Lovely Migraine

Today I have a lovely migraine, and neck pain. I need to take something for this pain (just did). In the the meantime, I owe myself a blog post.

Yesterday I wrote, and finished off act II. I set a goal of fifteen pages, but ended up with fourteen. The way I see it, the act has a little wiggle room for adjustments, and not too tightly wound. That, or I can make a quick scene to wet someone’s appetite, but the content is for premium cable where there are not commercials.

Yesterday was also full of distractions, and I got so frustrated that work couldn’t be done. First my screenwriter software crashed. I only lost a half page of dialogue, but it pissed me off. Software restarted just fine, so nothing was corrupted. Next came dealing with family, and interactions. After the crash, and the bombardment, thinking went south, so I stopped writing for the day.

Today is migraine land, and in a moment I’m sure I won’t want to look at this darn screen. I’m rather annoyed with this. This extra strength stuff is taking some time to be effective. Gonna get some water, and relax.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


Sassy Fridays

Today is the day to forget any woes or stupidity that comes our way. Today is the day to not only embrace our flaws, but to celebrate them. We do not hide our shames, but wear them proudly. Today we find outside the box solutions to all issues we cannot resolve. We do not give into despair. Save that ish for another day. If something bothers us, we leave it be for a short while until we realize that issue doesn’t matter in the long run. This is Sassy Friday.

Today I’m a write like a damn champ. If I can’t fix the woes in scripts, short stories, and whatever else I’m working on. If I can’t resolve it, then it’s good as is until it gets rewritten. I will enjoy the tedious process of story resolutions. Today I am king,. Woes get kicked in the nads. Life moves on. Better that a day be set aside for allowing attitude, and unrelenting attitude, than to sit and feel the bind of blahs, ughs, and woes.

Let’s keep it together, people. We will make it through all that tries to constrain us. Suck it, woes.

Happy creative endeavors.


Today I began writing my script again. This was a simple attempt to revise some dialog from a couple who cross paths. From that scene, I added other scenes that could use a touch up, including a confrontational scene, and a third meeting of the minds type of scene.  Now to incorporate them into the script. My slacking off has annoyed me, but happy to put something down in my Notes app and file for the script.


It would almost be fair to call from the weekend till late last night a time of pure slacking off. No blog posts, no writing for me, which is both good and bad. It’s good to rest, even a little. It meant looking at movies and tv shows. Mainly on Sunday I was taken in by some dinosaur documentaries. It was my weakness. This was followed by watching bad procedurals, which kinda killed the knowledge and awe of dinos.

That’s not all I watched. Got to see the final of season three of The Legend of Korra, and that was sooooo satisfying. It reminded me of how a good story can make a viewer invest in the characters, the conflicts, and resolutions. I needed that.

It’s bad because a whole weekend went by with me slacking off. It felt like being in college again. No, nothing is at the last minute, BUT it would have been nice to cap off a scene or two that I have ready for revisions. Slacking off also meant no blog posts. So here I am,mashing to myself if I want to write, let’s start with a post.

Late last night, I worked on a couple of characters, developing ideas of what their strengths and limitations are. It needs a whole lot of work. Dunno what it’s for, yet, but I have an idea. Glad I wrote something. Now back to the script.


Still in the midst of writing. It’s been a positive thing. Managed to write and add more pages to the updated script. So the page count is up to forty-two. The goal is to add more pages and make sure the pages I added last night are formatted correctly.  The try drawback to cut and pasting from word is that the formatting may be off. it requires me to read though each line and correcting the material. Its work, but I’m not minding completing the task.

Wrote some more this morning, and I have pages now that I’m revising in word files. The morning’s writing was in the Notes app, so I need to get that in a doc file soon. All I can say is last night I turned into a writing dynamo. Perhaps I’ll gets to writing again like that. At the moment, I’m at a simple, steady pace. So I hope to add more pages to the actual script. f anything I’d like to reach fifty soon.

Happy creative endeavors.

Another Late Post

Tonight was a mix of things. Summer’s heat, and Carolina humidity will beat a person down. Sometimes the best thing one can do is sit down and not move. It’s all in a day’s routine. I digress.

Today writing got done. Piece by piece throughout this week, I managed to write out four scenes for this tv script. Today I spent time revising one scene and adding it to the script. A few minutes before typing this blog post, I revised a second scene. Didn’t attach it to the script, as I feel I need to put a strong ending on this one. It’s coming.

As for scenes three and four, they need their revising. It’s not happening yet. I like the page count. I went from thirty to thirty five. I’m positive I shall get to forty when I add this second scene to the mix.

Happy creative endeavors.

Mini Post

Something needs to be written on this blog, as it is my go to for inspiration, and sharing thoughts. Been writing and working on the script. There are four scenes I wrote out that could use my attention. Worked on one earlier. My mind drifted off and onto tv. Gotta get that scene into some shape before I incorporate it into the main script. Episode one is taking a lot of work to get done. I’ve gots to get quicker at resolutions and writing.

Happy creative endeavors.