Tripping: Not Really

Well, it’s a hectic morning with me trying to multitask and get things done. I have a few things to get handled. Woke up earlier than planned and decided to scribble down some ideas and lines for short stories.  It only pushed a few stories forward a little, but I prefer some progress to none at all. Began working on yet another essay, so I hope to have them ready sometime soon.  If not I’ll keep writing and adding essays to the list. They will get published, as they are worth sharing.  I didn’t anticipate my dedication to them, and wanting to say more.

Happy creative endeavors.


This is how I know 2013 is off to a great start. I got bored, and started writing a short story.  I needed to preoccupy myself as the network went down, and I was left sitting there.  I was in front of a computer, and Word worked on it. Of course, before I went to work, I thought of this line, and quickly jotted it into my Notes app as my car warmed up. I expected to take address this sometime later, but the opportunity presented itself. I wrote out six pages. Mind you, I know it’s going to need some editing/revising, and I already made some mental notes, as the story’s not done yet. I didn’t want to get stuck on page two. Well now that I’m up and about, it’s time to work on some more creative things, and relax a bit.  If I get bored, I know what to do.

Happy creative endeavors.

P.S. I still have those essays to work on.

Errands and Spending

Today was about getting up early, getting a haircut, some gas for the ride, and picking up some breakfast meat (bacon). About to get some clothes ready for work, and then cook me some food. Need to drink some more water, and I want to have a cup of coffee.  So many things to do, and so little time to get it done.  As for writing, I wrote out a couple of essays, but want to let them cool off so I can revise them.  One of them really spoke to me, but I feel it’s too raw, or I’m to close to the thoughts.

The Printer Crisis

Last week I thought my printer died when it produced a document that was gray and unreadable.  At first I thought this wasn’t an issue.  I’d activate the maintenance software and simply to a check. Imagine my disappointment when I clicked the icon and a message of “this software isn’t supported by the OS” (I’m paraphrasing as I forgot the exact words). It’s one of the many things I was gonna have to add to my long expense list to get to. This one really hurt me. My printer is an old one, but it still works, full of ink (BTW ink costs never seem to go down, do they?)

Walking away from this machine turned out to be a good thing.  As I got onto other things , it dawned on me, “why not see if the company has an upgrade.” Of course I checked, and the site referred me to the Apple website. Then the Apple site said to check for upgrades, which is how I got in trouble in the first place by upgrading my software. Needless to say there are no current upgrades. Was ready to give up and start saving for a printer and scanner.

Then I thought to check the system preferences. It appears instead of accessing the Epson software directly, I now have to go into the pref and make commands from the printer/scanner feature. There I managed to not only clean the heads for the ink, but make sure the alignment was correct, and suddenly I can read the stuff I tried to print. Not bad, if something sort of a chase, and a tease. This little adventure reminds me to go off and think of more solutions to problems.

I guess this means my printer crisis was not a crisis at all.

Happy creative endeavors.

Weekend is for Restoration

My allergies went into a mad attack mode, and beat on me relentlessly. The past week’s been quite miserable, and that has made all actions besides laying down sucky.  Fortunately I got me some Allegra D and that’s been a tremendous relief. All I can say is before the Allegra D, I was stuff, then runny, then stuffy again, and all yucky.  Yesterday consisted with me getting a much needed nap and waking up feeling better.

Did some writing in spite of this woe, a new short story.  I needed something I didn’t have to over think, and could write till I needed to stop. I kept writing, and in my head I know a scene has to go, but writing it out made me feel better. We’ll see where this go. I’d love to get back to the stuff I was working on, but recovery first.  I do know the sign that I’m on the mend is my desire to play video games. I’m looking at you Final Fantasy XIII. Mainly cause I always wanted to finish this game, and it seems to go on forever.  I dare say the flashbacks in FF XIII are roughly unfun to watch, but I’m a complete this sucker.

Gotta keep my mind working and activities. Laundry is on the list.

Happy creative endeavors.

I Wrote Too Soon

Allergies really slapped the stuffing outta me. I’m stuffy, I’m runny, I’m up, down, and a hot mess. Ran outta the Allegra and now I’m using the more generic stuff. I’m not pleased with the results and I have to wait to get some of the top goods, so waiting is meh.

I could use a few days off and simply relax. Went to work with a nose that ran off/on. Left me running to the bathroom a lot. I ran out of tissue real fast. On top of that the bathroom stunk so bad I could smell it with chaotic nostrils.

Wrote some, as it was all I could do that didn’t make me sick. I wrote and rewrote parts of a short story, that I have the impression the page full scene can gets reduced down to a few lines. I’m nearly the opposite of most people who underwrite. I’m overwriting.

Flu Shot

A couple of months ago I got a flu shot.  It seemed simple, although it cost me some money, and I was a bit strapped for cash at the time, but my family convinced me that it was a wise decision to get the shot since it was at a discount, and since if I got the flu I’d be a mess ( not working or taking care of myself). I was sold. I got the shot and prayed I didn’t experience any side effects.  Which I didn’t. Thank God.  No chills, fever, aches, pains, or feelings of weakness.

Flash forward to this month, and a few students and staff have the flu, flu-like symptoms, or are with some kind of sickness. Quite frankly it neither looks or sounds pretty. I imagine the experience is far, far worse.  I haven’t had the flu in ages, thank God, and I’m fortunate that I didn’t catch the yuckiness. People’ve asked me if I feel sick.  I’ve replied with a solid “no,” and meant it.  So today as I try to get a second bottle of water before a meal, I’m grateful I didn’t get sick.  I pray that I don’t get sick, and I wish others a speedy recovery from any illness.

Today I’m gonna peep some movies.  In the mood for action, but also trying a few films friends recommended  and I ope their fun.  I want to spend this day enjoying the fact that I can relax and simply be happy. Otherwise it’s going to be a long day of boredom. Been focused on absurd and nonsense ideas of late.  Jotted notes down.

Happy creative endeavors.