Smite: Roc-A-Bellona Gameplay

Hello Peeps. Hope y’all are having a wonderful Monday.

This is some Smite gameplay where I play Bellona, a warrior who excels with weapons and defense. Amped up her defense items so I stayed extra tanky. The skin is called Roc-A-Bellona, and I love it.  Otherwise I prefer the standard Roman skin for this god.



Today I woke up knowing I didn’t do any writing yesterday when I had free time, and that’s really on me.  It was truly free time where no one was around to disrupt me, and I didn’t necessarily feel like playing games at the time. I wanted to relax, and enjoy my free time.  So I was a bit indulgent.

I did contemplate a several ideas, BUT I was slack in writing thoughts down.  For the record, I wasn’t playing games all day, I just ran a gang of scenarios through my imagination, and failed to capitalize on my own creativity.

That said, I am now at a moment where I can at least write a blog post, so I should lead my writing with something decent. At this point for story content, if I can do five sentences in a day, that would be more productive than I was yesterday.  Something to keep me going forward, and not stagnant.

I really need to make myself write more–for better or worse.

Happy creative endeavors/


I Can’t Believe It’s Not Monday

Well this has been a long time coming, and I’ve been feeling a bit pressed and dealing with some twists and turns.  First my schedule changed, so it’s been me lagging everywhere. Which time changes come different duties, and that kept me pressed.

I’ve been sleep deprived trying to manged my day, and not wanting to be lagging. I also gave up lattes for a couple of weeks because, it was too pricey, and the local coffee shop closed for two weeks, which made my decision easier to handle.

That said I don’t feel creative and often don’t, but this is a hot mess that needs to be fixed. I need to press myself forward and write more.  So, as always, I start with a blog post, and hope that I make some writing happen. I also may have to go back on my word and get a latte, or some coffee.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

So Not Together

This weekend has been me, not putting my best foot forward as towards writing.  While I have been writing, it has been sporadic, and not with any intent of completing anything. I feel kinda bad about that, but unless I get off my duff, nothing is gonna happen in regards to things happening.

That said I did write down a lot of random ideas, and thing of the direction I needed to go for not only my novel, but what else am I writing at the moment. It doesn’t help that I am obsessed with gaming to a point that it’s what I want to do with free time.  While gaming is pleasurable, it’s not writing.  I’ve put myself in a hole of sorts.

What does this mean? It means I need to get on point.  If I can put the effort into writing like I do games, I think I can get more done.  Also, sometimes I feel very, very frustrated by the writing process. I was POSITIVE I locked down the total direction of the novel, but I was wrong.


Gotta figure stuff out.

Happy creative endeavors.


I need to set some projects into stronger rotation in my days, and that also includes this blog. I took a seminar on Friday about projects, and effective communication, despite the fact that these posts can be spur of the moment, there is something to be said for a focused, thought-out post.

That said, it’s Sunday, I’m a bit moody, and tired. It leaves me little room for putting things together, and I’d rather be gaming.  Since I’m not gaming, all I can do is put some effort into posting

Little writing got done this weekend, and I am reminded that I am not happy that. If I am to change this aspect of my weekends, I need to change my attitude. Writing is a passion, but it is also an investment. I need to invest in myself on a daily basis, even if it’s twenty minutes a day, at the very least I know effort was placed towards something I love.

Keep in mind each writing task is a separate project. For example, the blog gets its twenty mins, then the novel gets twenty mins, and so forth. I gotta get myself together.

Happy creative endeavors.

Clean Up

Yesterday, I felt like cleaning up my room. It was cluttered with a lot of junk, so I managed to throw a lot away, and that was a good thing. Managed to not watch more than one police procedural, which I kinda do on Sundays, and I felt the hand of despair on me. I hated it.  So I tried a few episodes of Mr. Robot, which was bad, but kinda sad at the same time.  Did some gaming to get my mind off of things, then I did more cleaning.

I typed out four new pages for the novel. I feel they need to be expanded upon (it always feels so compact/abrupt when I first type the words out). So maybe four pages may become a few more so that I show a few more details, and some conversations, as well as progress the story.  So I am happy for that.  Also need to update the print journal, and see where that goes.

Happy creative endeavors.

Monday Has Just Begun

It’s a lovely Monday, which I don’t hate, but the sinus woes are still upon me. It looks like my meds are knocking the excess drainage out, because since I popped the meds, it was like Niagara Falls and my none, now it’s an occasional sniffle. I’m not mad at that. Scents are still raw as all get out with me, and that’s not a good thing. I prefer some stability and less discomfort. It’s making it difficult to get things done, and be focused. I hate that sensation, but I’m a make things work.

Creativity took a hard dive while I was suffering. Over the weekend, I lost and slowly regained my appetite, and settled on watching really bad B-films on Syfy, game videos, and police procedurals. Remember when the b-film was the transgressive film with the tighter budget, and the top tier film was the star studded affair? What? Too far back in film history? A little cinema studies trivia never hurt anyone, unless you’re allergic to history.  Back to my point, I was taking a hard dive.

Well, now that I’m up, I’d like to get back to the novel. Since I prefer to discuss results after the facts, I hope to have something to post tomorrow about progress. What I do know, and want to do is keep being hopeful. I will get stuff done even if I seem to be lacking on several days of progress. We all face setbacks of some sort. Besides, if I look at the silver lining; at least I gave myself a few days to “cool down” from my novel. Now I can start with fresh eyes. I still need to work with my typed page, then add the dialog I hand wrote for it on Friday.

As always, happy creative endeavors.