Supporting the Team

On Overwatch I tend to play Symmetra, the support class hero that plays like a defense class hero. To me she’s fun, and exciting, and her kit’s going to be changed soon.  They (The Blizzard developers) are getting rid of the dinky shields ability (that I gleefully put on allies) and replacing it with a projecting barrier to block incoming damage.

I’ll show more once her changes go live. Til then, please enjoy me playing Symmetra on defense on the Volskaya map.

With Sym, you shield players, and you set up little turrets that do damage and slow foes.  I lock choke points down pretty well with them.  Also that photon gun is dangerous when/if charged.

Monday Hunger

Spent a lot of time this morning trying to figure out where all the noise was coming from, and why did I have to be up earlier than necessary. Needless to say it made me slightly cranky. No true focus as I tried to get myself through the day.

I unfortunately ignored the fact that the night before, I had enough time to prepare things, like my clothes. So I walked about like a darn zombie. The one thing I knew I should do is take my allergy meds, which I didn’t do over the weekend. Sadly it means not eating a meal at the time. Now my tummy is grumbling. It’s cranky too.

Made sandwiches for lunch, cause I’m not spending excess money for meals this week.  I got thin shavings of meat, which was ok, BUT maybe I should learn to like thicker cuts.

Now that I’ve talked about food while I’m hungry, I guess I should find a way to remedy my woes. My tummy talks to me, and it’s not fun. Darn it.

Happy creative endeavors.

Cooking Day

Woke up with some serious neck pain, which would have led to a migraine if I didn’t take my pain reliever meds. So a major, lingering pain was averted.This did make getting up and being functional a task more than it needed to be, but at least I was able to get up and about to get stuff done.

I decided I needed to cook, so the menu was hamburgers, gravy (with onions and mushrooms), rice, and broccoli w/cheddar. Mixing the ground beef was the biggest chore. It always seems to get messy, and i never have enough spices. LOL It all got done though. Mom took the cake when she told me, “this gravy is almost as good as mine.” I’m thinking she just wants me to cook again. Then she adds. “I’d serve this to my friends.”

Do I really need my head gassed that bad? LOL Ego aside, I like when people are happy with my food.

Made myself stop gaming, and editing gaming footage to get some kind of writing in today. Gaming could be a treat for later on, but I’d like to get some focus done, and perhaps line my creative projects up better. So after this post, i start a new journal, and document my progress, or lack thereof.

Happy creative endeavors.

Early Morning Stuff

I had to be at work early today, and I didn’t mind. My only regret is I didn’t set the sound of my alarm high enough.  As I slept I heard this dull buzzing I semi-dismissed, until I decided to open my eyes and look at my clock.  Ten mins AFTER I was supposed to be awake.  Damn.

Today consisted of  shifting books from one set of shelves to the next. We’re making more room for the collection, which is a wonderful thing.  It’s a straightforward task, with a few surprises. First, I was working backwards, if you know the  Library of Congress system, you know the books are in a certain order, and I had to maintain that order, lest I throw everyone off.  Didn’t want to be that employee.  LOL

Second, many of those books were dusty. Me and dust are never friends. I expect my allergies to revolt harshly on me for dallying in the dust, and it won’t be pretty. Surprisingly I’ve had no coffee or latte, and I may need one soon.  Just to give me some energy. Otherwise I’m going back to bed, and don’t wish to be disturbed–which means someone WILL disturb me.

No writing achievements to talk about, but I do need to get back on that horse soon.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

Thursday Let’s Keep Things Moving

Creativity has been harshly non-existent for me. It’s like my routine died on the vine. I have no worthy output to show for the past few days other some smatterings of ideas I really haven’t implemented.  What does this mean now? When my creative well goes dry, I gotta go find me some water elsewhere. It means I need to be more proactive in what I get done, and how I do it.

I really can’t say gaming has been a distraction, because I only play on weekends, and not all day. There have been some life upsets that have been handed to me, but I get those managed, or they fall by the wayside. Either way, they can’t be the sum of it. I have noticed that my desire to watch films and telvision has tapered

Perhaps I’m simply lazy.  It takes a lot of work to write, and as much as I love it, writing is intimidating. I have to figure stuff out. Who does what, where, and why. Then I have to turn around and make it different for the next story. It gets complicated, and third and fourth drafts sometimes don’t pull the madness off the page. Also writing can be uneven. I hate when that happens. So much bad stuff to get frustrated with, then try to figure out.

So, why don’t I quit writing? Why don’t I walk away from the frustration, annoyances, incomplete/abandoned projects. There are stacks of papers and folders of files that need my attention. I bet I’ll feel so damn good that a weight is off my shoulders, I’ll be happy…or at least that’s what I think will happen.

Then I tell myself I’m going through a dry spell. Stuff happens. perhaps I need to walk completely away for a hour to a week, or at least think I do. Recharging my creative energies is a must.

A Tuesday, or Get on Top of Things

Sinus drainage is a real thing, and my nose has been leaking for the better part of yesterday, and partly today.  Needless to say, I stayed around tissue paper, and kept blowing my nose.  It felt like a hot mess.  This reminds me now to take my allergy & sinus meds.  So, pause, take meds, sip water, and be merry. I will have to wait out the annoyances, and happy that the meds have an effect.

Writing also went dry. I am very distracted, and procrastination doesn’t help.  Never mind that this is the start of the 24 hr period for the library, and it’s getting busy. I do feel being pulled in multiple directions. Gotta take some time out to do what I love, or watch it fall by the wayside.  Can’t have that.

Maybe I need a latte, to get my spirts up. Hadn’t had one in a good while.  They perk me up.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

A Sunday

Yesterday was odd. I felt very mopey and non-creative.  I was very distracted, and it made me grouchy. I did some gaming, and I liked playing, but I wasn’t fully into it.  Needless to say, Saturday had a slumpy feel to it.  I did do something nice for someone else, topped off the gas for their vehicle, and that made me feel better.

For the record, I made an extra-cheesy baked mac and cheese casserole, and it was so good, but it will give you gas because if you’re like me, you can have a little cheese, but a lot will make you…breezy.  It happens. I accept the penalty. I won’t eat like this every day.

Today is a new day, and I feel like not doing much.  I have a lot of ideas in my head, and I need to implement them, even if it’s a once sentence at a time day. Who knew Thanksgiving weekend could be drier than an overcooked turkey.