Friday Morning


My imposed deadline is Monday, and I’ve been writing up a storm. This is a process, and is always worthwhile. A new character popped up-the main antagonist, and I was happy to write down what I was thinking. So the project is shaping up.

Happy creative endeavors.


Sunday Dinner

Hey ya’ll. I have to make dinner, and I feel rather mopey. Still, the spaghetti won’t cook itself, will it? Needless to say, I got to a congested grocery store. And waited to pay and get home. That’s when I remembered that I haven’t blogged yet. Ooops.

I did start the day writing. I really wanted, and did write down what I thought the first episode would consist of. I went further and came up with a new character and possible storyline from that. So writing, cooking, and feeding myself is good.

Last night I did get distracted by gaming, but I can’t game while cooking, or writing. So I’d love to see more writing and food. Gaming later today. LOL

Happy creative endeavors.

Petite Post VI

Well. I was awakened earlier than I wanted, and trying not to be cranky. Coffee drank, clothes ready, and I need to get freshened up and prepared for work.

That said, its blogging time. The weekend was highly thrown off by a sixth workday. I was at least able to relax a bit yesterday. Writing was barely there yesterday.

Today is a new day, at least I got a blog post for today. I do feel inspired, today, to look at main characters a little differently today. At least the desire to stomp out my own trope of making my main character noble. He or she could stand to be arrogant, bratty, annoying, etc.

Happy creative endeavors.

Staying In Character

The other day I was thinking of how some character roles always feel like the “fun” role in the story. I was mainly thinking of the Wizard of Oz, and how the wicked witch really did all the work in this story.  All Dorothy did was walk around with strangers.

Needless to say the witch was fun cause she had the best lines, tried to do what she wanted, and when it didn’t work the first time, she tried again. While Dorothy did have a problem, and wanted to get home, that witch was determined to have the ruby slippers.

She kinda falls into what i thought Darth Vader and Maleficent fell into, which is being the hidden/secret hero of the story. After all it seems they have a lot riding on outcomes, and push the story forward more (in my opinion) that the main characters do.  They also have the most dynamic/dramatic moments on screen.

I can mention a few other movies, and the antagonist always appears to be the one with the strongest desire/pain in a story.  Think of how in Crimson peak how Edith’s sister-in-law, Lucille, temperament, and coldness is strong.  Thomas is ridiculously passive, and Edith is interesting, but Lucille really turns the screws in this story.

One could almost tell Crimson Peak from Lucille’s POV. Clearly thwarting her had repercussions that lead to tragedies.

This has me thinking of looking at characters and observing the differences and strengths of all of them, and could a character with less evil intentions, but burning desires can take the lead role in a story without being overshadowed by their antagonist.

At least my focus is on creativity. Better than any day where I feel blah, and don’t write much of anything.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

The Sinister Saturday…Sorta

All this week, I’ve had ideas for my projects that I happily wrote down. Part of what that was is how to develop the main character for this fantasy series. As I mentioned previously, the ideas before didn’t work, I struggled with him, and the story stalled. I worked on other stories, but recently came back to this hero.

First, it was making a stop at trying to create a flawless here, as it felt I was;t doing the character any favors. Then I randomly created a backstory that I found that interesting. After writing it down thought about it more, then hand a wonderful epiphany about the MC.

Now I have a background I can use, and hopefully it will inform the story, because at the least I see the MC differently. Not bad, but kinda scary–I like that.  I need that to type it out.

Happy Creative endeavors.


Another Fine Day

A while back I mentioned how I tend to write bad things happen to good people in a trope-like manner. This issue keeps popping up for my main character’s in stories to a point that I realized main characters (MC) were perfect, flawless people.

The end results were that I got stuck on their respective storylines.  Conversely, my secondary cheaters tended have plenty of issues to resolve in a story.  It may beg the question that the MC is truly not the MC in the story, but the secondary should have that role. They earn it in spades, really.

In the spec pilot, I realized the secondary character would need an arc to tell his story. He generated a lot of questions I couldn’t answer immediately, but it needed time to reach a conclusion. My MC did not.

I took pen to paper, and wrote down my MCs, and what I thought, in my stories, was my MCs’ defining traits. I then took a moment to and scrub out their perfect stances. I never wanted a perfect hero. I wanted to tell my stories. I’ll have to keep working on being a better writer.

Happy creative endeavors.


Sunday Brooding

Yesterday, I posted about how revisiting my notes led me to see what I missed about my main character (MC) while trying to write and rewrite an older spec pilot TV show.  Yesterday I contemplated more on the issues.

My main notes for the MC was that he was demoted and relocated to a rougher location than he’s used to.  He still goes on about his business. Initially, the MC has a “can do” spirt; he doesn’t give up, doesn’t settle for less which I think is admirable.

At the very least, this situation reminds me that you can pick up the pieces of your life, and move forward. It speaks to self-redemption, and reinvention.

What I didn’t factor is is that the hero is in a rougher area, has to learn new rules of operation, and doesn’t have the resources he once had at his disposal. If my hero is stoic in the face of adversity, then I can work with this character trait.

I also wondered how the MC deals with failure, what that means to him. Could he leave all the old drama behind? Even if he did, would past events come back and be thrown in his face? How humiliating to him was his dismissal?  Would he make the same mistakes he did before his demotion? Was the demotion his fault.

These ideas has me excited, and nervous. Can I make this work? Gotta answer these questions. One word at a time, y’all.

Happy creative endeavors.