Back To the Grind

For the record, I haven’t stopped writing. I have slowed my blogging. In the middle of a busy day of cooking, laundry, and cleaning, I told myself to get more writing done.

So today I am blogging. My TV is on the news, however it irritates me as it always appears to be one topic, and it isnt helping me write. I need some music.

It’s a one word at a time day, so I better get popping. Also gotta keep my eye on the stove. Steamed vegetables are good, so long as I dont turn them into mush.

Happy creative endeavors.


July 4th 2018

I’m sitting in my messy room typing this blog post, trying to figure out how to get myself back into a good writing routine. Yes, I feel off the wagon–hard. I still wrote in my notebook, even some journal entries, but I wasn’t being as productive as I should.  It was as if the will to be creative left me.

For me, that non-desire to be creative is the death of me, so once I felt that way, I KNEW I had to get myself in some kind of order.  So, this is a creative self-care moment.  So what can I do for myself, taking on writing helps, especially when I type it out. Feels good.  So i put on some music, and going for something.

My next step will be to work on typing out some of my ideas. I will share some point of views later. For now, it feels good to be self-motivated to create. My goal is to keep moving to completion of several projects.  One word at a time, peeps. I don’t care if all I can do is string a single sentence a day.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

One Word At A Time

Y’all, I am very tried, and stressed. My schedule changed for what I thought was for good. It was earlier than usual, but it was consistent, which made all the difference.  Needles to say my sleep pattern, my eating habits have gone to heck…again.  Now there’s talk of making more changes.

My creativity has bounced up and down so much that it has upset me.  I like to keep something going, and I’m not.  I feel like I got mauled by chaos.  That does not mean I gave up, or giving up.

It means I need to get myself back into writing, which is something not only that I love to do, but is a positive force in my life. I can’t lose the one thing that makes my days brighter.

My emotions are all over the place, as I am frustrated, sad, anxious, and nervous about getting creative endeavors done.  It’s like a crisis before the actual work gets done (pre-crisis?). So now that I have a moment, I need to relax, breathe, and put together a realistic plan.

First, I’m blogging. Second, I need a sharper plan to execute creative goals. I intend to complete some projects, and put some on hold. I don’t want to put them on hold, but I know everything can’t and won’t be done. I have to see some tangible results before the end of the year.

Happy creative endeavors.

“C and Split the Difference”

“C” is for confidant, or “Stay confidant.” It’s my mantra when approaching goals, as my days stay chaotic.  I wish to keep myself moving forward with my dreams and goals, and even small tasks have been tied up, so a pleasant reminder helps.

“Split the Difference”  is me wanting to buy something, and it costs a lot. I tell myself simply cut the amount I want to spend. This is helping my reduce spending, and get on top of bills.

That said, I’m been reduced to a day of blogging, as my hours have changed more, and I’m working six days a week. Needless to say, that has really been tiring. My eating/appetite went deep into chaos. Sleep is a hot mess.

Still, I’m going to press forward, let the negative fall to the wayside, and keep looking at my own goals for personal growth and success. Not giving up on myself.

Happy creative endeavors.

Truth Is…

Trut is I haven’t been blogging much, but it didn’t mean I stopped writing, which kept up.  I’ve also been taking writing more classes and trying to get myself in order. On top of that it seems my schedule has conflicted with everything; my life, diet, sleep, and creativity.  I am not a happy camper.

That out of the way, let’s talk of pleasant things.  One of my writing lessons has been to look for the emotional payoff of characters in a story.  So, the question of “what’s this story really about,” sunk in for me.

After much contemplation I found myself writing down something that was too real and raw for me, personally.  It really pinched a nerve, in addition to being an emotion I felt I could explore and discuss.

My initial reaction was to pause, let the words cool down, then I went on to working on technical aspects (outline). Still there’s an elephant in my room that’s being ignored, because I felt I was shying away from my own story/character epiphany.

So as chaotic as things may be, the current goal is to get back to the heart of what I discovered, write it out, and work through a pinched moment.

On a side note I am glad I paused from blogging.  It helped me want to blog again.

Happy creative endeavors.

Simple Post Wednesday

Chaos looms on me, and I feel a bit overwhelmed.  This doesn’t mean I stopped writing, and I want this post today.  I have kept writing, and my research is still ongoing.  In fact the research changed, or evolved one of the stories.  I need to keep digging.  Ideas have come, and stuff got written down. One idea had me writing out character dialog to see what I see, and will let that cool off. 

My hope is to see me keep blogging more than the infrequent pace that I have been, so perhaps this is the start of simple posts until the weather clears with my schedule.  Now to get ready for work. 

Happy creative endeavors.   

My Life

It finally pinged in my daily activities, and ofer having been taught this writing several times, that I should be writing–or taking notes on my daily happenings.  Sorta like a daily journal. This is mainly because things happen day to day that range from ok to ugh.

The goal is to have my experiences on paper (or file) to look back on as inspiration/starting points for potential stories.  Things do happen, I have reactions for better or worse. It might be good to reflect on these things later on.

I can tell you at the moment I loathe getting up early, but had to.  Failed to pick out clothes last night, went to bed late, and all around KNEW if I didn’t set the clock earlier than usual, I would not get up in a timely manner.  I don’t know if this me getting older, or I got settled into getting up when I wanted to, but I am not a morning person…yet.

I also failed to clean my room yet again.  I need to purge this soon, to better manage my allergies. Too much clutter in a small space.  Must vacuum, throw some stuff away, and put some other things in storage. I will feel better if I do. I know I will.  

Happy creative endeavors.