A Tuesday, or Get on Top of Things

Sinus drainage is a real thing, and my nose has been leaking for the better part of yesterday, and partly today.  Needless to say, I stayed around tissue paper, and kept blowing my nose.  It felt like a hot mess.  This reminds me now to take my allergy & sinus meds.  So, pause, take meds, sip water, and be merry. I will have to wait out the annoyances, and happy that the meds have an effect.

Writing also went dry. I am very distracted, and procrastination doesn’t help.  Never mind that this is the start of the 24 hr period for the library, and it’s getting busy. I do feel being pulled in multiple directions. Gotta take some time out to do what I love, or watch it fall by the wayside.  Can’t have that.

Maybe I need a latte, to get my spirts up. Hadn’t had one in a good while.  They perk me up.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


A Sunday

Yesterday was odd. I felt very mopey and non-creative.  I was very distracted, and it made me grouchy. I did some gaming, and I liked playing, but I wasn’t fully into it.  Needless to say, Saturday had a slumpy feel to it.  I did do something nice for someone else, topped off the gas for their vehicle, and that made me feel better.

For the record, I made an extra-cheesy baked mac and cheese casserole, and it was so good, but it will give you gas because if you’re like me, you can have a little cheese, but a lot will make you…breezy.  It happens. I accept the penalty. I won’t eat like this every day.

Today is a new day, and I feel like not doing much.  I have a lot of ideas in my head, and I need to implement them, even if it’s a once sentence at a time day. Who knew Thanksgiving weekend could be drier than an overcooked turkey.

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving. There are many things to be thankful for, such as living, having a job, or even another chance to be creative again.

Been slacking off, as the semester revs up to finals, and the library’s going to be open longer. This means I’ll be busier, and somewhat stressed out. Those days pile up to a point where I personally *don’t* want to do much but not be stressed, or frustrated. It happens, then the finals is over, and I go rest.

One thing that helps me de-stress is writing–even though it can frustrate the heck outta me, and I know, like I always do, is go back to writing. That said it’s time to think and do more writing. I’ll talk less about it until I have completed material to talk about. Did have some random ideas I wrote down, and I feel I’ve got a lot of unformed ideas.

Today I did some cooking, spent some time with fam, and now after eating, I just want to be mellow. Somehow I needed up thinking of my blog, and knew what needed to be done.

Happy creative endeavors.

Playing Overwatch Support Class

I played the support character Ana Amari in Overwatch. For those not in the know, Overwatch is a First Person Shooter (FPS) with some very colorful heroes to play.  As support class, I help the team in some capacity of buffs  (enhancements) or debuffs (takeaways) for enemies. In my case, I heal teammates with my gun and grenades, and block others from getting heals, put them to sleep, or take their health.  It’s hard to shoot–At least my aim can be terrible. I still enjoy being part of the team.

I find this a good way to “forget” whatever drama or chaos that was plaguing me for the moment, and focus on the game.  No, I have’t forgot writing.  I like not thinking about it for a while.

The Notes App Trap

For those in the know, I love my Notes app when it comes to writing in a pinch, or having ideas and not wanting to sit at a laptop. The bulk of a short story came from writing in Notes, and I loved it. I wrote out my best short story via Notes. I also wrote out parts of scripts and screenplays via Notes. 

What I had were chunks of material that perhaps needed trimming for the short story.  For the scripts I had a gang of stuff that I either used or tossed away. It’s kind of a mixed bag when it comes to Notes. I think on this as I wrote out a huge chunk for a scene, and I fear overwriting it. 

Sounds like a good time as any to stop, transfer to Word, format, and let it cool off. 

Oddly enough, for dialog, it works great as it typically lacks describe until I process it in Word. Maybe that’s what need to do: keep it simple. 

Happy creative endeavors 

That Moment You Say, “I’m Done,” and You Mean It

Yesterday I was 100% ready to put the novel on the back burner. This was necessary, as it seemed the momentum for completing it cooled down, and ideas weren’t coming. I knew that the moment I started other projects, and idea or two would come flooding back, and I’d be back in the novel saddle again. The back burner had to be real though. Sometimes saying I’m done just puts the project on life support. 

This morning I woke up to clarity for a scene, and got my Notes app and wrote it down.  I thought a few lines, and I’d add it to a master file. It’s all single spaced. Can’t tell how much it is yet, but up until I started writing this blog, I was still adding to it. I’m taking a break, but I wouldn’t mind revisiting this all throughout today to see where this goes. First draft ain’t supposed to be pretty, right? Decent, but never pretty. 

Let me also add a few days ago I confused myself by coming up with an alternate version of the story. It did get me excited, however, I think once I started with the novel, I needed to commit to what’s in front of me. I’m going to save that idea because I know I can use it later. I am happy for this breakthrough, and need to keep moving as it does. 

Happy creative endeavors. 

The Write Thing to Do

The week has had its upsets, highs and lows. Now it’s time to get to creativity. The novel stalled again, but I’m cool with that. I am positive after a while away from it, I’ll want to add more to the material provided I keep reminding myself to work on it, and visit it periodically. I will keep this ball rolling even if it takes me another year to complete.  I hope the time will be shorter, though.

I do have a collaborative project I hope to keep plugging away at. It’s slowly forming, and I’m communicating more with the team, so we should bounce all sorts of ideas off of each other and implement them in a timely fashion. At least that’s my goal.

Another thing I’ve done is look at some ideas stirring in my head, and put them onto paper. They seem to linger until I commit them to reality. I would like to see some kind of plot/ideas forming that will make these ides come to light. These ideas will likely be screenplays, as I haven’t done one in a while, and I really would like to see some completed screenplays in my portfolio.  This means digging up my completed worksheets and revising them so they look/feel more like plots to start a screenplay from.

I did look up my TV spec pilot, and I realize I left the files as a hot mess, and that’s all on me. That needs work to clean up, and revisions galore. I can tell you I have fresh eyes for this so I need to put notes on it when I find the right file. We won’t talk about a set of short stories I haven’t finished or left alone for a while and need to revise.

This only means I need to open a journal for my work and keep with it.  I need tangible progress.

As always, happy creative endeavors.