Friday is Cool

Howdy. Today is a cool day, so far the Carolina humidity isn’t overpowering (Carolina cologne), and its bright without radiating death beams. The last days of summer are always so soothing.

Did some, but not a lot of writing. One particular background of a character is still in my head. He needs to be in a file or paper. When the words are on paper, they seem to be clearer. Stronger.

Happy creative endeavors.


Saturday with Less Hurricane Florence

Hello, hope all is well with everyone. There’s less rain and wind expected from where I am, and I won’t complain about it.  Hurricanes are destructive, chaotic, and often leave me n a state of anxiety, I’d rather not dwell in for too long.

Needless to say, I found myself washed with negative thoughts and feelings.  To help rid myself of them, I got into my creative projects.

I met out my writing challenge from yesterday, so today was about writing down the direction the for the characters and the series. It didn’t feel daunting or intimidating, which is good. So yaaay for good feelings, and I pray that they stay with me. If not more writing is my day.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

Pre-Hurricane Post

Ok, the hurricane touched down on NC. I’m in SC. Last I checked, the path is projected to visit SC. Where I am can expect some tropical storm weather. That’s unsettling. Wind and rain can be a relentless mess.

Woke up to a set of ideas I finally wrote down before I wrote this post. Last night, I wrote a few down before going to bed, so I guess I got my writing mojo going.

I can say I now have a lot of offbeat, goofy ideas to let cool down. I will push myself to write ten more ideas–good or needing work to call this day a success.

Wish me luck.

Happy creative endeavors.

Petite Post XIII Hurricane to the Carolinas

I am writing, and there’s a hurricane heading mainly to NC, but SC (where I’m at) is gonna get some of the effects. That’s never good, but we get at least one hurricane per year it seems.

Wrote more thoughts and plot points down for this sci-fi series. This story has taken over my creativity. It isnt a bad thing. I simply wasnt expecting it to be so pervasive. Happy to have pen and paper on hand to keep writing stuff down. Up to bed time I scribbled my.last note. Thankfully its legible.

Slowly I’ve been writing down character backgrounds. I guess this is the initial discovery phase. Also I am positive research will inspire more changes.

Happy creative endeavors.

Happy Sunday, Y’all

Hope everyone is still writing, and getting things done. Its Sunday, humid outside, and the threat of a hurricane arriving to the Carolinas sometime this week.

Today I wrote more on a story I started Friday. I wanted to write more of the main character’s background. So bits and pieces flow onto paper. The story slowly takes a stronger shape.

Thank God I’m keeping up with writing. It makes me feel good. It’s nice not to write about feeling blah.

Happy creative endeavors.

Games in Before the Storm

Hello, there’s a storm approaching, and as always the Carolinas is a little chaotic. I played some games, which calmed me down. It’s another MOBA called, Paragon by Epic Games. It’s more action oriented, and fast paced.

All you need to know is I’m supposed to keep my towers from being brought down by the enemy team and vice versa. My character, Zinx has a lot of sustain, and I tried to capitalize on that.  She however has no real escape.  So trade off, in my opinion.

Rain from the Heavens

Rain from the Heavens

Written by S. Raynard Haynes

Rain from the heavens washes
Down, down, down on me
Pitter patter of the shower
Hits all the buildings

The sky opens up,
The tall ones feel it first,
It’s one plop of a drop
When the small ones feel the cold

Rain, rain, rain
From the heavens
Down, down, down
Doesn’t hurt, doesn’t break the crown

Yet it feels so good to be inside
Where we can hide
Stay warm and dry
And keep the water from our eyes

The sky was a shade gray
No one cared,
We all played
Then the clouds went on a tear

First drop was wicked
The second was cruel
The third insisted on friends,
And it was off to our rooms.