Me in the Director’s Seat?

I think it’s high time I think of myself with the possibility of directing and producing films in addition to screenwriting. It scares me to approach the territory of directing, which I know little, but I could learn. My strength has always been writing, but I want to expand on this. In addition to approaching film making from a very different standpoint, I’d like to think I could make something of myself in the industry.

Am I an undiscovered auteur? What genre will I favor? Can I keep up the stamina of dealing with temperamental actors, deadlines, and producers? What if I bomb? What if I have a string of hits? What if I don’t thicken my skin? I ask these questions like I’m going to stop thinking about it, but I know that won’t happen. I like the idea of being able to bring material forth and showing people a completed project.


Let’s Go Back To the Basics

Deiced to look back at the premise of the current screenplay/story ideas I placed in my notebook. Part of me listed the ideas down because I thought for sure they were fun to read, and I was sure they would be fun to write. They currently reside in their own development limbo, which means I’ve not addressed them properly. That must change if I am to be successful and evolving as a writer.

Normally I ignored the premise mainly because they always seemed so tedious and somewhat pretentious (to me). It is as if they needed to be these wise kernals of wisdome. I was wrong about that. While rereading The Art of Dramatic Writing, I changed my way of thinking. Having a premise gives the writer a focus. The premise is embodied in the protagonist, so I need to ask myself who are these characters, and what is the premise they embody. Nothing will happen overnight. It will be a simple step in the right direction.

I’m not afraid to get several ideas on the page and at least write about what I think the premise is at the moment. In this moment I’ve gone back to the basics of my story writing development. I know it will bear fruit.

What’s in a Genre

Not that there are only seven genres in the world, and their are multiple sub-genres and overlaps, but I wondered which ones I gravitated to and why in regards to my fiction writing. Each genre makes demands of the protagonist and often these demands often dictate the direction of the stories. This is not to ignore that a story should not develop a premise first. After all the premise is embodied within our protagonist. So many interconnected aspects to writing a story or screenplay.

So I decided to look at the type of films I like and will watch all the time. This will start me on what I like and willing to work with. Films don’t count for all of my writing influence. It does count for a lot of my experiences. Needless to say being a writer has lead me to look at my life, my family, friends, college experiences, etc.It’s quite the journey, and I have the tales to tell.

So how does this impact my screenwriting? I need to write more. More blog posts, more short stories, more scripts. I need to get more advanced in my technical skills.

Stressed Out

It’s been days of crazy imbalances and upsets with me trying to managed my life.  Writing has become a chore, however, as always I come back to it and resolve the issues within.  I’ve had to adjust to some schedule changes and life and general. One of those things being my car needing service.  It really unnerved me. Thank god I was able to get it serviced.  I think this week I’ll have a complete handle on the chaos.

Working on the thesis today.  I could not manage to write much since I was making breakfast, and after cooking I don’t feel like eating or writing.  I’m making myself type this blog post.  I insisted that SDCD have something noteworthy to write.  The thesis still needs a gang of work and some days dedicated to its development.  Been reading a new source on dark humor to add to my genre discussion.  I’m glad I took the time to read it while my car was being repaired.

Did some fiction reading as well.  Was reading The Calling by David Gaider.  Yes its a gaming prequel for Dragon Age, but I needed the escapism. Non-fiction reading consisted of The Art of Dramatic Writing which proves, as always to add depth to my writing knowledge.  At this point, I covered having a premise is the best way to start any story.  Something that brings depth to writing.  In another post I will talk more about my desire to entertain as a writer.

Soon, I’ll have to gather my notes on reviews I did and type them out to post here and at Tastes Like Comics.  Damn I’m feeling sketchy at the moment, but will manage to get all things on track like a pro!

Research and the Like

Writing can be a fickle task for me.  Sometimes I work it like the master.  Other times I go all rank amateur on myself.  I suppose I should think more and more in the vein that I want to succeed as a writer.  I need to know that in spite of all the ups, downs and lessons, that I still want and need to write.   For that matter I’ve needed to update SDCS for some time.  Looking at some films today.  At least three of them will be dedicated for this site.

Will make some time to write notes and paragraphs for characters and stories I’m hoping to turn into scripts.  Even if I can’t get back to them, at least I will have a several words and ideas written about them that I can use and look back on.  I suppose that will be my springboard for them.

Thesis has been at a crawl for the past few days, and I do not like that.  It means I’m slacking off.  I need to get several more pages done.  I’d like to see thirty completed pages.  Perhaps tomorrow I will print out a copy of what I have and edit the first five pages.  That will at least get me to start being in shape.   Still doing the research as well.  I need to complete the genre section and get into theory.  It’s a little tricky as I want what I need to say on the various genres airtight.