January 22nd 2021

Hello. Hope all is well, and you are safe. Please remember you are worth of love, happiness, and success.

Yesterday I can’t remember what writing I did outside of my blog and journals. That’s not good. I did listen to a Masterclass by Issa Rae. So at least their was some learning in my day. I appreciate learning.

Today’s goal IN ADDITION to my blog and journals is rive sentences of creative writing. Jointed, disjointed, bullet points, different topics. I don’t mind. There must be five sentences written down. Why? I want to see more writing done.

To be fair, by time I got home, I had dinner, and soon I was napping. Then I got up and went to bed, so I was a lot messy as far as after work hours to commit. Let me creep those five sentences in. It may be bare minimum, but like my blog and journal entries, it took time to grow.

Happy creative endeavors.

January 21st 2021

Hello. Hope all is well, and you are safe.

Today is a new day. Let’s see what can get done. For starters, this blog, and print and gratitude journals need completion. That’s not a bad thing for someone who believes a writer writes everyday.

There is a random idea that needs to be written down. Eventually, I want to see where this journey goes. It should prove to be exciting. For the moment, there is a current story that can use some attention after being abandoned for a few days.

What needs to be done: filling the gaps in the outline and revising it. The one good thing that happened, is I took a stab at revising the logline a few days ago. I left it alone out of fear of contantly tinkering with it would dilute what I wrote. Cooldown/divorce time is a must.

So a simple pair of tasks: just the current idea down, work on the current story. It can be done.

Happy creative endeavors.

January 20th 2021

Hello. Hope all is well, and you are safe.

I had a mild case of blahs yesterday. I shook it off slowly. Some moments in are simply not with the positive energy. I reminded myself of things to be grateful for. I also needed rest. Got that, fell asleep, and had a good night.

Earlier I did write down some ideas, on top of getting my blog, and journal entries done.

Today is my Brother’s birthday. I don’t know how I feel. I am not sad. If he were still here, he would downplay it, and I would tease him. Bro, I miss you.

That may explain why I felt bad. Today I am happy to have positive memories of him. Life feels cruel at times, and amazing.

In honor of my Brother, we keep it moving. We gonna write, blog, and get them journal entries completed. Our power and passions come from love and writing. Stay strong and focused.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

January 19th 2021

Hello. Hope all is well with you, and you are safe. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

I am sleepy, and wating on my morning coffee so I can perk up. I may need a latte a little later on. This is simply a rough start to my day. It will get better.

I did take my allergy meds late, and it does have the power to induce hard drowsiness. Late last night, the eye itchiness surfaced with a vengeance. The meds calmed that down ASAP.

Had some ideas jotted down. I need this concept and characters to do some more marinating. We shall see what happens from there. For now, I have some coffee to sip.

Happy creative endeavors.

January 18th 2021

Hello. Hope all is well, and you are safe.

Today is Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday, and also a federal holiday. So it’s a day to reflect upon a few things other than sleeping late.

For one, having parents who lived in the south while Dr. King was alive, and the horrible treatment they suffered through based on the color of their skin. If you know any family or friends who happen to be older, they will tell you, there were bathrooms, water fountains, and doors they could not use.

My Mom has told me of how white people were free to call her out of her name, and be overall disrespectful. This was a socially acceptable norm.

Imagine all the other injustices. White people being able to abduct, mutilate hang and burn a Black person while taking pictures of it and sharing said pictures with family and friends with pride.

We can go back further. My ancestry in the USA is my first relatives were slaves. They were captured, brought to the US, denied rights, history, and basic humanity. They were brutalized in ways we can’t imagine. It is an ugly history that can often be ignored and the dehumanization can be repeated.

Now think of Dr. King, and his allies standing and speaking up for fair, equal treatment for people who society allowed to mistreat and continue to dehumanize Black people. Imagine the amount of white people who were more than aggressive to push back on continuing have the right to dehumanize Black people and treat poorly.

As we stand in 2021, hate and racism is still a pervasive element to our society. Let us look at the past and remind ourselves we have come a long way, and have much more ways to go.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

January 17th 2021

Hello. Hope all is well, and you are safe.

Spent yesterday gaming, and LOST every round of Smite. It was all good though. Sometimes I am a hot mess. Not blaming the team. Sometimes a win is not in the cards. I did have fun, trying to figure out stuff. I also learned to alter how I build character items in game.

That, and I didn’t go to bed feeling defeated. It was the luck of the draw. I had fun. I did want to win, though. I wanted one win. Denied. There will be other days of winning.

Writing was ok. Nothing to got deep from yesterday. I did my blog and journal entries, and reviewed some things I wrote. I’ll say it again, sometimes I need a little

Happy creative endeavors.

January 16th 2021

Hello. Hope all is well, and you are safe.

Yesterday I did more sub-journal entries. That is, my print and gratitude journals were completed in my pocket Moleskine, as opposed to my standard one. I had a slow morning. I made time for my blog entry, and knew during my break, I could get the entries in.

I also got some thoughts on paper for current stories, and later on will add and revise my thoughts on my current material. Can’t wait to see what comes up. It’s like starting the outline backwards. Still, knowing how things could potentially end, helps make a better story. It all gets revised.

Also need to relax a little. The day needs some time to reflect and chill. It will help the day pass with a richness O need. Self-care is very important peeps.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

January 15th 2021

Hello. Hope all is well, and you are safe.

Yesterday, I was obsessed with two questions for my stories. 1: What is my character’s goal? 2: What price does he or she pay for achieving this goal?

Why these questions? I was working towards the end of each story trying to figure out how to revise outlines and improve the endings I wasn’t satisfied with. Then I had answers to these questions. They surprised me. Characters were forced to face their own flaws and or consequences (or reprecuasions) to actions.

I took it a step further an asked a third question: What happens after this loss? This helped me get to the ending because the story didn’t end once the main character got their goal. Paying the price doesn’t end the journey. They return to their ordinary world changed from the experience.

Apparetly I thought out some steep prices for my heroes to contend with, and I am enjoying this brainstorming.

Happy creative endeavors.

January 14th 2021

Hello. Hope all is well, and you are safe.

Yesterday I was pretty much a goof. My phone is having issues. It seems to have an issue with turning off and on. That’s never good. There are times I don’t need it to be active, and times I do. It might be time for this phone to be replaced.

That said, I need to get more writing done. Wrote out what I thought was an intro for a short story. Of course, I don’t like it. It’s a start. Another story has an intro. I kinda like that one because it made me laugh.

I endeavor to keep moving forward.

As always, happy creative endeavors.