Hunger and Words

Taking a break from the writing, as my tummy is taking to me. Worked on the screenplay as twenty nine pages are now thirty four. I’m sure if I get to fourth pages, episode one will be done, and I can dive into episode two. Need to recheck my research and make sure I have the correct among of pages for an hour long drama. Ooooh, hunger talking. Gotta go.

Happy creative endeavors.

UPDATE: The average hour long drama has at least 40-55 pages of script. I checked a couple of sources. This also means I have to go back as set up my act breaks, and cold open.  It shouldn’t be too rough, but worth it.  Back to writing for me.



It’s a dry day, and the writing has been modest, at best. Mind is not in the game, still maybe later. I need to relax and enjoy the day. Watched the move Push, and yesterday episodes of Pushing Daisies. Right now watching Rambo 4. The other night it was Rambo 2. I’m just trying to keep my head filled with cinema and television goodness. Not that the Rambo films were deep, they were distracting. I love pushing Daisies. Hadn’t seen the show in a while, so it was fun to watch. Poor Olive. Her love for Ned is so unrequited.

Oh yeah, Legend of Korra was on last Friday. I thoroughly enjoyed that show. I love my animation. Can’t wait for another episode.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

Dull, Dull Thoughts

The brain works in sluggish ways, sometimes. Creative stuff gets thrown to the wayside. It’s a mess. I’m a mess. Stuff needs to get done, but that ain’t happening. How I loathe that. Hopefully today will be better. I promise to push away distractions and get ish done. At least a few pages of something.

Somewhere the allergies will calm down soon. They started up high. Gotta get them down to calm. Waking to coughing, burning, watery eyes stinks.

I Owe Myself a Few Pages of Writing

This is one of those days where a moment of reflection is a good thing. It’s already hot as all get out outside, and that never bodes well for us. Staying inside is the best way to manage one’s time if you don’t have to be outside. Writing went to a pathetic halt, and that means taking things one word and page at a time. If life suck, then it sucks, but for me, I’m more than capable of writing, and working on this screenplay. This blog post is the start of warming up, and getting myself in a writing frame of mind. If I have to write five blog posts and fill them with words to keep my mind working, then that’s what I’m going to do. That feeling of meh, or can’t do. I’ll have to tolerate it in the background. Must get more stuff done.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

Dragon Age: Inquisition

I may have mentioned I like this RPG franchise from time to time.  I’ll leave this gameplay trailer right here in the spirit of sharing. It’s not out until the fall, but I want this game.  In reality I have to get a job, pay my bills first, and if there’s something left over, then maybe, just maybe I can get it.  Priorities. I can dream and pretend. Never too old for that.

What Happened

After yesterday’s blog, there was a desire to do good, and be awesome. Dunno what happened, but I was taken over by a hardcore blast of the blahs and mehs. After some cleaning, which was very necessary, I was spent. There was no writing or creativity. Not much got done. I felt like a fool. It wasn’t until late in the evening that I even felt better. Perhaps I had too much sugar of caffeine.

So no promises today. I know I don’t want a repeat of yesterday’s mood. I’m praying I get my writing on, and keep things moving forward.

Awake and Needing This Post

I need this post. It is the prelude to writing today. If all I do is five sentences, then that’s going to be the start. I will be writing more than five sentences, but I remind myself of this every time I need to write, and nothing seems to come to mind. Gotta get the words down and work with what I have. That reminds me to renew my twenty minute writing sessions.

I managed to get six rough pages of a short story. I had this burning idea for a part love story, part magic realism. I promised I’d stop the moment I introduced the magic within the story.  I say rough because it was done in my Notes App, and I used the speech to text function. The story was emailed to myself, then copy and pasted in Word.  It’s all single spaced, so I need to get it formatted. I don’t mind letting it cool off, since the primary project is the screenplay.

Speaking of the screenplay, I need to get on that today. If it’s just a page, then that’s good. I want to see progress. In spite for tapering off a little, stuff needs to get done.  Also a cup of coffee. This would go better if I have a cup of coffee first. I seem to be distracted.