Thursday Goodness

November 19, 2015 at 1:14 PM (Blogging, Uncategorized, Warm Ups, Weather, Well-Being, Writing) (, , , , )

Today is another rain-filled day.  Last night, the weather man said 100% chance of rain.  Overnight was a doozy of rain (slept through it), and woke up to a yard that overflows with water. At least the ditches are not filled with water, and it can drain off.

Writing has been a little spotty.  I did get my two page minimum from last post, and need to write a lot more.  On top that, I realized the two pages I wrote need to be in the third act.  Why? Well, the fourth act should be about the confrontation, and ultimate resolution.  Getting there should already be done.

Today I need to get some writing done soon today, and that should be no issue, provided I sit down and make myself work. Typically I like to start writing off with a blog post. So I feel like this is the start of something good.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

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Two Page Minimum

November 15, 2015 at 5:24 PM (Blogging, Brainstorm, Challenges, Rewriting, Television Scripts) (, , , , )

Today is a lot colder than the previous days. Woke up to a chill. May need to get the heavier blankets out of the close, and onto my bed. It’s all good if it keeps me warm when I need to be.

Today, I owe myself at least two pages of script. I sincerely would like to see act four get the rewrite it deserves. A while ago I was dissatisfied with the outcome of what I wrote, knew I would change it, had no clue as to how, but today is try to get two pages in the right direction.

While I say two pages in the minimum, the main (A) story is seven pages, and the secondary story of four pages, needs a rewrite as well. The final story, the C story, actually fits pretty well, so not much needs to change with that, other than double checking grammar and format issues.

The final part of the act four is the tag (wrap-up, cliff-hanger, etc.) is two pages, and I’m sure I’ll adjust those pages to reflect the actual changes I did make. So thirteen pages stand in the away of this speculative pilot at least having the revisions to at least make it feel whole, and reflective of what the series is about.

I think I need to boost my minimum set.  We shall see. I’m down for an adventure in writing today.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

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Sweet Dreams

November 13, 2015 at 12:49 PM (Brainstorm, Character, Creativity, Fantasy, Genre) (, , , , )

Last night went to bed with stories in my head that beg to be written.  It’s always the wrong darn time, as I was more than snug. I was frigging sleepy.  

Fortunately my

Mind wasn’t willing to give it up. It’s a contemporary/urban fantasy, and since the ideas are still with me, I’m going to work on them. 

Let me add the additional ideas come from a concept I wrote out last week. Thenthebidea chilled out in my files.  I had a smattering of direction, but nothing.  At the very least I’d like to see an outline for this soon. I have the main characters and the perfect antagonists for this story.  It needs work, and this is what I do.  

Other than that, I’m gonna take care of some errands and keep busy while the fire’s hot.   

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Words Were Written

November 12, 2015 at 3:12 PM (Blogging, Challenges, Chaos) (, , , , )

It’s nice that I can get some words down for a story. The real heart of my struggle was I was looking for the right theme to use for this story.  It’s a straightforward A, B, C story, and each letter/story needed to be thematically linked. 

Let me also add writing in a vacuum can be a bit tough. Plowing through the drama isn’t necessarily fun. I was, and still feel frustrated, stilted, and determined to resolve this script’s thematic issues.  

When I wrote the script, I had a theme of “bruised egos,”but as I wrote more, it didn’t fit as well. So I’ve been exploring themes, and revisiting the outline. This had me rewriting and trying out different themes.  

It wasn’t until late night did I find the better theme to develop the stories. So I did write, but found a stronger direction with the hopes of completing what I started. 

For the record, the theme is “upsets,” as in being handed them.  This is a theme I knew all too well, so adding it fit well in each storyline. So now more words must be written.  

Happy creative endeavors. 

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One Word at a Time

November 11, 2015 at 2:35 PM (Blahs, Blogging, Caffeine, Challenges, Humor) (, , , , )

Today is one of those days where I don’t feel creative, and on my second cup of coffee. I’m a hot mess today.  That doesn’t mean things can’t get done. When I’m writing, and resolving problems in stories, it feels good. Kinda silky, even sexy in a way.  

When I don’t write, I get aimless. Stuck in my head, and not much gets done. Also basic TV programming is truly bad. Bad for the brain. Bad quality of shows, and notorious and relentlessly boring.  Not all of it, but it’s an emptiness that only intensifies the bleakness that can come over my day.  

So today, it’s a one word at a time day. If I do anything, it’s going to be a slow writing day, but there will be some writing that gets done. Pen and paper, Notes app, Word document. A blog post is always a good start. 

As always, happy creative endeavors. 

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Sometimes Things Don’t Work Out

November 10, 2015 at 7:51 PM (Blogging, Brainstorm, Challenges, Chaos, Humor) (, , , , )

My days are filled with the typical chaotic pace that I try to throw away. It rained hard again, overnight after days of gloomy skies. The front and back yards overflowed with water. It got darker sooner, and my sleep pattern went to heck, as it does during time shifts. Writing went down to minimal, and I hate that, but at the same time that’s what it needs. 

Smaller projects and newer projects sprang to life, and I jotted down what I believed was ideas, and elements of short stories. I do want to get out my notepad and make some more notes and ideas and I resolve old concepts and renew my interests.  It’s a rough road.  

Made chili tonight. It needs to com a little more, and I hope it turns out good.  I’m getting distracted, and I can’t type and chat with the people.  

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Some Crimson Peak Costuming

November 4, 2015 at 7:50 PM (Costumes, Crimson Peak, Nerd) (, )

Because I can’t resist this film. I am a moth to the flame.  Also I love learning of what goes on behind the scenes.

The designer is Kate Hawley.The link is to her IMDB page. I like the thoughts behind the designs, and motifs.

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Some Shows I Like

October 27, 2015 at 12:24 PM (Genre, Story Structure, Action, TV Shows, Viewing) (, , , , )

Since I’m a bit tight on cash, going to the movies is out for the moment (sorry Crimson Peak, but I will see you on Blu-Ray eventually). I did get to see a lot of new season TV shows, and this is a post about them. I will say this, there are some shows I looked forward to returning, and new ones I wanted to see.

The Player: This one’s more of an action-thriller. I am a fan of Wesley Snipes, and Blade I and II are two of my fave Snipes movie.  Snipes plays Mr. Johnson, and he’s not the hero in the story, and more anti-hero. Mr. Johnson is quite cold-blooded and cunning when he needs to be. Let me add that Phillip Winchester from Strike Back is also on the show as Alex Kane. I loved that show. So far I’ve been enjoying the episodes, and will turn in for more. Alex stopping crimes, and trying to resolve the mystery around his wife is interesting. I’m curious as to the outcome.

Speaking of Strike Back, I’ve been watching The Blindspot, which stars Sullivan Stapleton, and Jamie Alexander. It is a crime/action show. The focus is on Jamie Alexander’s character, Jane, who’s amnesiac and covered in tattoos that serves as some sort of messages that leads to crime.  I kinda wish I could binge watch this one.  Not 100% into the show, but I’m sticking with it.

Heroes: Reborn: Full disclosure-I quit on the original series after watching a few seasons, but refused to watch the last season. Why? Well, the stories got progressively worse to me. I was tired of tuning in to hate on a show. With Heroes: Reborn, I was willing to suspend my doubt and try the mini-series. While I’m not at hate-on levels, I am rather wondering after a few episodes of multiple storylines if there is a payoff. I do like that there are varying storylines, which is both a strength and a weakness. Some of the characters-to me fall a tad bit flat, and I’m having a few logic fails.

With these three shows, there’s some sort of resolution I’m anticipating. Out of the three, the Player holds my attention the most. I should do a full post dedicated to it to give a little more details. As a writer I like to see the structure of a show, and how I am hooked, or not.  At the very least knowing as a viewer what I’m willing to put up with, stick with, or reject.

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Creativity on the Go

October 27, 2015 at 10:00 AM (Imagination, RPG, Screenwriting, Television Scripts, Video Games) (, , , , )

Two projects got worked on-the spec pilot, and a concept for a video game.  Now the speculative pilot is known, but the game concept is new.  The spec pilot keeps inching forward, which is not bad, since its not on a timetable (and maybe it should be). I even tinkered with the idea that this may actually be a screenplay, and not a pilot.  The brain keeps coming up with options.

Last post I discussed how I imagined the projects I’d turn out if I were working on mobile/video games. In a way its a keen exercise for the mind that I come up with concepts and actions. So I took more to pen and pad, and wrote down things like what’s in the protagonist’s way, what happens when the protag doesn’t get their goal, what peens when they do. I even found myself writing some sub quests to do along the way.  Now all I need is some boss fights.

I did wonder if I should come up with a fantasy or sci-fi RPG (role-playing game) in the same manner.  The exercise at least gets me to think of concepts, goals, consequences, and various obstacles my mind seems to not process while doing the usual screen and script writing exercises. I do like to see a page full of notes and images. As to the format they will unlimitedly take, that’s up in the air.

Happy creative endeavors.

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This Could Lead to Fun

October 26, 2015 at 10:00 AM (Challenges, Games, Genre, Humor, Left of Center) (, , , , )

The other day I saw an academic program geared to mobile game design. I was immediately fascinated by the subject, and sought to learn little more. Then I wondered what kind of games would I produce if I was taking these courses. This lead to me inventing some left of center concepts that felt satirical, funny, and playful at the same time. At the time, I didn’t want to delve too much into it, as I was supposed to be working on another project, however my mind keeps drifting back to it.

Let me say its not that I think I’m suddenly going into game design, or that I’ll be the super hit nobody knows about yet. It’s that the thought of concepts for new territory fueled my creative needs. And I like that I had concepts I could explore in my head, and eventually on paper.  One concept had me laughing, cause I’m like, “who’s gonna play this,” but at the same time, I’m putting it down. It doesn’t matter who would play this, i was at least amused to think of motives, goals, and what the risk success could be. The only thing I didn’t think of is what will happen if the main character doesn’t get what they want, and I figured it out.

For most stories, if the characters followed the sensible paths, the story would be over. This has been my silly moments for this evening, and I love it. Gotta keep smiling and writing.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

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