Winter Weather in the Southeast

The snow, ice, and cold has done no positives for me, and several people in SC, unless you like the schools being closed, and most offices shut down as well. Also, I hate the cold. It rather bums me out, and depresses me. I feel distracted, and can’t do as much as I like. What can I say, southeast living really is about warmer temps. This cold, has left me in a bit of discomfort.

This means doing more writing, and admittedly, it didn’t work so well yesterday. I found myself starting a scene, and getting stuck. Here’s where I think I need to do some plotting. I carried the scenes out, but there are some limits.

For one, its genre screenplay (fantasy), so I have to figure out how magic works in this world. Needless to say it has been a challenge. Then I thought of an idea, and explored it in my head, and wrote pieces of it down. It fundamentally changes aspects of the script, which I can rewrite, and going forward gives me something to develop.

I will say, writing the first twenty-plus pages turned out to be a boon. It gave me the raw material to read, and think over. It also allowed me to think about my concept with characters and situations. I need to keep writing. My simple goal for today is to come up with concepts and terms I can use for my story. Inadvertently, this means I may have to change several of the characters. It’s all good too. For me, rewriting is in the mix. I’m pulling out eon and paper for some of this.

It’s good to write.

Happy creative endeavors.

Live long and prosper.


Snow Day in Charleston, SC

It’s a snow day. There’s snow in the backyard. I refused to go outside. Looking at CNN that reports that the roads in ATL is gridlocked. My brother is out there, and he’s been in traffic since leaving his job at 2:00 PM yesterday. Clearly no one in charge of the city’s functions are in charge. I am worried about him. I’m praying that he’s ok.

To the city officials of ATL, please get your act together. Your people are suffering while there’s no action to counter/remedy this situation,

Spent less time writing than I should have. I do have some good reasons for slowing. First, I was a bit of a mess with doing some preparations for the cold. Then it was other work around the home, which was necessary. Of course, having a sibling out in the cold really made me nervous, and I allowed creativity abandon me.

Now that I have a fresh opportunity, I need to do something. I like starting off with blog posts during the day, so I home that this launches my mind into the world of writing today.

In some places in SC, the power went out and I am grateful that we didn’t lose power. If it was, I’d go back to bed, wrap up, and wait for the power to return. I’m glad powers been restored for several places.

Let’s hope things change for the better.

Happy creative endeavors, stay warm, and be well.

Irons In the Fire

Writing began with the start of this blog post, and shall spread the whole day through. It is the philosophy and power of writing. It never ends in spite of challenges and obstacles. Writing must win out over fear of doing nothing and giving into despair. It happens, but it can mastered.

Sometimes the day has a mopey feel. It’s reflected in that dark morning (sun, why is you hiding?) cold winds (whipped right right through my clothes), and energy seems to coast near meh and functional. Energy’s needed to keep up with creativity and overall mood. Productivity sucks when that energy level feels like a swift crash and burn the freak down, and be like a big ole blah of blahs. Can’t have that today.

In regards to my screenplay project, the quota was met yesterday at page twenty-one. It got to page twenty-three, and one more page brings up the daily minimum (three pages a day). Some scenes are bigger than three pages, so it grows. Being ahead doesn’t mean I get to slack off. I must do more.

Happy creative endeavors.

Creativity is the key to success.

Lost In The Words

Been writing more on this screenplay. It’s been worthwhile to put effort into something. It started off as trying to write dialogue for the scene in my head. It was done out of pure fun and curiosity. So far, this story needs so much work to be better, however, nothing beats that first pass at writing it down, and having it on file/screen or print.

So today getting lost in the exploration has been good for me. It’s made me feel a lot better about my outlook on life, and remaining positive and upbeat. That’s always a good thing. For the record, I haven’t forgotten my writing tutorials, so knowing the rules of writing doesn’t hurt, but I don’t want it getting in the way of discovery.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

Creativity is the key to success.

Have A Good Day

Hello All,

Today is about wishing people a good day, and as always, happy creative endeavors. I hope to write more, and enjoy this day, as it is a day to be grateful.

It’s hard, sometimes to manage life, finances, well being, etc., but it’s great to put all fears aside, and focus on the things that can be done, managed, and enjoy.

Happy creative endeavors to all.

Creativity is the key to success.

Saturday Project

I found myself working on the screenplay that started off as a scene in my head. Inspired by some gaming my brother and I did. Suddenly, I had the makings of an adventure tale. Of all the writing projects of late, this is the one where I’m curious as to what happens next.

The screenplay is rough, and improvised, which goes against some of my teaching, however, some elements of academia have shown up, so it’s not a total abandonment of style. Part of me just needs to be surprised, and less about all things thought out.

Part of the allure in writing this screenplay is I know the material needs revising, but that can wait. I’m not concerned over it being thought out as I can be with some of my writings. Some characters don’t have names, and they don’t need them yet. Ultimately, I’ll figure out voices and tighten it all. For now,’it’s all about the journey of discovery.

I told my brother I need to see where this leads to. Not 100% sure of anything. All I know is the characters have work to do. How it turns out is on the wind at the moment.

Happy creative endeavors.

Creativity is the key to success.

Late Night Reflections

Had an idea for a scene and decided that it would be cool to develop, even for a line or two. It’s fantasy genre, and I was positive it was going to be a short story. I decided, since it was a dialog heavy impression, maybe a screenplay would serve me. So it went into screenplay formatting. I like what I’ve done, so far. I hope to make progress with that.

Spent part of the day cooking spaghetti, and I lost one of my hates. Don’t know where it went. It will likely turn up after I stop trying to search for it. The food was good as there are no complaints from the family. So that’s a win.

My reg projects got no love today (my bad). I’m shocked at myself. I wanted more from the standby stories. I will say I was inspired late last night’s writing for a dark comedy. I just typed what came to me. I did write more in the Notes app today. Some stories seem to fit writing in the Notes app. It reminds me, thematically, of my last dark comedy.

I did clean up/revise my last short story yesterday. I need the story to grow and flow, so I hope to breakthrough that sucker. Just a few lines will start me off. I’m being a chicken boo for not getting on top of material.

The outlines for the tv show concept needs work. I have yet to address them. I will, soon. The cool down period for this story is the singular benefit I’m seeing at the moment. Having other ideas all in the mix has allowed me to “forget” this show for a while. Not that I didn’t brainstorm out ideas earlier this week for the series.

Gotta keep on keeping on.

Happy creative endeavors.

Creativity is the key to success.