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It’s morning, and time for coffee. No wifi still, and if it’s gonna be in this house again, it’s out of my hands entirely. That’s not a bad thing, and not a great thing either.  It reminds me that the things I want and enjoy out of life, must me from what I do to obtain them. When I’m at the leisure of others, it’s not for me to complain. Just go with the flow.

So today I’ll be doing more writing, enjoying my day.  If I go to the library, I can check my e-messages and do some job hunting.  I do miss my reg communication with peeps electronically. It was always enjoyable to reach out to people and exchange thoughts.

So let this be a moment for me, and I’m reminded that life has a way of showing us things. My optimism tells me that I shall get better. That my quality of life shall improve. Choices that are denied now, will be embraced with open arms with my personal successes and financial independence.  I’m reminded and humbled that I do have a place to stay and continue to strive to be and do better.

That’s me, ole “silver lining” Stace. Catch y’all soon. As always, happy creative endeavors.

P.S. I’m gonna write more sometime today, as I have to put the ideas I wrote down yesterday to good use. It’s fair to say I let them cool down overnight. Wanted my mid off them for a short while.

May even dare to dream up ten more ideas to add to what I already wrote. If I don’t use them for the TV series, I wish the ideas to go to other projects.

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2/20/15 Progress

February 25, 2015 at 1:00 PM (Blogging, Challenges, Creativity, Productivity, Writing) (, , , , )

Working on some story ideas. Told myself to come up with ten of them, which sounded simple, until I say at the laptop. I got the ideas down on file. After a little break, I’d like to do ten more story ideas.  Why? Well I want several to choose from, and I like brainstorming out possibilities. Also there’s a chance something fresh may pop up.  It’s the reason to keep working on ideas.

Some fresh thoughts are percolating now. Back to the files for moi.

UPDATE: I did eight more ideas, which isn’t bad at all.  Later I may push for more.  What I have are raw ideas, that don’t 100% fit the story world, but they are sparks that, once they cool down, can be shaped into something amazing.

UPDATE 2: I have thirty ideas for stories now, that need time to marinate. I think I have a few more ideas to put down, but I need a rest.  I’m glad they were committed to a file, as opposed to staying in my head where they were perfect and there need be no action. I had to take fear off the table.  For better or worse, I have ideas.

Will eventually, after they “cool off,” pick the best three to make three solid scripts from.  Not that the others are going to be bad, but I need at least three full scripts in my portfolio.


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Now Hear This 2/20/15

February 24, 2015 at 4:13 PM (Blogging, Challenges, Productivity, Well-Being, Writing) (, , , , )

Didn’t write a post yesterday, and should have. Was working on a cold open for the first episode, as I didn’t like what I had previously. The cold open is the first few minuets of a TV show that’s supposed to get the viewer hooked on the show. It was important to run with the idea I had. It fundamentally changed the cast, in a good way. I’m not opposed to this rewrite.

Last night, had me doing revisions of my revision, and then it became imperative that it get done. I need this story to work, but it needs to be more than simply written. I need to see this entire story in my mind’s eye and treat it as if I were directing it myself. What do I need the audience to see is the key. It’s very simple: I need them to see this world and characters. It needs to be more succinct. I think I can manage, or will rewrite it to be that way.

Still no wifi for the time being. What can I say, I simply won’t have it. It doesn’t mean I still can’t write out posts, date them, and post them at a later date.

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The Trouble with Innuendo, or Do It

February 13, 2015 at 12:43 PM (Brainstorm, Creativity, Imagination, Productivity) (, , , , )

I went real deep for a post, and still failed to satisfy. Had to start all over. Needed an assertive stance, and to work harder, play harder. Seek out and serve in a way to produce better results. Am I doing this right? How does it feel? Is it good here, or do I move on?

Writing and I are going on a love/hate relationship where every touch of the pen is fire and delight. Each stroke of the key strikes as case-sensitive and messy. Ain’t nobody feel like cleaning up this mess. This is me toying around with what feels like a good thing gone bad. It’s a temporary foul mood, but it shall get better.

Then, writing and I make up, and it glorious. Each stroke of pen one keys go well. Files synchronize in a harmonious fashion as thoughts flow, bump, and slide up, down, sideways, and all over. It’s deeply felt magic that doesn’t stop until I’m all spent.

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An Interpretation

February 11, 2015 at 7:25 PM (Art, Brainstorm, Creativity, Film, Imagination) (, , , , )

As an artist, I like to compose or interpret themes and images. So someone like me could help the world see a moment of anxiety through visual means, or with a mix of words.

So, today is a day that has me thinking about how to interpret emotions and ideas into a script or screenplay. They are words, but translate into a visual world. So say, how does one tell the story of the dawn, or anxiety that feels, well expressed?

Perhaps it needs more pondering to see where it leads to. I am intrigued and need to see something fresh before me. There is also a desire to not ignore all the skills I’ve acquired as a visual artist. Sometimes it feels like there’s a struggle and trade when I write as opposed to drawing. It’s not necessarily true that it is trade off. I can’t do both at the same time. I’d need an extra set of working hands, and a mind that could focus on two distinct things at the same time.

So perhaps this is a return of sorts for me. I look forward to the results.

Happy creative endeavors.

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A Bit Sparse

February 5, 2015 at 9:20 PM (Challenges, Creativity, Productivity, Upsets, Writing) (, , , , )

My mind’s not working with me this week. I guess this has to be. Been writing, but not feeling connected to the material. Perhaps a break is in order.  Perhaps there needs to be a side project to delve into and feel good about for a short while. I say this to keep me from become that cat who does nothing while he waits for his muse to strike up some heat.

So I did look up some old files, and found myself adding to the plot of a story I forgot about.  It was nice to add something to it.  Then I abruptly abandoned it.  Maybe I’ll find something else to work on.  Don’t know.  Need to keep my mind active, and less overthinking.

Happy creative endeavors.

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February 3, 2015 at 12:33 PM (Art, Productivity, Prose, Warm Ups, Writing) (, , , , )

My mind is a clutter of thoughts today
Rough like sandpaper
Won’t smooth down
Won’t smooth my soul.

Passion’s fleeting, and flies away
So far away
So not wanting to caress
My muse and stroke my ego

So, as I stand here in my thoughts
In my clutter.
Maybe organize one piece at a time.
Take the clutter away.

Smooth out my insides
Let my passions come home to me.

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Lovely Sunday

February 1, 2015 at 12:20 PM (Blogging, Chaos, Outline, Productivity, Rewriting) (, , , , )

Today is a day where my sinus woes are being heard and felt. Can’t seem to get myself 100% together, but things will smooth themselves out. Needless to say getting my mind back into the game is what’s important.

Began re-writing elements of the series bible for the TV show. I needed to do that. Was a bit stumped on making outline three work, and Started asking questions I added in the bible. So they were answered. This is a good thing.

My mind’s on reclaiming and rewriting some short stories I worked on. I think after letting them rest for a while, they can be seen with fresher eyes now. Hopefully something good will come from this.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

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A Walk Down Broughton St. (NSFW)

January 21, 2015 at 10:28 PM (Problem Solving, Productivity, Sexuality, Upsets) (, , , , )

NOTE: This post contains strong language, so I wanted to warn people upfront it’s definitely Not Safe For Work.

A few years ago, in the city of Savannah, I was walking down Broughton Street. I was returning to my job from a trip to Starbucks for my afternoon latte. That’s when this dude tries to stop me and asked me for some money.  I told him sorry I don’t have any money on me. He waited until I walked away from him to yell out the word, “faggot.” He repeated it several times, and I never turned back to acknowledge him.  Now I’m going to assume he thought he was hurting my feelings, and if I was to take his comments seriously, I may fall all to pieces.

Two important things I want to discuss that makes the story worth talking about. The first is I know the younger me would not have tolerated such foolishness. Dude would’ve gotten a smart ass answer back. Something along the lines of, “that’s not what your momma calls me,” or “your daddy says not call him that while he’s on his knees.” I’m not kidding, I can give just as good as I can take. Sometimes I do feel some people do need just to be snapback just so they can keep themselves still, or at the very least realize they’re not playing with a child. Politeness is not weakness.  Not by a longshot.

My second point, and the reason I was inspired to discuss this scenario, is a lot of people think they can put a person down by inventing a negative sexual shaming. Sometimes the insult is by gender, race, or orientation.  It doesn’t matter. It’s a nasty thing for any human being to do to another. Granted no one wants to be called out of their name. I’ve mentioned in a previous post that when someone has to resort to name-calling in a situation they’ve already lost. More importantly most choose to do their name-calling behind your back so that their words will remain unchallenged.

A lot of people feel empowered and emboldened when they disrespect others, but in reality, they are trying to mask their insecurities, immaturity, and weakness. Utter foolishness.

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A Post Late In The Day

January 20, 2015 at 9:08 PM (Challenges, Creativity, Productivity, Upsets, Writing) (, , , , )

Usually the posts get done earlier within the day. Not much to say other than I have an outline that could stand completion.  Sometimes writing out what happens doesn’t make sense yet, and it goes through multiple rewrites.

Finally arrived at a concept for the lead story that’s likable.  Since this is the lead, it picks the theme, which is about the consequences of choices. The other stories in the outline need to reflect the them for unification.

It seems like at the moment, my night got busier, and I’m distracted. Chaos pops up again.  The universe is odd. I’m a mess. This will change soon.

Happy creative endeavors.

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