Thesis Fridays: It’s Almost Here

I’ll be working on more of my thesis paper tomorrow.  The goal is to get two more fully cited pages, which will add to my seven and one half pages.  It will bring me closer to ten, and I need to add my handwritten notes as well as review a few other items I put aside for my thesis. That will give me the  ten I need for this week, because I want to repeat the process for the next week.

I do need to complete what I feel is a fully cited contextualization of the comedy genre.  I also need to have solid definitions of satire and romance since these sub-genres overlap in the films I’m discussing, as well as horror.   Yes I’m running a gamut here, but if the thesis were easy I may not want to do it at all.

Even more so I need to crack open a few more books and get more sources on the pages.  I’m in strict need of making this process a lot more productive than last week.  If I can get four fully cited pages tomorrow I feel I’ve achieved more positive than simply passing by.  Thesis is tricky.  I’m looking at clarifying what I need to make this pop.  At the moment my paper feels fragmented without shape, and definitely unpresentable. I suppose that is the nature of a rough draft though.


Simply Six Pages of Thesis

A friend and I decided to use Friday to work on our thesis projects.  He’s a Sequential Art major, and  as most know, I am Cinema Studies. I need to refine my own artistic skills, however, that for another time.  It’s all about getting work on my thesis.  As I said in a previous post, I’ve changed my topic.  At least to something that I feel I can get a lot more pleasure from writing. I have to say, Dr. Cox-Stanton was correct when she guessed my true thesis topic back in methodologies class.

Back to my thesis adventure. I knew I had to be on campus for other reasons, so my friend and I met up then went to a computer lab to work it out.  I got two pages done, with full citiation.  It was a slow progress, but I was happy that I worked on it.  At this point I’m simply focusing on defining the genre of comedy and its history.  It doesn’t sound so interesting at first, but it is one of the oldest genres in cinema history.  It’s been through transformations, and often reflects/represents aspects of culture.  There are some serious lacking in mainstream films with representation, and that means I find some flaws to discuss.

Yesterday was only two pages of work, however I already wrote three pages, and began working more on it today so I’m now at page six.  it’s rough and ugly, but I wasn’t going for pretty at first. The polish doesn’t come till later.  I gotta get it all down.

I’ve got a lot to work to do.  My plate is full and I’m very content with this challenge. Excuse me while I devour this victory daiquiri.

Leave Nothing To Chance

It happens anytime I begin writing. It’s been a trying few weeks where I feel that I don’t know how to sort out the shit that’s around me.This does not mean things won’t get sorted. It doesn’t mean that I have to stop writing. Keeping a writing journal that I’m filling. I may not be feeling my craft at 100% but I’m not giving up.

I’ve been looking at attempting to improve my screenwriting skills so I’m dedicating a few pages in my journal to the “about” portions of my screenplays. About means asking myself, “what is this story about?” I jotted down a sentence or two on what the story’s about. I’m gonna keep this up for a few days so I can see how I’m describing what I’m writing.

One of the reasons for this is in the past people asked me the about question, and I went into plot details. They told me right away that I’m talking plot. There is an underline action that you story’s about and I need to define it. For me this means taking from real life, listening and learning form all sources surrounding me.

My Adventures in Research Papers

It’s been an week of mixed adventures and I promised myself that i would work on a new topic.  I’ve been working on the thesis, but then I found myself feeling the topic was dry (which its not), but I’m bored as hell.  Is it time to readdress the thesis?  Been working on another paper to get the creative juices flowing. This paper feels like more fun than the thesis.  By fun, I mean I’m more interested in completing it.  Should I switch my thesis topic?  I do have the time.  If I can get ten pages done soon, then I’ll know for sure.

Contributing Rocks!

I wrote this post about Pan’s Labyrinth for Tastes Like Comics, and I’m very proud of it.  I want to share it here, but feel a repost would be a little too much.  Visit TLC. While the theme of our get together is comics, its so much more.  I love the articles my friends wrote.  We in turn love the work we do.  Labors of love can be a worthwhile treasure.