Thresholds II

Also tragic story doesn’t have to end with the hero’s life, right?  What if the hero lost something of great value to them; wealth, family, reputation, happiness, sanity, health.

This loss would have a great impact on who they are: The athlete who could no longer compete due to health issues. The philanthropist who loved using his money to help others fulfill their dreams. The once proud writer accused of plagiarism who can’t get a call back.

Villains, in a lot of stories can be tragic heroes, and it gives them enough of a sympathy that their fall is both interesting, and memorable. Why aren’t the heroes this way?

Ultimately, for me, the writer, a hero has to at least be brought to the edges of defeat, or at least close enough to know and feel the the weight of the stakes involved in the wins or loss. It’s rather scary to me.


Thresholds I

Today’s writing question: Would you dare write your characters as tragic heroes? I ask this as it bothers me to think of my heroes in such a bad way, knowing their actions will lead to their own undoing. This is coming from someone who loves to put his heroes through a lot of paces, BUT none of it has lead to them to their deaths.

By contrast I love strength through adversity, which is why my heroes take a beating and keep on moving towards their greatness.   

I ask this question because it forces me to think about turning ALL the screws to heroes who are possibly paying the ultimate price for their actions, and it’s not necessarily a noble sacrifice. Needless to say, I would be plotting and chronicling some serious emotional and physical pain that may or may not be fun, yet compelling journeys. 

That said, what if I had tragic elements that threatened their worlds, but didn’t completely end the characters? It wouldn’t be a true tragic story, but the characters would come real close to danger, and/or death. They’d be fundamentally changed, or at least shook to their core over what could have happened to them.


Ice and Snow II

Yes, we still have ice and snow on the ground, and its cold outside. It ain’t pretty. i don’t want to go outside. I really don’t. I decided to get to writing. It meant bring up the laptop and starting a blog post.

Haven’t played music in a while so that will hopefully get me in a more creative mood.  For once, I decided to turn the console off  in favor of relaxing, and putting some ideas down.

Random thoughts and ideas come and go, so I need them on paper. or file. Also I need to get some research done while I wait.

BTW I don’t even know what type of music to play; classical, old school R&B, Prince, soundtracks, or J-Pop.  Something to elevate my mind and help me escape without being a game.  Let’s start with old school R&B and go from there.

It Snowed in North Charleston, SC

So we had snow for most of yesterday. Even late at night where it’s mostly dark, you could see outside, and that is also a rarity. That said, I’ve been inside, relaxing, and trying not to do much. Travel was next to impossible, unless you were bold as all get out, and I admit I am not a bold driver. 

The snow is still here, and it looks amazing. 

Writing wise I’ve gone deep into research I’ve been taking online writing classes for TV writing, writing drama, comedy writing, and will add a few more after I get myself together.  The comedy class currently is the odd man, as I have no intent of doing stand up, however it’s a different way of looking at creativity, and takes me out of my comfort zone. 

Creative endeavors, for me, has always been a learning process, so I’m going to learn something new.  
That said, I made some off handed jokes about some films, and someone pointed out that this should be the focus of the screenplays I want to work on. Why? In part they come from a satirical place I oftent dismiss in favor of what I think people want.  Jokes sometimes contain kernels of quality that I overlook, so my friend may be onto something.  

Anyways I gotta go jot things down while they’re freshly present.  

Happy creative endeavors.  

Awkward Family Moments Part 2

They still staring at you like you’re going to produce more food outta your pocket, which they will gladly eat because they want something fresh, not the stale shit that has yet to be cooked, or opened because, why bother with making a meal, right?

So fam is still pissed that I didn’t think of them during my lunch break, buy their meals during that time, go back to work– find a place to store it–that no one will touch it–cause work fam are food thieves–and reclaim it after my shift’s done.

Never mind fam-fam could go and get themselves some food at any time before they see me. More importantly, when they do get food, they make sure I know it’s only just for one person, even when I don’t ask them about it.

There has to be that one fam member so intent on knowing what you had to eat, they rip open your bag, and open the container  to inspect the food for themselves.  And if you walked away, you can best believe a portion was scooped out, regardless of whether you ate off of the meal or not.

By the way, don’t let the meal contain poultry, seafood (shrimp), or beef. Hell, even a salad with the right toppings is in danger of being portioned out.

\Sometimes your meal will be shared with everyone but you, because, “you already had some.”

If I ever hear, “boy, you ate all the bacon off this cobb salad,” ever again it’ll be too soon.

This his how I make a game off this mess. I order the salads with sometimes no toppings. Just iceberg lettuce with olive oil, and salt and pepper.  Eat that, fam.    BBQ wings? I lick the sauce off each piece that goes home.

Yes, it gets a bit freaky in the break room, but that’s between me and HR now. Apparently harassing wings is a thing now, as well as wing sensitivity training.

Awkward Family Moments Part 1

You ever had that awkward moment like I do when when fam sees you bring your lunch home from work? It’s like a set of cats when they hear the bag rustle. Peeps spring to life, arrive in the  kitchen, and look at what and where you set something down, besides the damn keys.  

Then they see that single sad bag with a container of mystery contents.  “Why didn’t you bring home some food for me too?”

Then there’s an even more awkward moment when I respond with, “I’m not Dominoes. I don’t deliver.”  They pause, and hunch their shoulders, like they didn’t know you weren’t a delivery man.

“There is food in the house.” I know this because I brought it.”




The holidays presented me with some time off, and I’ve slacked off quite a bit. When not slacking off, I am doing some research via online classes in writing/creativity. I have a LOT of material to get through, and I love learning, so this is a plus for me. This learning comes with assignments, so I have even more work to do. 

Assignments aren’t bad, it’s a matter of me getting them done. Some of the classes have goals like writing/developing a manefesto on creating comedy content. I am greatly intimidated, and the same time intrigued.  

On a side note I made a huge mistake by having an idea, and not writing it down, or typing it out. I had forgotten the idea, only to remember it at a random moment. I am gonna type it in my Notes app. This is why, in part I like to write blog posts. It at least gets me writing. 

That said, I’m off to jot things down, and back to my lessons. 

Happy creative endeavors.