Into and Out of a Rut

Today is one of those days where I get up and slowly realize I need to do something productive.  Well, hello blog.  LOL Have we met?  Can I buy you a drink? You’d look so damn good with some text on this blank page.  Let me help you. It’s like riding a bike, sorta. Doesn’t this feel good?

As I revise this post, I’m reminded that I sometimes I loose my inspiration, and I feel like I can’t get anything I want to write completed. It feels like a nasty struggle. As much as I want this sensation to go away for good,  I find myself back into the rut.  At least I still have my never give up spirit to fall back on, but I’m thinking I need more steam or face being static for a while longer. So the question is for me today is how to stop looking at my creativity as a bad chore, and get into the swing of things when writing felt fun and exciting.

It’s not that I stopped writing at all.  In fact my writing’s been more frequent with more blog posts than anything.  I’m doing at least a part of what I like.  My fiction’s been a bit blocked.  That’s never good for me. Maybe if I changed or added something new to my routines it would help make me write more. Maybe I simply changed.  I need the right push that takes my mind off of everything and makes me want to get things done.  I gotta meditate on this.  I feel a bit trapped.  Time to unblock my skills.


Things To Do While I Wait

As I type this, I realized my playlist contained two versions of “I Didn’t Mean To Turn You On.”  The first was by R&B star, Cherelle, and the Second by Robert Palmer. I love them both.  Didn’t expect it as I wasn’t paying attention to the selections.  Genius picked them, I simply minimized iTunes and began typing.  Nice random moment.  BTW I added all sorts of notes from my readings and I have a few ideas I need to explore under this new lens. I have a lot of work to do. Very random, that needs to get focused.

My brother suggested reinventing myself as a full-time writer since my job searches are quite ugly.  It’s not that I don’t write, and I can be hella random as the mood strikes me.  Getting that concentrated effort is the new goal for this week as I do some more waiting and job hunting.  I need a five-year plan if I’m a treat this like a business.  This means sitting down and drafting my goals.  Something that may take a moment or two and some quick research.  It won’t be too complicated.

I did some DVD watching, and should write up what I thought about those films in the form of essays.  This is the place to get the essays done.  I kept failing at those and that has to change.  I suppose I lost my spirit for writing them, but I do love writing about films, and studying them brought me a lot of joy.  I’m a mess.  Time to fix myself out and get it together like life’s a red carpet walk.  Essays should require a little more reading of theories, and I have my books next to me, so I need to get up on that.


The 22 Rules of Storytelling

The 22 Rules of Storytelling

I read this article a while ago, and was reminded of it today.  While I didn’t create these rules, it does have some great advice we can all use, or refresh our creative energies.  The writing’s from Pixar storyboard artist Emma Coats. If you’ve seen any of Pixar’s films, you know the rich history of good films.  My favorite Pixar is still The Incredibles. Any time you can get into a story’s narrative, love it on top of other film elements I think you have a winning philosophy/business model.  of course, writing is writing (and rewriting).  I believe these rules cross the spectrume of any creative outlet.

Mind you, I was talking about rules earlier, and wanting to do more improvising, but I’m loving what I read. I felt like sharing. It’s awesome, but be the judge for yourself.  I admire the philosophical feel and to the approach to writing. Part of writing is about the creator: what we see, experience, think as well as about your audience. Don’t forget the character.  Relating to the character is another part of these rules.  Quite a nice balance. I’ll be re-reading this a few more times over to allow it to soak in my brain.

It never hurts to get tips from people who work in the industry and have good measure of success.  In addition to the cool tips, the comments section’s worth a read.  I rarely say that about online articles, but I like a pleasant surprise to throw off my expectations. Hopefully you’ll get a lot of it as I hope to.  Happy writing.

The Wolf, He Waits

Took a day to reflect on my life, and scribbled a few notes down.  Finished a cooking entry for my personal blog. For me cooking is more or less has a lot to do with creativity.  I decided it was more of a personal entry, but I don’t mind sharing that I cook a lot.

That brings me to working on a post that’s more of a cinema-related essay.  I have the perfect Idea I need to work on and possibly dividing into parts so that I can share more of my thoughts.  I need to write it though, so I need to get cracking.

The wolf I speak of in the title is my hunger for creative freedom and enjoying this day.  Usually I speak on the angel in the room, but I think the wolf at him.  Also I want to do terrible things to the characters in my story.  Also to touch on something I discussed in a previous post-improvization in writing.  Screenplays are notoriously outlined and controlled. Most books will tell you this is the mode.  Gonna try to improv with a light outline.  Why not experiment now?

Dark Words and Moods for my Woes

Today is about neck pain, so while laying on this couch I’m using my notes app again. Typing out themes, ideas, and this blog post. Neck pain should go away soon. Took ibuprofen for that. The rest of this couch time will go for whatever I can think of.

Had my morning tea, sitting upright, of course. Otherwise it would’ve been awkward trying to sip it and laying down. All I need is me spilling hit tea on my chest, and over the couch.

Naturally I don’t feel like writing much. My creativity has gone downward. Have to get that back up. Time and energy needs to work with me.

Did some songwriting last night. It needs revising, but I have this vision of this song being a psychedelic pop/eletronica tune. It’s a moody number and I’d like to at least put together the sound for the chorus. From there I can work on how the rest of the song flows. Who knows, maybe I may write a couple more songs for the weekend. I may end up with a suite of moody songs. After that I may need to get upbeat and relax.

I did write a poem a few days ago about the brutality of seasons and moods. Did not see it as a song, but I’m sure it could be. It’s more of an explicitly violent poem so the mood goes from dark to possibly gothic and unnerving. It wasn’t meant to be sweet or pretentious that it “fits” into music as I didn’t envision it for song lyrics. I’ll think that over. I guess this will be a very dark chamber suite of songs for this weekend.

Weird Dreams and Such

Yesterday’s post was about me taking allergy meds, and getting groggy.  Told myself to go to the store and get a different brand because that sensation of grogginess dominated the entire day.  So today i got me some Allegra D, and a latte.  I shouldn’t have the latte as caffeine based drinks tend to agitate my congestion, BUT in my defense I had a “get a free drink” card from Starbucks.  Besides I needed to get outta the house and motivated a little.  BTW, it’s hot outside, and the traffic got a bit more busier than I anticipated.  Still, I has my latte and my new allergy meds.

Since I have the latte buzz, it’s time to put the energy to good use and write more. Was stressing about bills, as always. It’s good that I got the latte for free.  it’s the one perk of the day.  I’m praying for some divine fiscal intervention, which I’m more than sure shall come my way. One day at a time for me.

Last night I had the weirdest dreams, a side effect of the medicine, which makes me feel odd.  It’s a very lucid dream with a sensation of a film on loop I experience it over and over with no real resolution. I liken the sensation watching a bad episode of a good TV show over and over again with no commercial interruptions or breaks. needless to say the scene involved S & M in an office.  Lotsa suits, blouses, and skirts came down to ankles, and quite frankly I was fascinated.  Totally not into the spanking stuff, yet there I was in a dream watching as if it were a common practice.  Part of me said “stop, I’ve seen enough.” That was my goody two shoes angel in the room. The other part of me, when I awakened, said “I bet I could use this in a story.”  Kinky? Oh yes, but when hasn’t a bit of kink not fascinated me?

Will get to writing more fiction, and putting notes down, and adding a paragraph or two to an idea I have for a novel, than needs more attention, even if it is a couple of paragraphs.  Trying to to write it so serious.  Sometimes I feel the urgency of writing serious, and other times I want the freedom to describe things as they come to me via improvisation, which I seem to thrive in creating.  That reminds me there are always exceptions to rules in creativity.  Why struggle so hard against ideas?  Ideas can be revised too.

Happy creativity to all.

Feeling Wonky

Nasal congestion’s paying me a rather unwelcomed visit, after leaving me for a few days now. This means taking some allergy meds, and  feeling the side effects of wonkiness.  This means I need to relax and simply enjoy the peace.  I’m writing because all I need is the laptop in my lap and typing won’t hurt me.  I’m gonna be fine. Wrote out ideas, and the recipe for the lasagna yesterday.  A friend asked for it, and I was gonna blog the info with pictures.  It’s gonna be fun.  Today’s writing is slow, but I think once the grogginess passes it’s time to get back to the short stories.  I need to find a movie to play because I can’t take the news like I usually can today.