Games in Before the Storm

Hello, there’s a storm approaching, and as always the Carolinas is a little chaotic. I played some games, which calmed me down. It’s another MOBA called, Paragon by Epic Games. It’s more action oriented, and fast paced.

All you need to know is I’m supposed to keep my towers from being brought down by the enemy team and vice versa. My character, Zinx has a lot of sustain, and I tried to capitalize on that.  She however has no real escape.  So trade off, in my opinion.


Rain from the Heavens

Rain from the Heavens

Written by S. Raynard Haynes

Rain from the heavens washes
Down, down, down on me
Pitter patter of the shower
Hits all the buildings

The sky opens up,
The tall ones feel it first,
It’s one plop of a drop
When the small ones feel the cold

Rain, rain, rain
From the heavens
Down, down, down
Doesn’t hurt, doesn’t break the crown

Yet it feels so good to be inside
Where we can hide
Stay warm and dry
And keep the water from our eyes

The sky was a shade gray
No one cared,
We all played
Then the clouds went on a tear

First drop was wicked
The second was cruel
The third insisted on friends,
And it was off to our rooms.

Thursday Goodness

Today is another rain-filled day.  Last night, the weather man said 100% chance of rain.  Overnight was a doozy of rain (slept through it), and woke up to a yard that overflows with water. At least the ditches are not filled with water, and it can drain off.

Writing has been a little spotty.  I did get my two page minimum from last post, and need to write a lot more.  On top that, I realized the two pages I wrote need to be in the third act.  Why? Well, the fourth act should be about the confrontation, and ultimate resolution.  Getting there should already be done.

Today I need to get some writing done soon today, and that should be no issue, provided I sit down and make myself work. Typically I like to start writing off with a blog post. So I feel like this is the start of something good.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

A Saturday Warm-Up

Today is a nice day. It’s a bit nippy, but it looks nice. The sun’s up, bright, and I needed to get out of bed. I was gonna sleep late, but like many people, I know when I’m awake, and won’t drift back to sleep. It’s time to get to work.

Yesterday, I did more job hunting, and filling out applications. For some reason, I like to do a strong search on Fridays. It does me good to put a focus on the project. I get relentless, and sometimes filling out forms is a bit rough. Other times, it flows like a breeze.

Today I need to use that focus on my writing. The other day, I took all the writings from my Notes app, and created a Word file for each of them. It’s almost time to get onto rewriting and formatting those puppies. Also put down some notes for other screenplays. I have some ideas I’d loved to put to work past the idea stage and have pages of screenplay to follow up my imagination.

No films to speak about yesterday, but I did watch the latest episode of Legend of Korra. This show kinda owns me, and it is one compelling animated program. I’m invested in a lot of the characters. This is the final season, and there have been a mix of character moments, and some exciting, well-choreographed fighting scenes. Kuvira has to be one of the top villains in the entire series. Her move yesterday escalated things.

Like I said, I’m all caught up in there. Will have to do a full essays on the show and characters soon. It’s good to have some focus.

Happy creative endeavors.