Draft Three Completed

Oh yeah, I completed draft three late last night while having the TV on, and not knowing what I watched. I just know I typed out the corrections based on the notes I wrote on the pages. Do I feel good? Yes, I do. I really wanted to work on this and keep my sanity. I found it easier to revise, and likely draft four will get easier. At least that’s what I hope.

Going to let draft three have some “cool down” time before I give it a second go. Also having a second pair of eyes read it and give me some feedback, so a fresh perspective.  So far I know a few great things. It made the reader laugh out loud on first draft. I didn’t change the story, only clarified descriptions/scenes, and added, revised dialogue.  So the things that could make one laugh is still in the screenplay.

I’m also going to look at other concepts I wrote down and want to develop as screenplays. At least I want to start on an outline for the materials. The way I see it is, why rest when I can work on other projects.  The mental “divorce” from the 3rd draft will also do me some good. I do have some ideas for other genres, such as science-fiction, thrillers, comedies, action, and fantasy. So, at this point I need to make sure I shape up a few of these concepts.

Happy creative endeavors.


Short and Sweet

As from my last post, I went into revising mode for my screenplay. At the halfway point for revising the third draft.  I feel good about this, and a little sleepy.  I need to get something to eat, relax, and maybe goof off a little. Maybe pop in a movie, or take a nap.  I think fifty-five pages of typed revisions is great.  This is the benefit of getting up early. I had time to put that energy into this project as opposed to gaming first, which I was sorely tempted to do.  Here’s to having a priority worth working towards.  They day is still young.  May get more done.  

Happy creative endeavors.  

Up Early, So Now What

Found myself very much awake before I intended to get up, which is not to my liking, however, I am awake, so now what? This means I’m gonna write something, and I can get some revisions in as well.  So the early morning isn’t wasted in spite of my love for getting up much later in the day.  This does mean I can eat earlier, relax, and enjoy my time.  For now it’s time to get creative.

Admittedly, Saturday was a bit dry on the writing/creative part. I spent the time gaming, and looking at anything that caught my eyes.  Mostly gaming, then I watched Hunger Games. I have to admit I never heard of it before the movie was made in spite of hearing several people excited when the movie was being adapted from the novel. It took me forever to see it. I should like it more, as it contains parody and satire elements, as well as a subversive, dark undercurrent. I wasn’t sure if I did like the film. Was getting distracted by a lot of other things going on.  It deserves a dedicated second look at least before I write it off.

Also spent time on Friday catching up with the NBC TV show Hannibal. A very dark, psychological, and disturbing show, yet compelling. It was a good read. This is another adaption (Red Dragon), and a friend pointed out some of the changes.  Having not read the novel, I don’t know, but I’m curious to read it and see the differences.

Before bed I did jot down notes for my sci-fi satire/parody. I have a lite of plot ideas and characters.  I also have another concept I put a note or two down on, and need to get back on top of for my own sake. A page full of notes won’t hurt the paper.

As I  got in bed, I watched Forbidden Planet. I love old school sci-fi films, so it was a bit more of a comfort film. I feel asleep on parts of it, but I can always re-watch it, and it’s not like I don’t know what happens. I have to say if I had a them of watching things, it’s that they all contained dark, psychological elements.

In retrospect creativity was a bit more focused on seeing films and TV shows, which did my mind good. Now I need to at least transcribe the hand-written corrections I did on my screenplay onto the actual file. It should be fun.  I need to pick out some music and get to work.

Happy creative endeavors.

Friday Means Chilling

This Friday I get to goof off and relax a little. As posted yesterday, I finished the second draft of my screenplay, and it was a happy moment in my day. I went into hand editing the second draft up to page fifty. Will type the corrections soon. I feel I need some game time and some hot tea to sip. Didn’t feel any other creative urges yesterday, not that my plate wan’t full with revisions. I dunno if I need a recharge, or an unplug from all the crap the week tends to throw my way. I should have fun as well.

I need to pick a few movies and wolf them down, visually, of course. Today’s been me watching some news, scenes from soap operas (my guilty pleasure), and loafing about. Decided I did need some music as I typed. Picked Toni Braxton (I love the songs from her Secrets CD).

Looking around, and I know sometime today I have to clean this living room.  It needs some order, and the chaos is too dominant.  Also need to make up my bed. Yes, it’s been that kind of lazy day. Somehow this is all fuel for my creativity. The fact that I need a “turn off” point seems to enhance my sense of creativity.  That’s happened in the past.

Been having weird dreams where I make commentary on my life in them. Like why some dreams are bitter or bittersweet. I never thought about it until I had that dream. Also weird sexy dreams came up. I said weird cause they seemed to come from nowhere and I was having all this bitter stuff going on in my head. So maybe bitter and sex should not be in the same sentence, but here they are, in this big ole empty room, staring each other down.  LMAO I just abused some Prince lyrics/songs. Please forgive this bastardization of them (“Do Me, Baby” ). I just imagined a story called “Do Me While I Have My Lows.” It’s gonna be pretty ugly and laughable. I haven’t forgotten the horror story either.

I did, a few days back, write some characters for a satire set in a space opera vein. I think it would make a good TV show, so I have to get to working on this soon.  This doesn’t mean I forgot about the story I wrote out parts of the plot out last week.  I have look at what I typed.  So there are things for me to be creative about.

Happy creative endeavors.

Second Draft Done!

Was far too distracted today, and this is a short as all get out post. I completed my second pass at the screenplay! This is great and makes my day 100% better already. Suck it, meh feelings. I’m going to do a third pass, but I feel I really put a lot of goodness in what I did. I’m sure it will have a forth pass as time progresses, BUT I expect to have that. Writing is rewriting, after all. I did the bulk of the revisions late last night, and finished it today.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

Sincerely Sleepy

Taking the time to write at this moment, as I suspect a nap is in my future.  Up way too early, and that means doing some early morning revisions on the screenplay.  I stopped revising at page 80, and plan to do at least 3-5 more pages, then some rest of my free time relaxing. Splurged a little and bought myself an iced latte yesterday.  Why did I do that? I hadn’t had them in a while, and in spite of drinking plenty of water before and AFTER the tall (not the venti) cup, I felt the buzz. The only way to feel good about being awake is to write something.

I did spend last night handwriting out some dialogue, which I now hate, and that means it needs several revisions to be up to par.  I did have an idea for a good line, but at the time was unable to put it on paper due to interruptions. Fortunately, the idea stayed in my head, and as I’m about to get to writing, I can update that page. Stuff to do, gotta get it done, and nibble on something along the way.

Happy creative endeavors.

Headaches are Way Too Common

Big fat boo to my headache, and to my television for being more annoying than entertaining right now. I may need to put in a movie and forget about any chance of watching any television good shows. I need to write, and that means sitting down, and also the fact that I feel like a mess really gets in the way of me being productive.  I have to change my mindset so this is me attempting to do what needs to be done, and write.

Took out the ole pen and paper for a few days, and got things done for the past few days.  Some of it was jotting down ideas, and a small journal post to get my brain flowing. I jotted down ideas for stories, pieces of dialogue, and looked over my screenplay for adding some notes. Had not looked at the horror story I as working on for some time, even though i typed out three pages. I need to get back on top of that soon.  Since I hand wrote out parts of the original story, I need to look over that since there’s some good passages there, and I have that with me.

My printer’s being difficult, as the heads won’t clean, and puts ink all over the paper. I know that’s not what I want to deal with right now. Also reading Gun Machine by Warren Ellis.  It’s a police procedural novel, filled with some drop dead hilarious descriptions and dialogue.  I hope to finish it soon, so that’s all I’ll give away about the novel. I do want to finish it soon. Now that I’m somewhat in working order (my headache fades away), I’m, hoping to get five pages of screenplay revised.   Also I need to drink some more water.

Happy creative endeavors.