It’s Friday

Hello, a holiday is next week. There will be changes to my schedule, and I have to purchase food to cook/eat that has to last more than a day or so. Grocery is overpriced, but we have to eat.

That said my writing has been so haphazard the entire week. Last Monday’s deadline was to get my story bible organized, and I did most of it. I hit a wall, as I tried to get myself organized. I must perservere.

That said, I’ve been obsessed with getting the logline correct, and I think I got it streamlined. Perhaps a step back, or rest is in order. Something that will allow me to recharge myself. I don’t know.

Happy creative endeavors.


Days Like This

Ever since Monday, I have been in a funk. That one day turned into days of a hot mess of not writing in my routine fashion. So this morning, as I sip my coffee, the pervasive thought of blogging is in front of me. At first I said, “Nah. Let me finish my coffee first.” It dawned on me that if I didnt get on track, I’d lose out.

There will be days like this, where things don’t fall in place. Where being a hot mess happens, and I struggle against it. These are the days that need me to push myself. I can do one word at a time. I dont want to give up, and I dont want to fall behind on my project.

As always, happy crestive endeavors.

A November Petite Post II

Y’all, I forgot to post this morning. I don’t know what’s happening to me, as my routine is totally thrown off. I feel like I’ve lost control of things, and this is not what I want or need. So at the very least, this post is, in part, to say, “hello,” and “keep writing.”

As always, happy creative endeavors.

My Clunky Loglines

Yesterday, to add to my project was to write out a logline. For those not in the know, the logline is a one or two sentence max description of a film or TV show. I did qrite one, shared it with friends. I thank them again in this post for their feedback. They gave me good points.

In hindsight, and feedback, I did write a clunky logline. I felt, as I wrote it, a need to explain things, and it made it extra wordy. So this got me to look up logline structure. I took some notes, and now its time to rewrite the line informed by my research. I’m exited, and woke up enthusiastic.

Happy creative endeavors.

What a Difference A Day Makes

Yesterday, I was full of doubts, as I took on learning some new things about the craft. I also didn’t feel confidant with progressing with the current project. Mind you, I have a story bible, and a detailed outline for the first episode. I even felt I should take a break.

In reality, I should have a hreak, but now is not the time. Doubt is natural. I have it. It doesn’t mean listen to that line of thinking.

What got me focused on this project in the first place was that I knew that if I wanted to go for my dream of writing for film and TV, I have to do the work. It felt daunting, and I had many one word at a time days. I cannot allow myself to quit on this momentum.

I woke up refershed, and maybe that’s what I needed; to sleep on this. Dont feel so dountful today. Now I gotta go meet my dealine. I also have to cook dinner. It all gets done.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


Hello. I knew I’d write a late blog post. I’ve been mopey and I didnt want to write. I also knew that I would get this post done sooner or later. I can’t say, writng and posting slipped my mind.

Writng has gone into a contemplative mode, as I had some new info to process about the craft.of writing. New info takes time to figure out. Note that my mopey feeling doesnt come from the info. I’m simply tired. The week, DLST, and being busy has a way of throwing me off.

This will pass.

Happy creative endeavors.

Friday, Rainy Skies, and Writing

I am trying to stay awake, and I am trying to stay positive. Had to deal with some negative energy yesterday, and quite frankly that situation needs to be purged from my psyche. I feel this is the best thing I can and should do for my peace of mind. Note, I need to reduce all bad things, and focus on the positive actions.

Its rainy looking outside. It has that yucky, “where is the sun” look outside. It’s a stay in bed longer day. I really can’t stay in bed today. Lets hope this coffee gives me the pep needeed to get moving.

Writing was good last night. I am slowly organizing things. If I have some more free time, I believe things will get done on time. Deadline is coming up. Weekend too.

Happy creative endeavors.