Thursday Goodness

Yesterday didn’t go as planned. Yesterdays was supposed to be more gaming practice, however, I swapped out gaming time for some family time, and tried to relax. It wasn’t a terrible swap, as I felt I needed to unwind more than anything. I’ll have to pick up the slack somewhere down the line.  I will say this, sometimes taking time away from something isn’t bad, so long as I get back into the program in a timely fashion.

I did get my writing in, as planned.  Jotted down a lot of notes in my journal, and that makes me feel better about writing. It isn’t a great amount of writing, however, I am glad I put the effort forth to get something done when I had the time. I will need to review what I wrote, as I had some questions for myself I wanted to think on. I also wrote down possible themes, and did a little research on the themes of similar stories.

That said, today is open, and I aim to get myself organized around completing writing and some gaming later this evening.  It really is a one step at a time project that begs that I take some time to put that energy forward. It may even come down to managing and blocking out more dedicated time to both projects.  Stuff we gotta do.  I don’t mind.

Happy creative endeavors.

Work It

As promised, I worked on game practice.  Only got two rounds with Sombra, and managed to play as other heroes to support the team.  I did terrible, but notice my other characters fared better or stronger, as I was spending time away from them.  The only thing I can do is keep practicing.  My support sniper hero definitely felt stronger, as did my defensive support hero.  Still gotta put more time in.  Slowly moving from four hours of quality time to five.  I’d like to see me get to ten at the end of this Sunday.  At least closet to it.

Writing became an off/on endeavor.  I for sure put more ideas down in files, and even addressed my group project, which needed my input. I feel good about that.  I want to make sure, some time today, I open my print journal and write with pen and paper in addition to blogging, and putting down ideas.

What resonated with my yesterday was a series of questions I asked myself about my protagonists.  Essentially I wanted to know what they think they needed to be better/achieve their goal, and what they truly need in order to be a better person/find happiness, or just sleep better at night.  It’s not an answer that came instantly to me, but I like that it actively keeps me thinking about the protagonist, and their status.

Lastly, I’ve been thinking of themes to explore, and this needs additional thoughts as well. I really need to look back and see what I’m thinking the themes are for current projects, and explore them, or at least access what the theme is so far, and write it down.

Happy creative endeavors.

P.S. A highlight from one my games last night. it’s Ana, the support sniper.  She can heal teammates with her gun, and hurt enemies with it. The team kept me busy.  LOL


Yesterday I was determined to learn how to play a high skill chap character in Overwatch (Sombra). She’s tricky, and I need far more practice to be effective, and produce tangible results for the the team I’m with.  Part of my strategy has been to watch several “how to” and game play videos via YouTube. I also spoke with several players, and read their comments on getting better. I finally got the idea that I should play a minimum three matches per day for a week.  This will keep me focused on developing the skills for the character that should pay off by the end of the week when I mostly play.

Since I came up with this plan, I was wondering why can’t I apply this strategy more to my writing. While the actions are different, the results should be the same. I get the focus needed for a project, and I write a whole lot me.  This will help me have something by the end of the week, that will only make writing a lot more easier, and feel less of a chore, and more of fun project I completed.

So that’s what I’m gonna do.  Below is one of my latest games with Sombra.  She’s an offense hero which meany you can play her on any map, and she has a lot of utility in her kit, which gives her a lot of support (assisting), and some crowd control.

Symmetra To The Defense

A friend inspired this post, when we talked about changes to Symmetra. For those not in the know, this a post about the game, Overwatch.  Like many games, the developers often make changes to characters and settings from time to time to improve quality.

Symmetra was reworked in December to give her more viability (playable) through the game.  Symmetra is a support class hero, who plays like a defense hero (protects a spot). She was also situational, as she didn’t offer much past a niche role of defense.  She also didn’t heal as all the other support heroes do.

Symmetra isn’t the only hero I play in the game, however, she is one that I have the most experience playing. Many players, before the rework didn’t care for her, and believed her to be a less interesting hero.

The video below shows Symmetra game play before her rework on the Eichenwalde map. Note that I have to put shields on everyone, and limited turrets I could immediately use. Set-up was a bother.

Since her rework, Symmetra is definitely more powerful, and I use her on different maps that I didn’t before, and not always on defense. One of the things discussed was that the character may be “overpowered,” and I don’t want to dismiss someone’s concerns out of hand.

I asked a few Symmetra mains (those who have a definitive hero they play) about her viability.  They love it.  The Symmetra played her for far longer than I have, and on all the maps before her rework.

There are more people playing Symmetra, and in large part LOVE the death ray feature of her attack. Many people weren’t used to seeing her, so she went from being niche to frequent picks. That has freaked more than a few people out.

If you get caught out of position or unaware, the enemy Symmetra may capitalize on your error, and outplay you.It’s happened to me before. I’m not here to tell anyone how to be a better player.

The video below is on the map Eichenwalde after Symmetra’s rework.  Notice no more shields, six turrets at the start, and throwing out barriers. The beam length for close up attacks is longer.

I don’t think she’s overpowered in the least.  She’s strong, and far more dangerous now. She’s hitting people with the beam in games.  From the videos, you can see that I play from the back lines mostly. To get the beam from me, you HAVE to be close enough for me to consider you a threat.

FYI the beam has always been this strong, it’s that the length has been improved, and it pretty much latches onto the enemy you aim it at.  It sticks, charges up power, and eats away at the enemy’s HP (health points).

Maybe I’m playing her wrong. Was I supposed to chase people around with the death beam? I prefer my method as I’m not the team assassin.  I’m the teammate who helps with area denial, and some crowd control (the turrets have a slowing effect as well as do damage, but only have one HP).

This has been a fun, if not longer than usual post, but worth it.We shall see if the developers like or hate the progress of the character, and what future changes they may make.

Happy New Year

Well this is a new year, and pretty much we’re all getting older.  It seems simple until I think about how old I already am, and what I’m getting closer to. Let’s keep this positive.  At the moment, my head is blank, and despite needed to be creative, I feel rather tired, and in need of something to eat.

I could go for some Chinese food just because I could, and its delicious from the right shops.  Not trying to be too picky, but I do want something good that I can enjoy.  Also I heard a challenge to go a week without dairy products, or even soy products. I can’t drink milk, but that also means cheese. I loves some cheese.  I dunno if I can do this challenge.

Beside that, i was up early, no time to think, or relax, so creativity went to hell.  I rather resent that. I clearly have not pushed myself. Better get on top of this. Not getting any younger, am I?

Happy creative endeavors.

Last Day of the Year Post

It’s the last day of the year, and 2016 has been a mixed bag of goodness and sadness.  A lot of celebrity deaths, and I got a job after searching for one after a long while. Very grateful to be working, and trying to get my life back in order in some sorts.

I started a few projects, and sometimes had to put them down because either I was getting myself bogged down in little details, or I kept getting distracted. Either way, I have some goals for 2017, and I don’t know if I call them resolutions more than me getting stuff done.

Nothing’s going to be so far fetched or seem so far away I can’t handle the process of getting it done.  I personally would like to see some things completed before its December 31, 2017.

So other than making all sorts of declarations, or lists, I’m a see what I get done, and if I come near the goal, I’ll discuss it on the blog.  I simply feel a declaration sounds so good in the moment, then I can’t reach it, and I feel rather sill.  Also part of me feels I need to get some time management down before I go off all  half-cocked.

Happy New Years to all, and as always, happy creative endeavors.

P. S. I did put down some ideas and notes today that came from some dreams/ideas I had, and told myself to put it down rather than hold onto them in my head.  Also finally put down an idea I had a few days ago. It’s not too deep in detail, but enough to let me know what’s going on this story.

I Had a Deep Thought, Then…

I was ready for a profound post to drop, then the moment left me.  That’s not a bad thing. Sometimes writing to write feels good to me. The holidays are a bit chaotic, not terrible, but feels hectic, a little fast, and me trying to get myself together.

I’m reminded that one must keep writing-for better or worse-to at least keep their minds fresh, and in good habits. Typical with me I start with a blog post.

Spent some time trying to write a humorous Krampus poem, and failed, but I might get back on top of that mainly cause I wanted to do something that was silly, possibly annoying (at least I think it is), but kept me writing in addition to my blog.

Failed to discuss the movies I saw in November and December. I did get to see Dr. Strange, and Rogue One.  I enjoyed both outings. Rogue One was strong, and I loved that in a Star Wars film.  Don’t get me wring, I like dThe Force Awakens, but this one had more impact for me.

More on that stuff later.

As always, happy creative endeavors.