Latte Hangover

Yes, I had me an Venti iced hazelnut soy latte from Starbucks. After yesterday’s post, I wasn’t feeling working on my script. My determination was to write stuff out good or bad.  I can change it later. I needed on paper first. I decided to take a break and do two things: One was buy some food for today, and the other was a visit to Starbuck.  It got the motor running and I was able to work on the things that matter to me, like the screenplay.  Needless to say i was buzzed the entire day.

When it came to phase two of writing I managed to get some done while being distracted by Game of Thrones last night. Damn that show’s goodness. I keep listening to the dialogue. Cersei Lannister (Lena Headey) has some of the best lines and well delivered as well.  Maybe I love her accent.  She’s cast a spell on me.

That aside I found myself writing more and staying up later than expected.  By time I fell asleep I had weird dreams, and woke up feeling like I could sleep more but the energy was there.  There will be NO lattes today.  There will be writing and more writing, cause I’m a get what I need done today.


Back in the Saddle

Today will be more like yesterday, and that’s a good thing.  I need to write more and I need to enjoy the moment.  I have six pages of script to do today.  I addition I rewrote some dialogue for a scene that I can add today or wait till later.  It doesn’t count as one of the six pages I have to write. I’ll consider it icing on the cake.  Essentially I write more than three pages in once sitting.  Some scenes are more than three pages.  I feel the need to complete the scene, and move past my minimum.

I think what helped me is getting an outline and sticking to it.  I was very, very fickle about a lot of the decisions, however I decided that it’s now or never.  The one cool thing I did discover while scripting is how some of the characters react and behave.  Some scenes changed, and with that the characters and story takes a different turn, but these are manageable aspects.  It happens. I’m curious as to how the characters and story will play out. Only one way to find out.

Work To Do

Got a full plate today.  I’m getting myself in gear for several projects, and as you know I use this blog for the warm up.  I have a plan.  Will write three pages of script in the morning and three at night.  I got the outline where I need it to be so I can do this on a daily basis and I hope to have 40 pages by the end  of the week at least as a minimum.  It doesn’t stop at that junction.  Between at least four essay/articles I’m gonna manage at least one of those today, and the three others sometime this week.

I’m happy to have such work.  Now to get it done and keep my focus.  Hopefully I’ll have more updates for you.  I can tell you I wrote a lot last night and had to revise parts of the script I wrote out a while ago.  I needed it consistent with the beat outline.  Otherwise the inconstancies would kill me.  It meant reducing scenes and adding others.  Three pages this morning.  Do errands, then three more tonight.  The utline is printing as I type this so I have something to check off.

Wrote a paragraph of an article and I need to work on more.  Keeping it moving.

Can’t Tap Out Today

My mind is a hot mess of everything, and I need to get it settled and on a path of production.  I’m sincerely feeling like I don’t know A from B, yet I do. I need to chill. First things first, where are my goals?  Sometimes I feel I’m over thinking everything, thus getting nothing done.  This means I need to do more writing and less thinking.  To quote a friend, “thinking hurts.” I hope to get more than a blog post done. Perhaps this is the goal of writing these type of filler posts. My mind wants to get into something deeper.  This deserves a second paragraph.  The closer I am to wanting more, the better off I am at working towards bigger, better goals.

Was thinking of looking at mucking with old concepts and ideas. because the idea of them being static pisses me off and I know I can do better than what I wrote down itnitally.  Also I know that it takes time, but it also takes commitment.  Who the hell gets anywhere resting.  I know I’m donw for the writing.  I know I’m down for coming up with ideas. Will I allow my ego to take a rest? Pure unadulterated thoughts that need not be edited yet. Allow myself to not be me and trust the skill to come through?  It’s scary, tantalizing, and very sexy.

I didn’t realize I would get a flow like this, and I don’t want to stop this post. I was gonna rest at one miserable paragraph.  Sometimes I feel empty about creativity, but I’m mistaken.  Talent never leaves me. I abandoned it for a path of least resistance.  I give up to easily.  That’s gotta change.  I think it’s time to sit down and if I have to, handwrite out my thoughts.  This isn’t a race, but it is something worth starting and completing.

The Swing of Thing

Turned off the TV and started reading last night. May keep the TV off to get more reading done. Changing the flow up a lot. Still gotta do some writing and that’s at the top of the list as well. I feel like a slacker sometimes. This is me getting into the swing of things. Write now and keep it moving.

The Force

Using the silly side of the force leads to pretentiousness. The lightsaber becomes a pen in one’s hand. Use the stupid side of then force and know pretentiousness as well, but feel a lightsaber jammed up your butt. You won’t have to ask why it’s hot up in here. You know why it’s hot up there, stupid.