Monday Goodness

I got my revisions done for my cast list, and added a few pages to the story bible. My outline revisions haven’t been typed, so this week I shall get the typing done. I still have more to do with the bible, so I shall keep writing. I’ll cut into my loafing (gaming) time to do at least one act per night. At the very least, if I review my hand written notes and get them into shape, typing up should be a little smoother.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


Quick Post

A brother is slipping, as I usually have a post done in the morning. Spent this morning writing for this story bible, making my bed, and getting ready for work. I feel happy when I write, so this was a positive boost to my morning. It is word at a time event, but each word gives me a step towards greatness.

Please note, I understand the story could face rejection multiple times as far as production goes. I, however, feel great putting the effort forward to giving my passions a shot. That’s always good start.

Happy creative endeavors.


There was no Saturday post, thus breaking my 52 day streak. It makes me a little sad, but I am here now! Some days are going to be like that, but I like that I kept up with my blog. A day or two missing isnt the end of blogging, or writing. That said, I love the consistency of writing and posting.

Research has been going well. I’ve also been putting down note for the outline. I will forego a phase 2 of research, in favor of revising my outline (getting the revisions typed), and then revising/cleaning the entire story bible. While I’m at it, I need to update my cast list to reflect several changes the outline brought out.

Work, work work, and never give up. We all slip, but getting back in the flow of things is rewarding.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


The end of the week is upon us, and I need to do a little more writing. For the record, research has been fun, but I feel the need to jot story elements down while I keep up researching. I may need simply write down future plot emelents to satisfy my desire to stay creative. I have yet to find the “voices” for my characters. I may spend the weekend finding and hearing their voices.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

Here We Are Again

Last night, the beast of procrastination and sleep hit me before I could type out act 4 of my outline. I hand wrote it out, and was ready to go to bed with the hope of catching it today. Well. That would not do.

Turned on the laptop, put on some music, and typed out act 4. Then I went on to type act 5. So the first round of this outline is done.

I learned some things too; my secondary (B) story was shorter than expected. It’s now the C story. The original C story needed expanding, so I switched those. Also some new characters showed up for the first time.

Also more details are needed, but I expected that. The primary goal was to get the ideas out of my head onto paper. I also noticed I started off timid. Then as I wrote more, the sentences were longer.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

Not As Late As Yesterday

Well, I’m cooking, and therefore distracted. On top of that, I have a new idea not related to the current project I need to write down. Today is the deadline for me to complete the cast list for the current project. This means a seperate file. I already need to change the name of one character. No matter. After cooking is done (burgers), I’m going to do it.

Happy creative endeavors.

Well, Darn It

I forgot to do my blog post this morning. Normally I’m on top of this, but today I’m a hot mess. Surprisingly, I wrote a little, earlier, so I make progress, but failed a little at blogging.

Also was looking at the consequence and/or stakes for my story. I read it out loud is was overly simple. So back to that drawing board. An old series’ premise/consequence came to me while crossing the street, but that was no place to pull out pen and paper. Gotta go write that down now.

Happy creative endeavors.