So the weekend I was consumed by gaming. I’ve fallen into another MOBA–Warframe, and I keep playing this thing alongside Paragon.  I totally lost track of time, and for that matter, suddenly it was nightfall.  I had a lot of fun being pleasantly distracted with the games. For me it was how to play better, and how to level the characters up to make them effective.  Both games have multiplayer functions, and you have a choice of characters. Needless to say, I kept myself busy.

Now back to Monday, and the power of writing. I need to put more effort into the novel, and since I have the time, and won’t be playing games for the moment, I will put pen to paper, and write in my journal. I put a lot of ideas down on Friday, and one passage for the novel I need to add to. It’s the main character understanding and responding to the fact that that he makes too many foolish choices. At least he thinks this is the end of his bad choices. This writer knows better.

Needless to say the line needed time to marinate, and me to figure out how to make it work better, at least I hope it does. One word at a time, right?

As always, happy creative endeavors.


I Thought I Knew

As usual, my thought process seems better between half asleep and awake. So I woke up thinking of the motives for my characters and what I’m exploring. Had these ideas where I wanted to figure out why they are doing what they do and how to explore those thoughts.  This lead me back to my novel. Just what the heck is this main character up to?

For the moment I know the character keeps making bad choices, and his choices have good and bad consequences he has to eat. So maybe I should be asking why he keeps making bad choices when he wants to be recognized for his talents. What if the choices suddenly became bigger than who he was, and why.

This puts me in a different position.  The MC was going though life messing around when in fact he could and can do better.  I know those motives all to well.

I thought I knew what the stakes were. I got adjusted.  It happens.

Happy creative endeavors.


Today I woke up with the idea that I should push myself more to express myself as an artist.  This sounds easier said than done. Not that I haven’t been writing and revising this week, and failed to make blog posts for the past few days. I knew I’d get back to blogging, and I knew I’d get side-tracked, which isn’t a bad thing.

I also had a slew of random images and creations come to me while I was half-asleep, half-awake. It always feels like a hot mess when I think on it while awake, but the randomness, and creativity seems to flow better when I don’t feel distracted by outside influences.

Novel revisions took shape, and make a lot more sense to me. For example, I wrote a chapter last summer that made 100% sense to me at the time. It wasn’t until I left it alone for a lengthy period did I realize part of this scene was out of order. Without being too much of a story give away, there’s an incident that should have garner attention from neighbors–even though it takes place at night. I put in my notes to address this, which means more writing.–Not mad with that.

So for the moment, writing is about figuring things out, and putting it into a file or in my journal.

Happy creative endeavors.

This is Friday

Not that peeps don’t know it’s Friday, but I feel like it’s a Friday.  Sometimes I’m up and about and it doesn’t feel like much of any day I’m familiar with.  Fridays typically have this mellower tone to the day where the people seem more relaxed. At least I know I am, and that’s good.

Lots of rewriting got done as I looked back on some chapters I wrote and commenced to putting notes/revisions on the paper. I felt I had more than enough time away from the material to objectively edit it, which may have been the problem in the first place. I was too caught up in the material to get it sorted the way it needed to be.

One thing I also noted is some passages needed to be elaborated upon. I needed much more description, and showing a bit more than telling. So there’s that in regards to revisions. It kept me busy. One early chapter needed some tweaking, it was short, but succinct, so I like what I did, but need to keep pressing on.

I knew I felt a little conflicted with what to keep and to omit from this novel.  It’s going to take me some time to get that worked out.

Also came up with something that made me laugh, and this scene needs to be written down ASAP, so off I go.  Out of head, onto paper.

Happy creative endeavors.


Thursday Progress

Last night I think I at least completed the first draft of this chapter for the novel. It is, more or less a crossing of the threshold for the hero. At least more than I realized when i originally wrote the outline. This changes some things for me., as I know what’s going to happen next, however, that changes slightly now that we’re in act two, but I think I can make the necessarily adjustments. I may need to go back and adjust the outline, just the same.

I know act one is a bit of a mess with this one guiding light. Things have really shifted, but I am sure I can clean this text up there as well. I had a few false starts, and I have some writing I’m loving that needs to be cleaned and organized.  I’m tempted to go back and make the changes necessary before pushing forward. I also have to open up a few chapters for some breaks from the main hero to some other characters, and introduce the MC’s allies.

What I’ve noticed with the current writing is I need to place more time on character interaction, reactions, and conflicts.  Otherwise nothing’s happening of true interest other than me indulging myself.

So I need to do some more writing. One word at a time. I also know a couple of scenes need to be revised because they are good but lack some oomph. I can do this. I know I can.

Now for math: if I have twenty-five chapters and they average ten pages minimum, I’ll have two-hundred fifty pages.  That’s a lotta writing.

Happy creative endeavors.

Chapter Progress

For the past few days I’ve been working on a chapter for my novel, and it’s taking good enough shape to be a true first draft of a chapter. This is the kind of  progress I’m pleased with, as when I first wrote this chapter, it was a raw set of ideas, and really didn’t give a reader enough details.  What I also found, as I kept writing, was that I missed certain elements of conflict necessary to push any action forward.

For example, this chapter introduced a minor antagonist, but that character had little to say or interaction with the main character (MC), and that to me didn’t really make that character an antagonist–minor or otherwise. I also felt I needed to have an option where the MC is able to opt out of the confrontation, and if he took this option where he’d be safe and return to his old life.  He had to make a choice, and suddenly moved from his old life to this new adventure.

For me, once the MC crosses a threshold from ordinary life to an extraordinary adventure, the story picks up, and now I’m in act two of of the novel. While I wrote some previous chapters, I am wondering does the novel really pick up here, and are some of the previous chapters superfluous? I don’t know, but I feel like I have a stronger set up at this point, and while I still need to complete this chapter, I’m nervous about some of what I wrote, and what needs to be cut from previous chapters.

If writing were perfect, I’d have all the answers, no? What I do have is a damn good start of a chapter that really defines a crucial part of the story.  That’s a great thing, and gives me some clarity. Like I always said, writing is rewriting.

Happy creative endeavors.

Monday’s Agenda

Well, the weekend started with neck pain, then expanded into a migraine that made me so nauseated, that I couldn’t swallow any pain relievers for fear it wouldn’t stay down. This if further complicated by I hate that feeling of being on the cusp of puking. I couldn’t lay down (miserable neck pain), and then I sat up and was a little less miserable.  I had to wait for the nauseous feeling to subside, and I relaxed until I was able to take the meds, then drink something.

The pain reliever took its time, but it finally worked, and I am not mad at the results. Very grateful for no migraine in my day. It really dominated the day.

It was time to cook, so I made stir-fry, and called it a day.  There were complaints, but I didn’t care.  Like it or not, food was on the table, and retreated to my room to chill, and played Paragon until it was time to go to bed.

That said, getting my mind off of writing has paid off. Woke up today with an idea that I can and will implement for the novel that adds a bit of flavor to the main character. I can’t wait to work on it, and I love being excited about writing.  Also I did some rewriting on Friday that I’m proud of. There’s still a long way to go, but novels need work.