A Wednesday

Today calls for light rain, and that’s fine. I did the writing I said I was going to do in yesterday’s post. It was not what I expected.  For clarity, I said I was going to write some poems from the main character’s (and allies) perspective to help me see who they are in this novel.

Writing a poem from the protagonist’s perspective proved to be tricky and broken. Broken because I kept getting distracted repeatedly. I did get a point of view, and I hope to have time to work on this more.  As a main character I know he’s going through phases, and I need to address the final phase as a hero, which he may, or may not understand and want.  I need to “hear” what he’s saying.

The allies have proved to be easier. I wrote something already on one of them, and decided that it was the right way to go with that character.  That character is a trickster archetype, so my notes reflect exactly what I want to say. I still need to write a poem from his POV because I feel it will help me ease into his thoughts better.

The third character is tricky because in my notes I knew what I wanted and who I said she was, and the fact that she shifts a lot in her her persona and actions (her archetype is shape shifter). I suppose this is more like a duality, but I understand where her conflict lies.

Another ally to work on, for the moment, is also a bit of a shapeshifter archetype, since he has opposing viewpoints, but isn’t evil. He’s more of a reluctant ally, and while I can hear his voice, I can’t nail down his point of view yet.  I do think if I look back at what I wrote for him (for the novel), I’ll hear his voice better.

Happy creative endeavors.



World Building

I’m working on more notes for the novel, and what I’m learning about world building is that it is not as simple as I initially believed, thought, or invested time in. There are points where I questioned character’s motives, what key icons are constantly seen the world.

There was a point where I saw the antagonist and asked in my notebook, what does he do for a living. How does he get things together, and what motivates him when he gets up. None of this has made the character sympathetic to me–he’s not supposed to by, but I was worried I’d go too far.

On top of this, I asked myself what is this story about. NOTE: Not the plot, but the story’s about.  I came up with a few ideas, but they should be simple. For example; this novel is about challenging the status quo, or, this novel is about embracing your fear for fun and profit. So I need to work on what I believe the novel is about without telling people the plot.

That said, all I can do is keep inching towards greatness. Those last three words could easily be what my story’s about. Happy creative accidents are good accidents.

Happy creative endeavors.


I haven’t been blogging, but that didn’t mean I wasn’t writing. I have a notebook that’s been getting some mad love these days, and I’ve been happy with the results. I also left the notebook in plain site when I was slacking off, and reminded myself to jot down ideas when I wasn’t preoccupied.  While I’ve been putting down concepts and ideas I have, I also put notes down for the novel.

By notes I have ideas and questions I think need addressing as well as passages, names, and ideas about what happens when. I do believe I have to rewrite the outline and concept for the novel soon, to reflect the changes I’ve made, which isn’t as scary as I make it out to be. Yes, I’m nervous and excited over the prospects, however, that’s part of writing for me.

I also found myself looking at my main characters’ names, and taking time to find good last names for them.  It was a challenge because I said the names aloud to see if they had a flow to my ears.  Once they passed the flow test they were good. That took more time than I realized.  Of course, some other characters came up, and there names just popped up and rolled off the tongue. I laughed, then wondered if they get last names. They aren’t the MCs, so I’m not worried yet.

Research also falls into place as I have to look up a few things to get a better understanding of them before they will be written about.  This is when it never dawned on me that I’ve become far more involved into the novel, and the material has evolved to an extent. I’m not 100% sure what I have on my hands, but I love that there is progress, even if it is in smaller increments than I intentionally anticipated.

Happy creative endeavors.


I am a mess, my allergies are working overtime, and I failed to be consistent with my allergy meds. This is catching up to me now, as I’ve gone from sniffles to having drainage, and it is yucky in feeling and description. The meds gotta take its course and work.

I did write over the weekend, but it was minimal, and I believe I left my notebook home.  Either way I failed to check my book bag to see if I have it or not. I have a spare notebook, but I liked the one I got comfy with.

I did place a lot of thought in what my MC should be doing in the novel. I kept going back to this, because I wrote down a couple of ideas  of what’s personal for him. Without giving away any spoilers I wondered if his hang-up is that he doesn’t take much seriously, and not faces a bigger than life consequence he can’t ignore, but doesn’t know how in the slightest on how to address the issue.

Alternatively, I wondered if he was someone whom other people wanted to tech a less to because he was a bit of a scoundrel with little care in the world for anything but his art. What if people stole his art, or he couldn’t paint anymore? So many ideas, BUT I ant to keep working at this because it’s something personal that interrupts his life, and he won’t be able to be happy to he finds a solution, makes a real choice, and confronts/deals this choice and consequence.

I still need to contemplate it all–needs more time for me to resolve what I want/need for the story.

Happy creative endeavors.

Wednesday Progress

Sometimes it truly is a one word at a time, AND a one day at a time moment when it comes to writing. Broke open my print journal and started writing. It was mainly to keep me doing something creative and constructive as far as writing goes.  Only a tad bit of creative fiction came from this session, however, I was happy for the start.

So, this effort needs to be duplicated today.  Also some more random musings, that I couldn’t write down because I was busy, however I liked the idea, and its stuck with me. This was like earlier in the day where I did get the time to write down a descriptive–and that was a great moment.  Now I have newer random ideas I owe to myself to sit down and write or type.

Budget has gone to heck. Sometimes family–for better or worse interferes with my good intentions, then CONSTANTLY works my nerves over my budget. When I say I’m low, and I want to save, that’s EXACTLY what I mean.  When I go over, I’m in the hole.  I need to get out. Why after verbalizing this, do people come at me for SPENDING more money for their needs?

When peeps don’t have time to hear things nicely, then the time for being the bigger person is over. It’s time for some rudeness. It seems  the less than diplomatic words get the job done. Ugh. Just Ugh. LOL

I like being nice, and less grouchy, but sometimes I gotta show people the wolf is real.

Happy creative endeavors.

P.S. Not blowing my budget.

Tuesday’s Lag

It rained all night, and is still raining. Fortunately in the city, the rain has calmed down. Now there are puddles everywhere, and some drivers don’t seem to care if they splash pedestrians. There is no defense against this attack.  Inconsideration really has consequences.

I failed to set my alarm, and only remembered AFTER I awoke, saw light outside, and remembered it wasn’t going to go off. So I woke with a lag, and a non-desire to get ready. This meant not being refreshed and dressed properly. This also means I failed to make my lunch today. Now I have to go buy a meal, but I was prepared for such a thing.

No creativity other than some musings in my head this morning that I SHOULD put on paper. A few descriptions that I like which hasn’t left me…yet. I should get on top of that before the ideas fade. Also , if I can’t come up with new material (so far) I need to type out the ones I placed in my journal that need attention.

Happy creative endeavors.


Theme and Me

I was supposed to write this sooner, but I lost ground, and now that I’ve been sipping on a latte, I seem to know where the bread is buttered. I was wandering aloud what my story is about and what my theme is for the novel. Ages ago, in grad school, my screenwriting professor drilled into us, “writing is rewritng,” but he also stressed that theme is important.

A good friend pointed out that when anyone (namely me) tells another person “what my story is about,” that I’m not supposed to give people point by point plot details, but rather tell you about the overall theme. This lets you know what I’m exploring.  It always sounds uncomplicated until I dwell on it. Today, however is the day I discuss what my novel’s about, and no, you don’t get a point by point rehash.

I wrote in my journal the story is about “perseverance through adversity,” which is only a part of the story/novel. Typically in a screenplay this would only be your act one, as a full statement for theme goes further than what I put down.  My act two would be a a verb, for example, “leads to.”

And the final part of sentence is the third act, which I hadn’t figured out yet. My professor was right, that one would struggle to resolve this if they didn’t figure it out yet. So I need to address the final part to see if it matches with what I figured out to be the right thing. Mind you, I outlined the story, and see the ending in sight, I just didn’t think of the theme, and definitively write it out.

Happy creative endeavors.