September 16th 2021

Hello. Hope all is well, and you are safe.

Yesterday I took on a tutorials on finding your strengths. I took notes and there were questions I have to answer. Those questions will be answered because of I took the time to write the notes down, I deserve to get the answers.

Strengths come from your gifted talents, your learned skills, and loves (passion). You’ll find you use all of these all the time. You have to size them up then manage to improve them. No one is surprised that I would lable writing as a gift and passion. I also love to learn new things and I have a passion for being goal oriented.

That said it takes work and commitment and a host of other details to bring the strength to the forefront of a career. I never blogged because there was money involved. I love writing. Spending time on my passion makes me happy.

More to do. More to create. More to learn. Also read on horror genre yesterday. Most horror films can be disturbing. Some are not scary at all. Being a good, I ask myself can I write a scary story. This is gonna be a bigger challenge than thenwrotic story, I bet.

Happy creative endeavors.

September 14th, 2021

Hello. Hope all is well, and you are safe.

Remember that you are a whole person. We meet so many people in the day just like us, they whole too. Then we meet some who aren’t remotely whole. They miserable, petty, self-loathing, and can’t stand for positivity to be near them. Whatever crumbs they happy for, they feel threatened by potential in others.

You don’t have to be steeped in their misery. Whole people are sustained through wholeness. Keep your fires lit. Don’t dim that light for others. Keep moving forward. Gotta take baby steps, or old man shuffling? Do it.

That said, I felt like having some inspiration in my morning. I also like sharing positive energy. Gonna sip this coffee, then get gathered for this day.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

September 13th 2021

Hello. Hope all is well and you are safe.

Super late post. Swore I did a post already, and failed at double checking. That makes me a hot mess.

I have been stressed, distracted, and discombobulated. I swore it was Sunday night. I am afraid getting used to working weekends is a hot damn mess. All will work itself out in time. That said, let’s focused on the positive. It’s bedtime and I mean to sleep.

Happy creative endeavors.

September 12th 2021

Hello. Hope all is well and you are safe.

This is another late evening post. I slept poorly, and am a little discombobulated still. It feels like this is Saturday. It is, in fact Sunday. So it feels less like a day off but just a day where I am a mess.

I needed a nap, so I took one. Glad I did, because sleeping poorly on a day off is simply wrong. Tired, stress, dealing with toxic behaviors. It seems like a day off is required to rest. I have tomorrow off as well, which seems odd. I will never be used to this schedule.

That said, let’s keep moving forward. Project Salamander got some keen ideas I need to fit into the story. I jotted several of the ideas down earlier this week. I want to get them together so I can form a better cast and outline soon.

Not cooking today. Mom is making something, and I am eating it. All things considered, this isn’t a bad post for someone who was sleepy as all get out, and still drowsy.

Happy creative endeavors.

September 11th 2021

Hello. Hope all is well, and you are safe.

Earlier this week, someone was beefing with my clipboard. So now they in their feelings, and I need to process this slice of absurdity. I want to know what my clipboard said that pissed them off. Not that I am blaming the clipboard, I need some imagined details of what it said.

So without further ado:

Bish you raggedy AF. There are sexier hobos on a calendar somewhere that are more appealing.

Dude, you look like a bean and a fruit had a baby rat. Then the rat had a baby with an opossum.

You hating, and that wrath is real, but yo. I’m a clipboard. You need a life and a damn therapist.

Your face looks like the sole of an old combat boot with toe jam for decades. Don’t wash ya face, put a damn bag over it.

I heard a loud fart go off. Did ya blow a brain cell? Best plug ya butt up, so ya don’t loose any more.

Ok, my clipboard is sassy AF. I can see how someone got pissed off listening to it talk smack. It’s too bad it really don’t speak because those are damn good reasons.

For the humor impaired, this is a parody, satire, and jokes.

September 10th 2021

Hello.  Hope all is well, and you are safe. 

This morning was messy.  Another malware attack that resulted in time and effort to work on.  You’d think my Facebook and Instagram were gold plated.  They aren’t. 

That said it was a lot to contend with.  Also some toxic behaviors that truly have no place in my day, let alone anyone’s day. 

Given the foolishness, I’m a grown ass man, so I will do what needs to be done.  This blog needs to be done. So here I am handling this moment.  Haters gonna have to keep a knot in their drawers. One of the better parts of my day is getting something I love completed. 

I need to evaluate other things I complete and see if they still feel a need to do them. No have task lists I so daily and the enjoyment has dried out of them completely. Time to get it gathered and removed if it doesn’t keep me going. Mind you, I love a list of competed things at the end of my day.

New lists coming.

I do have some blog posts planned in the future. They are utterly hilarious, at least they amused me to think about and write them out on paper. They tell fun stories. When I have more time I’ll type and post them.

As always happy creative endeavors.

September 9th 2021

Hello. Hope all is well and you are safe.

Another fun night of an off sleep pattern. Up too soon, falls back asleep late. I feel messy this morning. I hope when I have my day is off I don’t have to wake up early.

Yesterday I was thinking on a vision board. Something to help me see what I want. The suggestion was to use picture or words. Whatever works for you. So I thought of what I wanted. Intitally it was completed a lot of screenplays, TV scripts, novels and short stories. Also a home. Homes are good.

Here’s what I wrote as a starter: Self-confidence and self-worth will shine every day. Woes will ebb and flow, and handled with the God-given brilliance he bestowed upon me.

How do I find a picture for that?

Also worked in the current project. Really the story is about heroism. So what comment am I making about being a hero? It has to be something.

Happy creative endeavors.

September 8th 2021

Hello. Hope all is well, and you are safe.

Yesterday I felt real achey. I took some pain meds, and relaxed for the rest of day. Still, I felt like resting was the best thing I could do. I don’t even know why I was so achey. At work I felt mostly non aches.

Sadly, having a latte didn’t help me stay perky yesterday. I wasn’t sleepy, but I didn’t have that “pop” of energy I usually get from them.

Not much writing went on. Disappointing. By time I had free time, I wanted to relax. My body has surprises for me. I do have some creative assignments I wanted to take part in, but oh, my goodness, why is it so darn messy. My creative refocus needs to happen.

I do feel some days won’t be the best, but a Brother dusts himself off and gets back on the wagon.

Also I need to consume this coffee. I’ll be more of a hot mess if I don’t.

Happy creative endeavor.

September 7th 2021

Hello. Hope all is well, and you are safe.

I am tired this morning. I’m surprised because I went to bed earlier, and I am sluggish. What happened to me is a mystery. Perhaps it’s a slow to take effect thing. Either way, I will eventually get into a positive morning groove.

No real writing to report. I am sure that will change. I did watch films. Sleepy Hollow and Captain Marvel comes to mind. Two completely dissimilar films.

Perhaps while I get together an audiobook is in order.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

August 6 2021

Hello. Hope all is well and your are safe. After all, where we without our securities.

After a lovely bout with indigestion, getting two loads of laundry done, it was time to relax. I also felt gassy. Like upper body gassy, where it sits in your ribcage, hangs out and refuses to go home unwelcomed houseguests are truly the worst.

That pain and discomfort was uncomfortable. So two Rolaids, hot tea, and walking about, and several “pardon me” belches, the discomfort is gone now. Thank the Lord.

Did a tiny bit of writing this morning for the project. It added some richness to the story. I need to add some richness to the quality time to the story.

Currently watching Supernatural, as it is my addiction at the moment. Part of me is analysing the story. The other part is enjoying the story. A few episodes I may rewatch and go full analyst on.

That said, I needed this blog post done. I am happy to have one compled. Blog is my daily thing, so I better stay on top of this.

Happy creative endeavors, people. May your lights shine bright and never go dim. Ever.