Blast From The Past

A while ago, I wrote a short story that seemed to go in save file limbo.  In the past, I wrote and rewrote it, hoping to shape the story into something stronger.  Friends and my writing group to read the story, and gave good feedback. I made adjustments, as per the suggestions, and some I thought made the story better. I even submitted the story to literary mags and Amazon’s Kindle Selects, with the hopes of getting it published. It was rejected each time.  That disappointed me greatly, but that’s the nature of publishing. Somethings don’t make the pass to publishing.

So, I left the story alone for a while, because the truth was I was too close and too excited about the story to see all of its flaws, or make stronger cuts. I knew extended time away from this piece might allow me to see a few things a lot clearer.  It turns out I was right.  I had a few typos in there, and some of them didn’t make sense to me at all. On top of that I was willing to cut even more lines, and some paragraphs. Then I had to admit that the ending was a poor, and needed to be stronger.  Originally it was open-ended, which wasn’t too bad, but the consensus was to add something concrete. Admittedly, I  dropped the ball, and fudged it.

So, in that respect, I should have left the story alone for a while before trying to send it to publishers.  Mainly because I had the time to let it cool off, and delve into other projects. I felt I lost all objectivity, and was more than happy to show what I created. Yes, I should’ve know better, but I was blinded by my efforts, and a desire for completion. That was wrong. I was wrong.

Now I have the story in my hands again, and looking at typos, and simply contemplating how I feel about revisions to it. Reworking will not be so bad, provided I take longer to contemplate theme and genre. I don’t want to make the same mistake again, and send off a half-baked piece. Perhaps a revise and a deep freeze (as opposed to a cool down) is needed. I will gladly work on other projects and worry about them after necessary changes. Same goes for my TV speculative pilot, and any other project I’m supposed to be working on.

As always, happy creative endeavors.



It’s Sunday, and I was supposed to blog sooner than now. I did allow myself to get sidetracked, then I forgot about it. That’s never good to lose focus, however, I think I’m allowed to slack off once and a while.

Writing, again has been bare minimum, but I did find myself reading today, and will gladly go back to that. I’m a little irked with myself for not writing more, but it happens. Also better now with a few lines than to say I did nothing creative-wise.  I think I’ll do that for my fiction as well.

So no real updates to report other than I am feeding my brain with books. At the very least I can say the day hasn’t been wasted.  perhaps that’s what I needed–to get the mind onto something that supplements and compliments creative writing.  Back to reading for me.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

A Day To Relax

Today is Saturday, and I know a few things are gonna happen. First, this blog post will be done, and then I’m a do some reading. Next, I promised myself to look at some films and review their prologues, and see if inspiration jumps off for me.

I have a Kindle (2nd gen-so behind on the latest gizmos), and for the longest I had not access to the 3G/wireless network. Furthermore my power cord and charger walked off into the wild blue. All I had was a simple USB cord I could connect to the laptop and charge it.

This situation left me frustrated, as I still didn’t have the connectivity to download samples of books, and ultimately purchase a book if I liked the story. Needless to say my desire to use it dwindled until recently.  Got an email from Amazon to update my Kindle, which could be done via connectivity to my laptop as opposed to online.  It worked, now I fresh samples to read.

Amazon also advertised, via their site, a buyback for older Kindle models, and get a discount on newer models. I am curious about newer models, but I rather like what I possess.  The newer models don’t have a text to speech function, so I’m like nope. My 2nd gen model works, I kept it in good condition, and I’m pleased with its performance since I was able to restore the 3G/wireless feature.

For me, hang the Kindle doesn’t eliminate my love of books.  I work in a library, after all, but it is a good way for me to save space. I have a very limited amount of space, and when I did use it, I noticed I was more of a voracious reader/listener. I want to get back to that.  So samples today, full books in the future.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


The Delight of Danger, Love, and the Perverse in Crimson Peak

Edith Cusing, the heoine of Crimson Peak.

Edith Cushing looks great, but you in danger, girl.

Crimson Peak is not a horror story, as much as the marketing for this film seemed to push viewers in that direction. Crimson Peak is actually a gothic romance, and that may or may not turn some people off, especially if you were looking for some scares and some monsters.  While there are ghosts to be seen, and some gore, they are part of the story, however they aren’t the focus, or the true menace of the film.

The prologue starts off with a funeral, and a visit from a ghost warning the heroine, a young Edith Cushing, to beware of Crimson Peak. This lets us know there are supernatural events, the sense of the macabre, and a potential danger that has yet to be seen/resolved. While Edith is frightened, and rightfully so, an aspect of this scene

This is not to say Crimson Peak doesn’t have its share of violence, and when its violent, it gets ugly. Far uglier than the ghosts, and very brutal, cruel, and cold. At the heart of this story is romance and crime with a protagonist, Edith, who is swept into perverse events that not only threaten to take her life, but her fortune as well. Edith, our heroine, is a determined author who wants to write more than romance stories as suggested to her that women should write, she does not let the publisher deter her. She looks for other avenues to succeed.

Edith needs that determination, as she is soon in love, and married to Thomas Sharpe, and the intensity of the ghosts appearances intensify. They are indeed gory ghosts, ugly, haunting, and wrapped in tragedy as they try to warn her time and time again about her husband, and their home Crimson Peak. It is a perverse place, and from the decay, we learn of death, and different ways of haunting people. For example, Edith’s discovery and listening to recordings of some of the people who stayed at Crimson Peak highlights past gruesome crimes.

Part of the appeal of the characters comes from their disturbances.  For example, Edith can see ghosts, but she is the only one, up to a point. Also Edith’s father never appears as a ghost, despite his violent death. I got the impression Edith doesn’t want to see her father any way but alive. Lucille’s dark persona cracks from time to time as her jealousy of Thomas and Edith’s relationship intensifies. Her propensity for violence and control unleash themselves through the pleasures of death, murder, and deceit, however to view her outwardly is not to see her, or Thomas for whom they truly are.

The true star of this film is the scenery and costumes. This film looks so amazing, from the sets to the clothes. Crimson Peak is a decaying, crumbling manor,  that appears to have a life unto itself. The clay seeped into parts of the house to where the floor oozes clay, and the pipes spit out red clay, and resembles blood. The wind howls through corridors, and gives the semblance of breath. Even the decrepit, old rooms possess (no pun intended) a richness in details that capture the feel and weight of an old, decaying home. The characters also have some interesting persona.

If you see this film, please go for the atmosphere, the fantastical elements and the impressive attention to detail/design. They are truly compelling aspects to behold in this film. It is not about horror, and the violence and perversity is explicit. The film does a great job of emphasizing how horrible people can be, and that ghosts reflect the nature of human beings, as well as how actions shape us.



Wednesday’s Lost and Found

I lost my flash drive, or more accurately, I misplaced my flash drive.  This threw me into some serious chaos. I knew that I was careful with it, and placed it in a secure location when I was done with it, but I was wrong.  When I reached for it, the flash drive was not where I thought it was. I didn’t panic. I thought for sure I left it in my room, and when I returned home, I’d have it once again. It wasn’t in my room.  I did some mad searching for it too. This reminds me to clean up my room and vacuum behind the bed as soon as possible.

I did find it, today, sitting on my desk, out of eyesight. I stumbled upon it by accident. I’m rather surprised, and a bit concerned that I was so careless. Yes, accidents do happen, however, this is one misstep that could have cost me. At the moment, this is my only backup to my computer files, and when the opportunity presents itself, I can assure you I’m purchasing a back up to my back up.

This experience reminded me I really couldn’t describe my flash drive beyond a few basic points. That is not good. While the true proof would be to examine the files within the flash drive, and I named the drive after myself, there’s no outward label of this fact. I am taking a picture of the drive to show in case it does get lost publicly, again. It sounds overly simple, however, it will help me help myself in the future, if necessary.

I am going to take extra caution when using my flash drive, and make sure I put it back where it belongs. It was good that it wasn’t lost, but it could have.

Happy creative endeavors.

A Little CINE

Sorry, I haven’t written a post since January 20th, and that was a kind of cheat with a video, but it was film, and cinema is good for us all, right?  I jest, and I have been on quite the adventure since then.

First and foremost, I’ve been looking for a job, and that meant interviews, lots of applications, and hoping get some success. Well I did a few interviews, and got hired! This is great news for me. I am happy for a start at being employed again.

At the very least, I got out of my unemployment rut, and I like working.  This may seem odd, but working gives my writing a strong break that I need from time to time, and allows me to focus on other things, such as getting oriented with the policies and procedures, patrons, and paperwork.

Suffice to say paperwork is good, if not a little intimidating at first, and let me tell you my mind was off writing for a while. I knew a post was in my future, and am happy to get back something that I love doing.

Writing will continue, as I try to get a respectable balance going. I love having work time, and creative writing work time. I also like being able to pay my way once again. It’s easy to take pay for granted when its steady, as I have, and when you see and feel it missing from your life, you gain respect for being employed. That’s not to say being creative and writing was bad, far from it. It has kept me a bit sane in trying times.

As always, happy creative endeavors.