Saturday Night

Wrote a post, and it was promptly eaten by gremlins after I pressed post. Oh well. Stuff happens, then we try again. I was hoping to have at least a draft, but nope. It doesn’t matter, time to write something new.

Did some background writing on characters, and I’ve been thinking of the script overall. I feel I’m possibly having too much in one episode. Perhaps I should make this two episodes. This means at the very least, rewriting the outline, which wouldn’t be so bad.

In a way this alleviates my annoyance with the fact that I didn’t the original second episode I wrote.I’m sure I can find parts of it reused for other stories/episodes, but no need to think too deep.

Well, will keep working on things, and not thinking too long on things. Write, write, write.

As always, happy creative endeavors.



Happy Thanksgiving

For those who do celebrate the holiday, Happy Thanksgiving.  For those who do not, have a great day. This isa good a day as any to reflect on the things we have in our lives, and for those who are gone.

It’s been a while since I posted. My writing was reduced to more writing via Note, and has yet to be formatted, and corrected. I need to do some writing.

Been back into research, as this is a fantasy story, and I was doing crucial things like trying to figure out what style of magic my protagonists and friends use. Also trying to figure out how the non-magic people fight and defend themselves, or not.

My greatest though at the moment is, how dark is the magic the hero uses, or is it more destructive, benevolent, or benign. This comes from playing various RPGs and knowing some magic buffs (enhances) allies and de-buffs (weakens enemies). It can protect or  heals people, or outright obliterate foes with various types of damages.

So I guess the question is what’s the consequence of using a type magic, is it interesting, and will the audience follow? I do want it to work with the character’s persona.  All background material that comes to the surface soon.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

Thursday Goodness

Today is another rain-filled day.  Last night, the weather man said 100% chance of rain.  Overnight was a doozy of rain (slept through it), and woke up to a yard that overflows with water. At least the ditches are not filled with water, and it can drain off.

Writing has been a little spotty.  I did get my two page minimum from last post, and need to write a lot more.  On top that, I realized the two pages I wrote need to be in the third act.  Why? Well, the fourth act should be about the confrontation, and ultimate resolution.  Getting there should already be done.

Today I need to get some writing done soon today, and that should be no issue, provided I sit down and make myself work. Typically I like to start writing off with a blog post. So I feel like this is the start of something good.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

Two Page Minimum

Today is a lot colder than the previous days. Woke up to a chill. May need to get the heavier blankets out of the close, and onto my bed. It’s all good if it keeps me warm when I need to be.

Today, I owe myself at least two pages of script. I sincerely would like to see act four get the rewrite it deserves. A while ago I was dissatisfied with the outcome of what I wrote, knew I would change it, had no clue as to how, but today is try to get two pages in the right direction.

While I say two pages in the minimum, the main (A) story is seven pages, and the secondary story of four pages, needs a rewrite as well. The final story, the C story, actually fits pretty well, so not much needs to change with that, other than double checking grammar and format issues.

The final part of the act four is the tag (wrap-up, cliff-hanger, etc.) is two pages, and I’m sure I’ll adjust those pages to reflect the actual changes I did make. So thirteen pages stand in the away of this speculative pilot at least having the revisions to at least make it feel whole, and reflective of what the series is about.

I think I need to boost my minimum set.  We shall see. I’m down for an adventure in writing today.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

Sweet Dreams

Last night went to bed with stories in my head that beg to be written.  It’s always the wrong darn time, as I was more than snug. I was frigging sleepy.

Fortunately my mind wasn’t willing to give it up. It’s a contemporary/urban fantasy, and since the ideas are still with me, I’m going to work on them.

Let me add the additional ideas come from a concept I wrote out last week. Thenthebidea chilled out in my files.  I had a smattering of direction, but nothing.  At the very least I’d like to see an outline for this soon. I have the main characters and the perfect antagonists for this story.  It needs work, and this is what I do.

Other than that, I’m gonna take care of some errands and keep busy while the fire’s hot.

Words Were Written

It’s nice that I can get some words down for a story. The real heart of my struggle was I was looking for the right theme to use for this story.  It’s a straightforward A, B, C story, and each letter/story needed to be thematically linked. 

Let me also add writing in a vacuum can be a bit tough. Plowing through the drama isn’t necessarily fun. I was, and still feel frustrated, stilted, and determined to resolve this script’s thematic issues.  

When I wrote the script, I had a theme of “bruised egos,”but as I wrote more, it didn’t fit as well. So I’ve been exploring themes, and revisiting the outline. This had me rewriting and trying out different themes.  

It wasn’t until late night did I find the better theme to develop the stories. So I did write, but found a stronger direction with the hopes of completing what I started. 

For the record, the theme is “upsets,” as in being handed them.  This is a theme I knew all too well, so adding it fit well in each storyline. So now more words must be written.  

Happy creative endeavors. 

One Word at a Time

Today is one of those days where I don’t feel creative, and on my second cup of coffee. I’m a hot mess today.  That doesn’t mean things can’t get done. When I’m writing, and resolving problems in stories, it feels good. Kinda silky, even sexy in a way.  

When I don’t write, I get aimless. Stuck in my head, and not much gets done. Also basic TV programming is truly bad. Bad for the brain. Bad quality of shows, and notorious and relentlessly boring.  Not all of it, but it’s an emptiness that only intensifies the bleakness that can come over my day.  

So today, it’s a one word at a time day. If I do anything, it’s going to be a slow writing day, but there will be some writing that gets done. Pen and paper, Notes app, Word document. A blog post is always a good start. 

As always, happy creative endeavors.