Last Quarter’s CINES

I haven’t been as nearly creative with my screenwriting as i would like to. The ideas hit me sparsely in the last quarter. I found myself incredibly busy. Classes were somewhat hectic as I needed to balance them, and the overlapping into my work hours. A compromise was struck, but it left me most exhausted. I feared the worst in the performance arena.

For the record I ventured into the Penultimate CINE for my journey. CINE 715 American Cinema, I also decided to take FILM 762 Writing for Television (drama). My paper for CINE 725 was on Billy Wilder’s "Ace In The Hole.". I wrote a spec script for NCIS. Both classes proved to be rough and a challenge. All the wile I’m studying for my comprehensive exam, and trying to prepare a proper thesis presentation. HOW I LOATHED the pressure of this.

Fortunately, all was not lost and my grades, while not As, I gladly accepted the two Bs I received. In all honesty i thought I got two big fat Cs. I was pleased, yet drained. It was a week between quarters, so I had little time to rest. Spend a few days laying down, resting and watching movies. I felt the bet thing to do was to not over exert myself. Furthermore I knew I needed this time to not focus so hard.

Now that my mind has a little bit of rest, I begin to think creatively again. Ideas pounce on me as I have ideas for how to improve old ideas, AND how to write better.

I really need to revise my long term goals.