Can’t Get it Together

Aquarium jellyfish

Jellyfish photo by S. Raynard Haynes

I feel chaotic, in that getting up seems to require me to tired as all get out, as if I hadn’t slept the previous night. I’m always feeling behind, and unable to “bounce back” like I normally do. I’m so annoyed with myself. I may need set my alarm clock earlier, and get in my bed sooner to prevent this from happening again.  Time seems to fly by when I get home, get something to eat, and relax a little.

On top of awaken chaos my allergies and sinus woes are active as all get out. My nose is very sensitive today, and I don’t know if the meds are working yet. My senses are feeling raw today. I hope this calms down. It is not pleasant, and I haven’t had coffee yet. It shall work itself out, I hope. I really do.

Yesterday proved that inspired writing can and will be good. I wrote six more pages for the novel, and I need to complete the scene, so its not done yet. It took some pleasant turns I didn’t know until I wrote it down. I made sure to back up these files. I’m pleased that I’ve made progress with my novel after the previous day of doing something for another story.


Washed out Before Wednesday

Today I am a slow mess, and may need a cup of coffee to get me going. Couldn’t get up on time, couldn’t focus. Felt like all I wanted to do is sit and space out. That’s not the way to start the day.

By washed out I mean I got caught out in the rain. The umbrella did good and kept my top half dry, but Mr. Pants got soaked. I looked like a wet mess. Also I wore shoes that soaked up water, and then my socks soaked up the water. Mild discomfort for me, until I took the socks off, and unfortunately the shoes make my feet sweat.  Meh, and darn.

Writing took an odd turn where I was inspired to write, but not for the novel. I had this scene that begged to have a voice. It’s more of a fantasy/political intrigue tale, that has some real sharp edges I like. I wrote it down in my Notes app, and thought I’d catch it later. I found myself writing more for one of the other characters from that scene. This was two handwritten pages in my journal. So here I was with story I liked, but have to either put it aside, or get stuff done I need to (the novel).

For the record, I do feel this moment would fit into the fantasy-drama TV script I worked on months ago. It would add a new layer to the series that I feel could strengthen it. Furthermore I can place the seen as a reaction to something that does happen within the series. It makes me think of the first scene I wrote for it, which was an inspiration scene. I need to build on that political intrigue, and see where that goes.

So either I write more of something, but I want the novel to get some more mileage, so I hope today I get a little boost in progress. I’ll settle for the two page minimum.

Happy creative endeavors.

Five More Pages


Flower Photo by S. Raynard Haynes

Fortunately,the scene in my head I jotted in my Notes app, got  me inspired to flesh it out more. So it looks a lot more like it belongs in this story. It is a scene a little future from where I am, so it skips ahead, which is fine. It means more pages and I have to fill that gap between them. 

Never mind I can “hear” the follow up scene to this scene.  I say “hear” because I sometimes hear a character’s voice before I see the scene.  Sometimes the scene comes first as a visual. It happens, and I go with that moment.  

At the moment, trying to get myself together, and my allergies feel now is the time to mess with me, but they can’t stop me. 

Happy creative endeavors. 



Rose photo by S. Raynard Haynes

Yesterday I barely wrote until the mood hit me for a new scene.  Then went on to revise said scene. It’s still too rough and raw, and lacks true formation. Still it’s words on the page, and that makes me happy. It is true, I could have done more writing. I allowed myself to slack off in the writing department, but that wasn’t my only activity for the day.

Other than writing, I watched movies, TV shows, and gaming as well. So I had a full day. I didn’t do the revisions like I could have,  but still managed to write.  Game of Thrones was great last night.  No spoilers if you haven’t seen it. I simply enjoyed myself, then felt a little disturbed. I appreciate when a show can take me through emotions and tension.  I was all kinds of hot mess.

Right now, I’m trying to chill. I hope this helps me have a better day, and be a better person to others and myself. It sounds lofty, but possible.

Happy creative endeavors.

Sunday In the Summer

Rose photo, garden

Rosebud photo by S. Raynard Haynes

It’s warm outside, but I didn’t stay out there too long. I was putting stuff in the recycling bin. It felt nice. Lie the calm before the roasting heat shows up, and going outside feels like a harsh labor to contend with as opposed to enjoying nature.  Such is southeast weather. 

Found myself writing late last night. A scene that is part silly, and part conflict. I enjoyed writing it down in my Notes app, which means sometime today I must sit and get it to my Word file, and format it properly. 

No rewrites got done, and I pretty much goofed off for a while, but I feel we all need time to not be constructive. At the very least it gives our minds a rest. 

Failed to drink water…or least least a glass full. Just a few sips here and there. I did have soda and coffee, but I need my water. So I will try this again today, with more water, less other drinks so I can have better balance in my water needs.  

Hope to pick up more writing today. If it’s new scenes as opposed to revisions, that’s fine. I want more stuff done. The page count should be up, but won’t know how far until I get formatting done. 

Happy creative endeavors. 

Make With The Progress

Hibiscus Flower

Hibiscus Bloom. Photo by S. Raynard Haynes

Took a few shots of the hibiscus plant. The blooms pop up quick, then wither away. They’re very pretty to behold.

Yesterday I mainly pulled out the pen and edited pages. Not too much written that was new. That’s fine. There will be days where things will feel or seem calm and cool. Then there will be days when I feel a deeper connection to the story for new pages.

Today is up in the air. If there are no heavy errands, I’d at least love to type the revisions so the files reflect what I saw that needed clarification.

Other than that, I wrote a scene a few days ago I think will transition into what I wrote previously. So now I need to edit to meld them properly.  This may or may not yield new scenes/pages. I don’t know yet.

Need to show some love to my print journal. A paragraph or two will do for today. I tend to leave it be on weekends, but now may be a good time to add something.

Happy creative endeavors. 

Early Bird

Was up earlier than normal, so I am going with the flow of things, which is not bad. Tried to eat a sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit, but lacked an appetite. Did have early morning coffee, which was not too bad, and nibbling on a hash brown so some tummy food is good.

Yesterday I revised pages, and eliminated passages that didn’t fit, however I ended up with the same page count. That’s not bad, but before bedtime (again), I found myself writing new lines of dialogue for the main character. I went for a more distinct voice, which I felt reflected a stronger personality. It means the reactions will be different. This leads, of course, to more revisions, but I think this is worth it to have a consistent voice through the novel.

Beforehand the character was a bit more chill, and sometimes too chill, so that conflict didn’t really flow well from scene to scene. I’m guessing that my constant writing has allowed the character to develop more and more on my brain, thus becoming who he is at this moment. The lines kept flowing to a point that I worried I wouldn’t go to sleep, and get up on time. It turns out I’m up early, and wrote some more.

That’s it in a nutshell. It’s a hot day.

Happy creative endeavors.