22 Things Part One

Yesterday, as I made another pass at the outline, and the big question kept hitting me; how will the final confrontation be resolved. I had no answers. That was the perfet time to brainstorm some thoughts.

It occured to me I needed to know more about the two characters, so I started with the antagonist. I created a list of facts that allowed me to see a clearer picture of this character. So now I know likes, dislikes, habits, strengths and weaknesses.

I ended up with 22 points. It needs to be typed soon, as typing brings out clarity for me. I would also like to put forward a stronger and critical analysis of the profile created.

The ideas need to cool down, and today is the protagonist turn for 22 facts.

That’s me today. Very happy and excited with this endeavor.

Happy creative endeavors.



Ok, I was trying to turn my idea into a solid premise, and it didn’t click for me. That’s the perfect time to leave it be for a monute, and I did. Then a good revison came to me, and I liked it.

Decided ro test this reviosion out with my writing group. A lot of positive responses, and a very critical point to resolve; why is the character doing this.

I’m letting this marinate a little, and I did have an answer, and wrote it down. For me, the why should not over complicate the premise. The meant changing a few words, as not lose the impact of what I wrote.

I want to think it over before I reveal it to the group again. Needless to say the mresise is close enough for me to work on a cast. I got work to do.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

Sunday Reflections

The genre of my project is southern gothic. Needles to say it is a horror themed story set in the south that deals with a lot of death and decay.

That said my premise still won’t click, and this is pissing me off. So, after a suggestion, I wrote down things that scare me, and asked myself in what scares me is in my my premise.

The answer is no. Stuff that scares me isn’t mentioned. No wonder I am frustrated. What I need to do is let the fear list marinate, revisit it, then revise the premise based on my fears.

Also I am curious if I told this tale from the monster’s point of view. Or at the least in a thriller the villain is the active foe, setting up the protagonist with obstacles they have to navigate.

I will keep woeking on this.

Happy creative endeavors.


Been back on my writing project. I wanted to know why the MC (main character) must confront the antagonist. This is the heart of the story, and the premise, so knowing this beforehand will help me.

I could improvise the reason, but I want to go in knowing, and applying my Masterclass knowldge to this project. There’s an emotional payoff in this event, and I’m determined to develop it.

So I wrote down multiple reasons. Some better than others. One will strike me as authentic sooner or later.

Wrote about the antagonist as well. Learing a lot. This story world is building up pretty well.

Did some research, and have ideas for scenes. All in due time.

As always, happy creative endeacors.

Minding My Tone

So, the term “tone” is one of those words I know, but to describe it in regards to writing, always went awry. It felt like an abstract element of writing. Yesterday, I aimed to change that, by looking up the term.

For stories, tone expresses the writer’s attiude in the story. Adjectives, verbs, and syntax help convery this attitude. On paper it’s what you say, those words shape your material.

That said, if one writes a story with a happy, or peppy attitude, it will show in the writing. The emotion can change, or remain the same throughout a story. Any emotion you think of, can be applied to a story is your tone.

I never really thought of tone in writing past the abstract. I know now, and I will endeavor to use it with the current project.

Happy creative endeavors.

P.S. Still writing down questions for this story. Will compile the wuestions from my notebook, and hope to answer them soon.

My goal is to know my main character (MC), the antagonist, and story world a lot better.

Also doing research on topics relating to the characters and story world.

Raising the Stakes

Yesterday, while thinking of more wuestions to answer for my story, I remembered that I needed to raise the stakes, but stakes always felt like an abstract objective to me.

I know what the term means, but in this moment, where I wish to apply the word to my work, I felt I needed a greater understanding.

It was time to define stakes. By the way, just typing “stakes” in Google will only yield talk of a wooden plank. “Stakes in fiction,” or “stakes in film” is a narrow focus for what was needed.

Apparently you can have multiple stakes in a story. For simplicity’s sake, phyical and emotional stakes are two different aspects.

For example, physical can be losing a job, money, home, etc. Emotional is being lonely, living in fear, anger, heart break, etc. A reminder is that I have to be cruel to my characters.

I then researched fear, trauma, and self-care, as they embody aspects of emotional stakes.

So that’s me. All of it feels empowering.

Happy creative endeavors.

I Have Questions, Plenty of Questions

One one of the bset things I did with this short story is allow myself time to think on the premise a lot longer. As I work on this short story, I started asking myself more questions through the day.

I wanted to know more about the main character, what he loves, loathes, is good at, mediocre, and fails at. I wanted to know his education level, and what he likes to read. I also want to what he expects from his confrontation. Why is he up to this moment.

I could go on, but I think my intent is clear. These are steps one would take for larger stories (mainly writing for tv).

Did some research as well. Will likely do some more. I want to figure put more about this character, and build this world better.

Yes, a lot of these answers may not be seen by the readers, but helps build the story world with the hopes of being extremely confortable writing a stronger story.

Happy creative endeavors.

P.S. Also wrote down ideas for other stories as they popped up. They go on the backburner, as I manage this story.