Lazy Friday

Was ready to not do anything this morning. I have a host of boring ass reasons not to do anything, and yet here I am writing a blog post. I will say this, it’s a one word at a time day. I am.gonna get things done today, and I’m starting now.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


One Word At Time

Yesterday I decided to focus on writing better loglines. This means my words need to be clear and concise. The desire to inform people of the story details always seem to get in my way. Needless to say, I have confusing, conflicting fails written down.

All I had to do, for this exercise, is write down a simple, generic description of the main character. For exanple; a tailor, a businessman, an art model, team captain, etc.

My next goal will be to find traits I will ascribe to him/her. For example; novice tailor, incompetant businessman, and shy art model.

If I continue in the W.A.M.O model; (When [inciting incident], A [main character] Must [objective], Or else [stakes]), I can build the logline without overloading details.

Practice makes perfect.

Happy creative endeavors.

Hello Thursday

Sipping coffee, and trying to wake up. Not much to say other than I want a blog post to kick my writing off today.

Yesterday, my muse showed up, dumped a few ideas on me, and I jotted them down. Also came to the thought of fully embracing a genre and following through (is my horror story scary). A contrast to that is can I commit to a story (is this crime story follow the crimes/action).

Mainly I’m concerned with the commitment and follow-through for my ideas and stories. Gotta one word at a time.

Happy creative endeavors.


Hello World.

Was trying to wake myself, as I get ready for my day. Writing was slow, but that was expected. Felt drained by the end of the day. Not what I planned, but it was my day.

Wrote out an ambitious.list for my 2019 writing goals. May share it soon. Also had some questions for myself to find an answer for regarding writing and following my passions. May share those as well.

Currently my goal is to keep moving forward. It’s still a one word at a time day, so I have to work qith what I got.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


Hello world. Being a slacker this morning, and I need to get to writing. Well, let’s start with a blog post. At the moment, it’s a one word at a time day. Hopefully, that will improve over the course of the day. If not, start small, and keep it moving. So long as I keep it moving.

Happy creative endeavors.

Brief, Late, Petite Post

I am late again. Too close to midnight. Hadn’t stopped writing. It was a pen to paper affair. Wrote out ideas and premise for a drama. Partly curious if I took a satirical tone to the material. In fact, I was curious about a satirical lense for several of my ideas. Consider it an exercise that helps me expand ideas.

Happy creative endeavors.

Short Post

Had a random idea arrive that needed a logline, so worked on it. It was born after me reading articles about parody and satire. I need to read more in the genre.

Testing it on peeps to see if I am clear enough, or too darn vague. I eagerly await their responses. If the latter, I will put more work into it. Otherwise, I still gotta write.

Happy creative endeavors.