Pressed For Writing

I scrapped todays post in favor of this one. Still trying to get that post correct. It’s bothering me because it’s not ready to be seen, even though I wrote it before bed last night with hopes of editing and posting today. Spent way too much time revising and that means it needs more thought. The the back burner it goes. It really needs “chill time” for me to see what’s bugging me about it.

Was writing last night, and reviewing older material for revising and updating, so that’s a blessing. No less than six short stories are staring at me, and there’s at least three more I really need to find and add to the list because I feel I can revise them and make a lot stronger. Never mind that I have a lot to do with what’s in front of me.

Happy Creative endeavors.


Baby’s Gonna Fly Soon

So I got the short story into final draft. It’s time to work on getting it to a literary magazine. Not much left to say, but to do it, and hope for the best.

Today, I peeped through a book on using better language, and happened upon what is a cliche in writing. Lo and behold what to I see but the phrase “grinning from ear to ear.” I didn’t know it was a cliche-I certainly didn’t see it a lot, yet there it was staring at me. Likewise, in the past, I didn’t know describing a character in a mirror was chichi either, but there it was pointed out to me until a few people point that out. For the record I used the ear to ear in my short story, so I changed that immediately.

Still watching season one of Strike Back. I owe myself another episode before I have to get busy with other interests. Later on I get to pull up one of my old stories and rework it so that I have another story ready to go off to lit magazines. This one needs to go through Scrivener as well. I got feedback on this one, so I have a lot to work on/from.  Late tonight I plan to type out a lot and get things done. it’d be nice to see two stories ready to fly this week.

Happy creative endeavors.

Eighteen Pages

It’s been a couple of months since I wrote the first draft of this story, and last night I saw fit to edit it once more. I marked all over the pages with corrections, and was more than happy with the progress of my revisions. Based on the changes made, I was more than convinced the page count was going up from seventeen to at least to nineteen-twenty. Well I took away equal parts to what I added, and the page count stayed at seventeen. The word count is lower (by forty-six words). On top of that I was inspired to create the perfect title for this story. The title stays, at the very least.

While the current draft is a Word document, I compiled it from Scrivener. I do think having the software helped me shape the story better than I did in the past. I was able to separate each scene and evaluate them. I even have the option of deleting scenes. I have to admit, parts of this journey frustrated me, and I was wrapped up in getting it together. The pause between fist draft and revising is worth it. Not bad from a story I intially wrote with the Notes app on my iPhone. It remains one of my best stories.

When I went to bed, and tried to drift off, my mind was flooded with thoughts for the story. I typed them up on the Notes app, then immediately revised them. I emailed them to myself, and when I got up, I decided to add them to the story. The page count did go up today (eighteen pages). I also managed to correct some misspellings and grammatical/tense errors along the way this morning.  I’ll give it another full look-through later tonight. It needs to cool down.

The ultimate goal is to get this story to a literary magazine for publication. I’d love to see it be the start of my published writing career. I also made an inventory of several projects I have that need my attention. Once I’m done with this, I’d love to move directly onto one of those stories, and keep repeating this process of writing and rewriting. It beats feeling ugh, meh, or blah all day.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

It’s Not Really Work, Is It?

Last night, as I binged watched a couple of shows, I looked about my apartment, I was like, “I didn’t do much today.” That was incorrect. Writing and revising got done. I cooked, and I relaxed a little.  Sometimes as worked up as I can get about writing, it is hard work, but sometimes it doesn’t feel like chores. I do need to do more cleaning up, but that’s not the issue.

Got to watch some TV shows and enjoy them. Tried NBC’s new Dracula series. It has little to do with the book. More like a dramatic reinterpretation of the character who’s seeking vengeance. I’ll give it a few more episodes to win me over.  Right now I’m merely curious about the progress.

Got to see a little more of Marvel’s Agents of Shield. It’s slowly shaping up to something I may want to watch. I originally skipped the last two episodes, and now I’m all turned in. Also caught the latest Arrow episodes. I love watching this show. I binge watched the first season on Netflix, and saw the current eps. It’s been a fun show. Not disappointed so far.

Today will consist of more chores, such as writing. I have a few outlines to perfect, and the time to do them properly. Likewise another pass at a short story. I don’t even know what draft it is, but the goal is to catch errors, repetitions, and have a re-reading of the story aloud to see what I can see. That and ideas just poured into me on how to rewrite a scene for my fantasy short stories, and the other story could use some touch ups as well.

Happy creative endeavors to all.

The Imperfect Storm

Yesterday I attempted to revise one of my short stories (in part to reduce the page count). I discovered that changes to the draft lead to page expansions. I added more descriptions and actions as I removed several passages. To be fair to myself, I made the additions for clarity, and removed parts for their lack of clarity. Previously, this story contained twenty pages at first draft. I edited down it down to eighteen about a week ago. Yesterday I got it down to seventeen. Each occasion I removed paragraphs, corrected mistakes, and revised descriptions and dialog

The methods for the story are unconventional.  In this case, the name of the methods are, unreliable narrator (self-serving protagonist, and you won’t get the truth), and slice of life (think of it like a series of blog posts that describe a situation-where you don’t always get full conflicts and/or resolutions-just elements of the event).

In addition to the aforementioned methods, I included dark, psychological elements (personality disorders, paranoia, and violent fantasies).  Class and race issues came into play as well. Lastly, I used, a style often considered non-confrontational- where the protagonist has an epiphany about themselves, as opposed to a true conflict oriented resolution. Needless to say I don’t think it fully fits in one place, and expectations of readers got dashed for some who read a more conventional story with expected conflict-resolutions.

I need to take another pass at the story. Don’t get me wrong either. I think the themes are well in place, and  this short story is one of my best. As I typed and revised this post I tightened the epiphany. I hope it elevates the story where it needs to go.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

Keeping Creative

Today’s supposed to be my “late to sleep day,” but I woke up early and was more than convinced that it was already late. It only serves to point out that maybe I should have set the alarm clock. So disorientation ruled, along with some neck pain (took ibuprofen-pain’s gone). Now sipping on a hot, spicy ginger drink that is supposed to help with congestion.  Dunno if it’s doing that yet.

Also got Scrivener open and using it to write my latest short story. I had a thought, last night that this current story should be broken into two or three parts.  I say this because the first part of the story seems so divorced from the first par, and the second part goes into a different direction.  While they are companion pieces, I don’t think they should be the same story (unless this is a really a novella).

Originally I thought I was going to have to chop the sec ions I worked on out all together.  I do like what I wrote, but I was willing to make that cut. If I hadn’t decided that I still had a lot to tell with this story, I might have cut the whole thing out. Who knows, it could be finished, and still get scrapped. It sounds like that’s crazy, BUT what I’m trying to do is keep from making the story overly convoluted. So a series of events or interconnected story may work out well.

Happy creative endeavors.

P.S. I have a “Vampire” story I was supposed to post on my blog, but I haven’t worked on it yet.  No, the vampire doesn’t sparkle. He doesn’t even understand love.

P.SS. I realized, as I typed this that I have at least five fantasy short stories I have in various stages of writing, and over half of them must share the same universe, as they are close in tone.  The other is it’s own character.

The Fantasy Trips

For the past few days, my mind’s been on fantasy-based short stories.  Am all on more about unconventional storytelling techniques. So hear I am writing a story, and trying to connect the dots.  It’s supposed to be a short story, and I think it will be, however I don’t know where it ends yet. I kinda like that. Experimenting with using Scrivener to write this story, so I hope I have more milage to it.

Wrote another story on pen and paper that’s also fantasy. It needs a lot of work, but I like that I wrote it out. To that I have to admit writing it out felt good.  It’s just a first draft, and that’s gonna need some mad cleaning up and looking at scenes to see if they work. They may not, and need changing, but I’m a trust the process.

Also been having some chaos dominating my time, and the time others I know.  I’m praying for all of us to be free of the chaos and get some structure to our lives. In part I think It inspired me to keep writing, which works as structure for me. When I have free time I’m gonna write some more.  I can always use note cards and my notepad when the laptop’s not available.

Been working on the outlines for scripts for a TV show with a friend. I need to jump on top of those this weekend. I’d love to see those done.

Happy creative endeavors.