For once, I was more focused on writing than anything else. I needed to jot down stronger ideas for my story premises/loglines. It seems eternal in efforts.

I did write one today that felt 100% relatable, then I laughed at myself. It feels like this story just reclaimed its time. I worked on another that shaped up better. The hero needed a girlfriend who is willing to tell the truth, and losing that relationship is a high stake he can’t afford to lose.

Working on others. It maked me feel better about the day when things fall into place. I’m all peppy now. Gotta go jot more stuff down.

As always, happy creative endeavors.



Yesterday I was overwhelmingly tired. Vame home, and took a nap. Woke up, and slowly drufted back to sleep. Clearly I needed rest.

This coffee isnt really helping me this morning, BTW. Sluggish as ever.

Yesterday, I did manage to squeeze some writing in before my nap. The goal to add more descriptive elements to main characters, but I am set back just a little. I was ready for find ironic and sarcastic descriptions too. Then I woundered if I worked on words that touched our sesnses.

One word at a time.

Happy creative endeavors.

From Point A to Point B

Hello All,

My eye allergies are turning out today. Took my meds quickly, and now waiting for them to calm the freak down. Right now tears are rolling down my eyes. What a way to wake up.

That said, I wanted to start my day with a blog post, as opposed to blogging be an afterthought. So, one thing I learned recetly is to write down two points (A and B) for my protagonist. NOTE: This is different from the A and B story.

A in this exercise, is where the protagonist starts. B is where the protagonist (and story) ends. My objective is to identify where the hero/protagonist is, and what the hero is after (his or her goals).

So all I need to do today is look at my ideas, and place them in this matrix. I am curious to see what I jot down, as well as how simplistic this seems.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

Act 4 Needs Work

So, last night, I was revising act four of my outline. After a rough hour of working on it, I felt it needed much more work. I sincerely would like to, this weekend, go over all of my writing for this project, with the free time to make them clearer.

I want to see character, conflict, and story. I dont mind a third draft at revisions. Yes, it’s the outline stage, but if I can resolve all issues in this stage, then the script will be clearer. I have to put in my work.

Sunday Dinner

Hey ya’ll. I have to make dinner, and I feel rather mopey. Still, the spaghetti won’t cook itself, will it? Needless to say, I got to a congested grocery store. And waited to pay and get home. That’s when I remembered that I haven’t blogged yet. Ooops.

I did start the day writing. I really wanted, and did write down what I thought the first episode would consist of. I went further and came up with a new character and possible storyline from that. So writing, cooking, and feeding myself is good.

Last night I did get distracted by gaming, but I can’t game while cooking, or writing. So I’d love to see more writing and food. Gaming later today. LOL

Happy creative endeavors.

Petite Post VI

Well. I was awakened earlier than I wanted, and trying not to be cranky. Coffee drank, clothes ready, and I need to get freshened up and prepared for work.

That said, its blogging time. The weekend was highly thrown off by a sixth workday. I was at least able to relax a bit yesterday. Writing was barely there yesterday.

Today is a new day, at least I got a blog post for today. I do feel inspired, today, to look at main characters a little differently today. At least the desire to stomp out my own trope of making my main character noble. He or she could stand to be arrogant, bratty, annoying, etc.

Happy creative endeavors.