get it back on track. I am tripping with this inactivity.

On the toxic side, the petty queens are overactive and I’m still praying they find love for themselves. Also praying for peace and healing. No hate in my game.

Why no hate? If I’m gonna be mad, it won’t be over petty people. Annoying, frustrating, sickening people are who they are, and it’s not my j9b to change them.

That ans it’s Black History Month. Who wanna focus on people who can’t uplift themselves? They sure can’t uplift anyone else. I’m a rebuke that Kate, keep it moving and stay on point.

Happy creative endeavors.

Tuesday January 31st 2023

Hello. Hope all is well, and you are safe.

It’s time to get up and get that groove. Been a little meh-ish, and tired today. Not feeling the vibes I’m on. Yet here I am asking myself, “what’s next?” I’m expecting positivity and blessings. This is me moving forward.

It’s a day to get work done. I wish to keep writing, keep working, and think of ways to be positive, strong, and being better.

As I’ve written before I am surrounded by people who don’t love themselves. They’re super lonely, miserable, and bring self-loathing to the table. This is always a party, fun, and a time for rebuking hate.

It is my duty to maintian a level of personal self-worth and care in my day. I am not responsible for other people and their toxic behaviors. I have zero desire to wake up and be mad at life. It will get me nowhere. It blocks blessings. Negativity be rebuked!

This post is not to dismiss anyone’s personal issues or pains. We all have them. We all struggle. The major difference is, it is my duty not to visit my problems upon other people.

No one is perfect, but getting gathered on your own is far better than someone else getting you gathered. There may be no discretion or mercy. Some may pull you to the side, others will blast you from orbit.

Let that marinate.

I know I can’t walk into places looking, feeling, and behaving like a hot mess, then mad at other people that I’m a hot mess. When I see other people doing this, I pray they find some love in their life for themselves. It will go a long way to healing and feeling good about yourself. .

Let’s keep it moving, shall we?

Happy creative endeavors.

Monday January 30th 2023

Hello. Hope all is well, and you are safe.

I am tired. Also neck pain is not fun. Made breakfast (pancakes and sausage) and after eating took some pain meds. Slowly the neck pain fades into the background and eventually into nothingness.

Writing has been slow, and new ideas have popped up for different stories. This always happens. I can’t work on them too much other than to jot down ideas. I’ve prioritized my novella. I also want to take on screenplays again. Future ambitions.

Gonna relax, do some gaming, watch some shows. Have a life that’s mine. After all it’s my day, what am I gonna do is a real choice I make.

Happy creative endeavors.

Sunday January 29th 2023

Hello. Hope all is well, and you are safe.

I’m very discombobulated. Woke up extra early today. Didnt have anywhere to be this morning, so I went back to sleep and got up groggy. Two cups of coffee later, some breakfast and vitamins, and going back to bed sounds like a good idea to me.

Perhaps I’m simply tired. It happens.

That said, yesterday made some progress with the novella. Very pleased with the progress. One word at a time, y’all. Had some character ideas I gotta find a way to introduce earlier in the story. It will happen.

Happy creative endeavors.

Saturday January 28th 2023

Hello. Hope all is well, and you are safe.

Yesterday I took a moment to rewrite some dualogue. Then I let it marinate. I don’t know how I feel about it yet. At least I don’t hate it.

Saw a lot of misery in the course of a day. People twisted in knots and mad and seemingly stuck mad. Seems so personal, yet out in the open. Makes me a little sad to see.

By misery I seetheir self worth is rhe issue. The quality of their life is dimished by themselves. That said, some people can’t fix their well being. There’s nothing we can do about that.

It would be nice to not enter a place and have to deal.with someone else’s damage. Like don’t we have our own issues to deal with? Now I have multiple people popping up turning a day to toxic energy.

That said I know I gotta shake off their actions. Why? Not carrying someone else’s burdens around with me.

Yeah gotta turn my positivity up. This has been quite an experience to contend with.

Happy creative endeavors.

Friday January 27th 2023

Hello. Hope all is well and you are safe.

Yesterdsy, got some writing done that needs to be cleaned up and completed. That’s always good. After dinner I just felt sleepy and tired. Also a bit messy. Didn’t sleep enough. That said I’m up now and plan to keep moving forward.

Day is here, not going away, and I’m happy to have a day to get things done. Also need to focus on staying positive, happy, and upbeat.

Sounds silly, but I’ve seen so many miserable, negative, toxic people in the course of a day. No matter what I do. No matter what direction I go in, I don’t want to see myself in a state when I don’t love myself, like I see in others.

Sure they go through the motions of being put together, but then you see that sadness. That toxic, true self. That bitterness and whining. Those embarrassing emotional outbursts that would make a child blush in embarrassment for them.

Wait, we grown folk, or so I thought.

I’ve seen people so mad at themselves they mad at other people. I’ve seen bitterness, dryness. Hatetred and self loathing. It drips off them like Satan’s bling. Don’t want that mess. Rebuking now.

Somewhere in my days I’m reminding myself of what not to be and to enjoy my day. We all should have the strength to love ourselves.

Happy creative endeavors.

Thursday January 26th

Hello. Hope all is well, and you are safe.

Yesterday was some rewriting on this final confrontation, and formatted the ending of this story for the novella. This has been fun.

By fun I mean work that didn’t feel like a chore. It felt like getting what needs to be done, done. That’s a blessing. It has been a challenge to figure out a lot of aspects and make it work.

Sipping this coffee feeling good. Soon I’ll be up and about doing things. Later I’ll get to work on this novella. There are some updates as a whole I need to get on top of.

Happy creative endeavors.