October 21

Howdy. Hope all is well and you are safe.

Running a bit behind, however I was going to post some.video gameplay. It’s Smite. I am playing Yemoka. She is a ranged guardian. I built protection auras for my team. My ranged basic attack heals allies. Which is why I keep hitting them with it. Also I can take hits.

Happy creative endeavors.

October 20

Hello. Hope all is well, and you are safe.

Yesterday, I came home a hot mess of tired. After dinner, I went to lay on my bed, then I took a nap. Woke up to get outta my home clothes, into my night clothes, and went to bed. I clearly needed rest.

So I am up now, and need to get going. I may need to get a latte so I can have some extra boost in my step. I can only hope.

Gonna go write my journals. At leas I will get morning writings in.

Yesterday during my break, I did jot down some thoughts. So some free thinking was captured.

Happy creative endeavors.

October 19

Hello. Hope all is well, and you can be safe.

Yesterday I was incredibly discombobulated, and today I feel the same way. It may be a mix of weather, switching allergy meds, and being tired. Slowly I am waking up and feeling better. At least I am awake enough to get this blog post completed.

Did the journals yesterday really late. My penmanship was sloppy and it really didn’t look good, but I was determined to get them done. It really was a for better or worse moment for me.

I will keep writing because I feel a need too. I will have to occasional sloppy page of material. If I can read it, that’s a success.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

October 18

Hello. Hope all is well, and you are safe.

Had a major discombobulated morning that lead to me going back to bed and napping in the middle of the day. Not my ideal moment, but clearly I needed the rest. It meant my blog and journals would be done later. Here I am, later, blogging.

Yesterday I spent time watering all the plants, and this afternoon watering half of them. Some of them need water even more, it seems. Weird. I thought less heat meant less watering. It is getting cooler, but the plants seem to want to keep growing.

I did my writing last night. I convinced myself to write five sentences and took it from there. I may type them up tonight. When I type, it seems to help me clarify.

I need to get on top of my journals. I don’t want to fall off today because I feel like a hot mess. All I need for those is five sentences each. Not the greatest entries, but entries, nonetheless.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

Octiber 16

Hello. Hope all is well, and you are safe.

It is cool today. Usually it isn’t. Has the notorious humidity finally abandoned Charleston? Is this the fall weather people speak of? We shall see. It’s also bright and sunny outside.

Planning on getting some writing done. I need to open my notebook today, take a look at each idea and write down what I belive the story is about in a word or a few prhases.

Why this exercise? Running some things in my head, and if I can resolve and clarify what I belive my story is about, I can focus on this aspect. For example, one ideas I distilled down to being about a system of red tape (bureaucracy). This what the hear of the story is about.

I can always add, revise, or remove aspects associated with the idea but for me, there is no need to move forward with ideas if I can’t get to the heart and soul of the idea.

Writing is rewriting, and ideas need to evolve, then executed. The difference could mean less time spent trying to get actual text completed. It’d be nice to get to first draft soon on several of these ideas.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

October 16

Hello. Hope all is well, and you are safe.

I am so sleepy this morning. Gotta get myself together, because there are things to get done.

It rained yesterday. I was surprised, but that was ok. It meant my plants got more water. Earlier it was warm, which is odd, as it was cooler this week. Not going to complain. The plants love rain water. It’s good for them.

Did have some ideas running through my head. Since it’s still in there, I want to write it down. The idea and concept make sense to me, so that needs to be captured on paper.

Happy creative endeavors.

October 15

Hello. Hope all is well, and you are safe.

Yesterday afternoon I had to water my plants. I was used to watering them twice a day, but once every other afternoon while it’s cool weather isn’t bad.

I did a tiny bit more writing outside of my journals. I need a tighter writing plan. The journals and blog are on rotation. If I can get five sentences out of myself per afternoon for ideas, it might be ok.

As far as loglines, I have some killer titles. At least they inspire me to tell a story. I need to elaborate on the stories. Writing out what I think they mean (concept), I’ll be happy with that. I jotted down a few notes earlier, but that was that.

Going to treat myself to a latte today. It should give me a little more pep in the morning so I can get things done.

Happy creative endeavors.

October 14

Hello. Hope all is well, and you are safe.

Woke up hella groggy, so I need to perk up soon. Hello coffee, my old friend. Time for some sips.

The print and gratitude journals are done. My penmanship was not 100% its best in these moments. That said, it is legible, and I am glad I wrote. Next entry will be better.

Writing down more ideas and made an attempt to narrow down what genre I want at least 3-9 screenplays yo write. Why so many? As discussed yesterday, to get to the pro writer status, I must master one genre and have a clear voice. Being diverse is good, but the starter needs a single lane to stay in.

You will likely see a set of fantasy-comedies from me soon. Why? The settings can be anywhere. You can have it contemporary (close to the world we live in) or some far-far away land. The focus will be on the characters and laughs.

One of my goals is to have laughs while writing with hopes the the laughter will follow with screenplay actors, producers, directors, and audiences. A Brother dreams of this.

Happy creative endeavors.

October 13

Hello. Hope all is well, and you are safe.

Getting up was hard this morning. I coached myself awake. “I’m the boss. Go get up and make some coffee. You have a blog post to write. Don’t try and do it in a short burst.” Then I got up, made some coffee, and here we are, blogging.

There are a few other things I need to get done, but one step at a time, y’all.

I did some writing yeterday. More organizing than anything. Gonna have to sub-journal today. Essentially using my pocket Moleskine to do journals. I am simply not awake and alert enough to get it done this morning in a timely fashion. It’s that, or wait until I get home to write them.

I also need to pick a specific genre for 3 – 6 screenplays. The goal is to master my voice and the genre. Story structure is a given. Being versatile, as I can be is fine, HOWEVER the talk is that to have a brand and to be marketable, I gotta pick a Lane, work it, to mastery, then branch off.

Oddly, as I type this out, I feel awake now.

Happy creative endeavors.

October 12

Hello. Hope all is well, and your are safe.

Yesterday I got hardcore sleepy, took a nap, woke up, and realized I was not able to focuse.  Going back to sleep was imminent.  It was just one of those days.  I need to take my vitamins more.  

I finished the writing research.  It’s five pages.  So I am happy.  It had a lot of good information for me.  For example, when stepping into pro-screewriting, a writer needs to pick a genre.  The goal to be consistent in a single genre, get more jobs in this genre, and after mastering, branch out. 

How people market you, and you develop your voice and brand as a professional screenwriter becomes a part of your routine.

Another point is having ideas is great, but the idea must become a story.  The story must adhere to the story structure.  can this be done efficiently and with confidence? If it can, then perhaps there’s a chance at success.

I could go on, but I got things to do.

As always, happy creative endeavors.