Ok, deadline arrives next Monday. So I gotta get to work on it, so by time.the weekend arrived, I’ll be good.

All I have to is have a typed cast list with at least a paragraph written on each character. I also need to separate the primary cast from the secondary.

I will work it out.

Happy creative endeavors.



Woke up feeling like I needed to eat, and I did. It did me good. Been very lazy this morning. I hope the meal brings my energy level up.

Last night, I worked on the story bible, and the plot/outline of the first episode. I expect myself to do more today.

Better get off my duff. I’ve been lazy enough.

Happy creative endeavors.

Sunday Dinner

Hey ya’ll. I have to make dinner, and I feel rather mopey. Still, the spaghetti won’t cook itself, will it? Needless to say, I got to a congested grocery store. And waited to pay and get home. That’s when I remembered that I haven’t blogged yet. Ooops.

I did start the day writing. I really wanted, and did write down what I thought the first episode would consist of. I went further and came up with a new character and possible storyline from that. So writing, cooking, and feeding myself is good.

Last night I did get distracted by gaming, but I can’t game while cooking, or writing. So I’d love to see more writing and food. Gaming later today. LOL

Happy creative endeavors.

Saturday Can I Do It Day

Hey ya’ll,

Distractions were built into this day, as Smite has double everything, so you can boost your gaming potential. Needless to say I plunged into gaming, only to realize I havend done a blog post. So, I paused gaming, and am ready to get this done.

For the past few weeks I’ve been working on a science fiction story. I’ve written character backgrounds (one still evades me), and parts of the world itself. The goal for the weekend is to type more of it, as I like what’s in pen abs paper, but typing helps shape things better. Makes it a little more formal, and a lot more professional.

Before mid October arrives, I’d love to have the first completed outline. It will be based off the story bible I’m creating, and by mid November, at least a first draft written. One word at a time ya’ll.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

Friday is Cool

Howdy. Today is a cool day, so far the Carolina humidity isn’t overpowering (Carolina cologne), and its bright without radiating death beams. The last days of summer are always so soothing.

Did some, but not a lot of writing. One particular background of a character is still in my head. He needs to be in a file or paper. When the words are on paper, they seem to be clearer. Stronger.

Happy creative endeavors.

Hello World

I feel a little stressed, but that doesnt mean a blog post won’t happen. If anything stress and life keep happening, so rather than stay worried, I’d rather take a proactive stance. Writing, for me, is empowering.

Keeping up with character backgrounds, so hopefully by the end of the day, I’ll have a new one. The character was unlikely to fit in the group, but that makes him fascinating to me.

Happy creative endeavors.

What Day is It?

Howdy, a little discombobulated, hence the title. I’m convinced, at least, blogging once per day, helps me write more. Working on a character’s background. I am glad I jotted it down. Gotta go, check my calendar, and get myself together. A brother is writing, but he a hot mess today too.

As always, happy creative endeavors.