Keep It Simple(r)

Sometimes life gets in the way, and I forget to remember I can only do things one step at a time. This means remembering to relax. I feel like a hot mess. Wrote something for an outline for an episode one.  I want to write three more outlines, but I feel unsure of the material. My mind’s going to a dozen places at once, and tried as I might, I ended up being divided. Cracked a joke only my immediacy family would get, since it’s based on the reaction of someone. I didn’t expect to laugh, and I didn’t expect to be choke on my tea laughing. Sometimes being silly means a lot.

The weather dipped today, with a taste of gloom, and overcast. It got cold. I hope it warms up a little. Maybe it’s the change in weather. Maybe it’s the changes in seasons ever so slightly. that makes moods go south.

Happy creative endeavors.


One of Those Days

It’s one of those days where the brain doesn’t feel energetic. Moods and the body follow suit. Everything is listless. That’s not cool.  Did more writing, in spite of mood (maybe I needed something to eat).  I did manage to write more. An outline for a series I’m working on.  The first episode has a real rough episode, and I need to write the ending of a scene. I’ve been doing a start/stop technique with this one. Will put it back on start soon.

Needed to get a blog post going. I really hate when I miss posts, as it keeps me writing. The past couple of days have been a mix of visiting others, house duties, feeling woozy (allergy meds-they know how to make you zone out), and the meds kinda boomerang. Not my idea of a good time.  I feel tired again. Wow. Not my day for creativity. Will bounce back, though. Bouncing back rules.

Happy creative endeavors.

The Sunday More Sleep Plan

I knew I was in trouble the moment I woke up early, and couldn’t fall back to sleep. My brain was a hot mess of buzzing thoughts, and wanting rest it was denied. Needless to say I sat up, and jotted down a few paragraphs for a story I was stuck on, never finished, but wanted badly to see something done with it. It meant updating the introduction paragraph, which makes much more sense now, then a little bit more elaborations. The story’s being rewritten right before my eyes.

Then, of course, my allergies decided that they don’t have to be at bay. I took something to shut the stinging down, and it made me super weak and sleepy. I went to bed for some rest, and got up roughly an hour ago and now I need to be constructive. So blogging is constructive, and I need to get things done.

Scribbled down a half page of notes as well for a concept that came to me at random, and didn’t want the idea to fall into the ether. Late last night, I found myself typing out character notes for a series I was working on, so I hope at some point I need to review those.

Happy creative endeavors.

Live long and prosper.

Hiding Out

Today has been dry. Came out of my room long enough to cook chili, and watch a movie (Now You See Me). Like the film, but the ending was underwhelming. Mom wants to watch some repo show, that is melting what’s left of my mind, and that’s really tried all of my goodwill. So perhaps it’s time to retreat to my room again and simply game. At least I can enjoy it. No brain melt.

At the very least, the repo show got me to stop watching and type. The only way I can describe the show is that there are a bunch of people talking all at once, and that there’s too much happening, and it rubs my senses the wrong way. Sort of how the talk shows do DNA tests and there’s screaming people on the stage, and off. Those kinds of events feel like overstimulation, not to mention banal. Backing away from those type of programs makes me feel better.

The chili came out great, in spite of a taster saying its spicy. I tasted it, and was like, that’s not spicy at all. I restrained on the spice purposefully in order to make it good for everyone. It’s by no means bland, but it barely touches on mild. I left out the jalapeño peppers, and used a smidgen of red pepper flakes. I did use red onions, minced garlic, salt, pepper, and basil. The diced tomatoes were seasoned with chipotle, and have that smoky flavor. I’m betting the seasonings will “peak” tomorrow.

This is my Saturday, and I’m tired.

Happy creative endeavors.

Live long and prosper.

The Warm-Up

The weather looks a bit gloomy, and frankly my mood follows. For this day to go well something needs to be done to uplift my spirits. The first thing I though of is writing. Writing begins with a warm-up, a warm up is all about writing. Today’s blog post is my persona pick me up.

Lots of things going on, and I so need to apply for more jobs and keep trying to work. It’s been a rough ass road, however, I think putting effort into my passion shall inspire progress, and progress gets my brain working on things I can do. I’d love to get several of my prose stories completed. I’d love to have scripts, screenplays, and poems worked on. At the very least, my day would be filled with activities.

Perhaps this hasn’t been my week, and that it’ll pass. One thing I can do is turn the tv off the news channels. I’m simply exhausted from listening to it. At some point I haven’t received facts, but a set of shockers. I don’t need to be shocked and appalled in my mood. I need to be uplifted, happy, focused.

So let’s see if I can get some short stories worked on. A few words like this blog posts.

Happy creative endeavors.

Live long and prosper.

My Little Progress Report

Decisions and options run amok in my creative writing this week. I can’t decide on several factors that will aid in advancing the narrative, and they need to be set In place so I may develop the story further. What I’m looking at is the setting of some of the fictional worlds I’ve created. What genre do I really want a story to fall under? How to I find a focus? What’s my influence?

I’m sure I’ll figure it out, but today genre bug me a little with the current works. Found myself writing down notes for characters and plot options, so it’s a start. I need to figure a lot of it out. Also which medium those current projects will work. I’m looking at prose, scripts, and screenplays. Somehow I’ll get the projects on a schedule and work them out.

As I tried to revise this post last night, my mind is geared towards sleep. I felt ylike that’s all that I could do. Been absorbing stuff like movies (Tron Legacy, Cowboys and Aliens, Robocop 2), news, and a few talk and game shows. Also watched pieces of a soap operas before I abandoned it for lack of interest. I want to like soaps, but the material leaves me dry.

Happy creative endeavors.

Live long and prosper.

The Dreaded Flu

The flu struck our household, and it’s been pretty bad. It strips the health from people, and according to the local news alone, several of the people who’ve had it, died. In many ways, moving back home has been a great boon. I don’t know how well my family might have fared from this illness. My Mom could barely move, or had strength. My brother got sick, fortunately, he bounced back quickly. Sickness is just horrible. The mix of cost and the time it takes for the body to recover means there’s a world of hurt.