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One of the things I often face when I write, is my own mind.  It is as a friend described it,  “having an angel in the room.”  This angel essentially guilts me for everything, even if a character slams a door.  This angel is my own inner self on the outside having way too much fun with the chaos it brings to my life.  I’ve always been aware of the angel, and often try to ignore him, but he’s there for a reason.  I obviously invited him.  he sits and listens to my concepts and gives his opinions (all ultra-conservative and prudish).  He complains at the least bit of detail and edge.  I don’t think I could write something wholesome and he’d approve.  Why?  Because the moment I do he will say “That story/idea/line is not something you’d write.”

No one wins with the angel in the room.  You can’t kill him.  He comes right back.  He’s really not there to critique.  He’s there to remind me that I am a writer and that I will hear these things.  He’s challenge me to move beyond his point of view.  At one point I’m sure he’s waiting for me to say “shut up, leave, or get on board.”

No one should have to apologize for their art.  Works of art are not going to universally appeal to everyone.  People are going to hate creative endeavors before they have a chance to see it for themselves.  Why, cause their angel is with them and as loud as can be  Our inner id has far more influence than we give it credit for.  We are complex beings, and our methods of communication and expression allow us to share with the world many fantastic points of view.  No angel can dictate that.

Less Than Meets The Eye?

It’s been a while, but I put together a new post for Tastes Like Comics on Transformers.  I think it was an interesting discussion and welcome any additional points of view on the topic.  Also a Brother needs to promote his peeps.  TLC has some good articles by friends of mine.

Needless to say I need to get some posts back up for this page as well.  Will start this week with something, anything.  I’d love to keep a positive flow here.