Not Simply Another Saturday

Was trying to write this morning. It wasn’t working the way I planned. Gave up briefly, but now I want to write at least five sentences. Sometimes it’s good to force myself to write. Other times, I see a disaster on the horizon.

Today is a, “you’re going to try and put something on the page” day. Why? I feel I need to get the ball rolling with my creativity.

So between looking for some freelance writing gigs today and getting myself together, I know I will succeed. I like that optimism can pay off for me and for others as well. Pushing past limitations is always a good thing. I will say this, at least I don’t have that wretched “blah” or “meh” feeling that comes around from time to time. That is a blessing any day.

What do you know I’ve written more than five sentences at this point. I want to say this speech to text feature that I have available. It’s allowed me to get out ideas without pausing too much. Now to get onto writing other things.

As always, happy creative endeavors.



Hello all, it’s Thursday, and it looks hot outside already. A typical spring day in Charleston, South Carolina. I’m sure there’s pollen out there ready to pounce on my poor sinuses. I need to check the weather because I would know how hot it will get. The weather’s not a deterrent from writing for me. I see myself doing equal or greater than what I did yesterday.

Yesterday, I wrote out what I thought where the desires of the main characters, and plot for first act for a few ideas. My goal was to get the ideas out of my head, and put them into print. This is me looking at the novel, screenplays, comics, and television scripts I had notes on, and further ideas in my head. Now that I have something I can look it it’s tangible, I feel committed to something. Motive and desire says a lot about a story’s direction so having that to me is great inspiration to write further. I have to know what happens. Eventually I shall review and make adjustments with the material. These are the days I miss having a printer. I like having it printed out so I can mark directly on paper.

As I work on developing stories and characters motivations item cover my own motivations. I have a desire to do more to be more productive to be happier in life. I also made a choose to press forward, and not keep things in my imagination. Imagination is a fun place to explore, and I am glad I pushed them into my fiction. This means finding better stronger ways of writing. It also means writing more and finding techniques to get myself writing more. I am pleased with the progress it has started slow but it will get better. I may even give my own modem to the character is an experienced all things are experiences they can be inspiration to give our characters life.

After my morning coffee I’m going to work on the motives and plot for at least a couple more stories as I want to add to the pot. I already have a few notes down for one of my screenplay. I am very grateful that God has given me the inspiration to write again on the stronger basis. I got to keep pushing forward.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


I wrote something earlier, and it felt wrong, so I’m withholding from posting because it seemed to go nowhere. Dealing with some minor shoulder and neck pain. Hope it goes away. Playing with other forms of social media such as Tumblr, an Instagram. I’ll have some links soon, and y’all can see all the fun pics I post.

Tumblr has allowed me to show a love for men’s fashion, comic books, movies, humor, and whatever catches my eye. Instagram is brand noes. I put artwork on there. For those who wish to know, my Tumblr blog is Chicken Boo For President. My friend Steph wanted me to join. I didn’t know what I was doing. Gave it a name that made me chuckle. Followed her, and eventually a few people I knew.

I have stuff to write, like more e-stories, my poor neglected novel, a few more short stories I wrote and need to reclaim the files. Lastly there are some screenplays I’ve been working on. They’re all being organized so I have them in one good spot to go. Need to back them up as well. This is on top of some job hunting.

I have second novel floating in my head. I may jot down some notes, but I dunno if I’m ready for committing to it at the moment.

Happy creative endeavors.



Today is a day to get things done, and with great blessings, the blahs and mess are nowhere to be found. This means thinking and progressing in goals. Part of those goals are in writing. What can be done today? How can I get my brain in gear?

One of the things I did yesterday, to get my mind in gear, was to watch films. I got lost in a couple of narratives, and in turn, got my mind off of any woes for a brief moment. This lead to god thoughts. I like that. I also did more writing, which is good, and need to keep up the momentum.

What I’d like to see done, is a return to writing the novel I started. At this point I’ve written a lot, and tapered off. Perhaps I need to define what I think the novel is about, and work from there.

I have a second e-story I’d like to submit, and this one needs a lot of work. There are some serious revisions that need to be done, and that requires me to spend time on writing.

There are a few other short stories that have a file somewhere, that a few lines for some of them won’t be a bad thing in the course of this day. Also, I’d like to do a second, more essay driven blog post.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

Live long and prosper.

Positive Energy and Thinking

Had a post nearly completed for today, however it was rather weighty, and a bit negative. I’ll settle for short, sweet, and positive. It must always be about being good to myself, and others. Opening the door for greatness, and not giving into despair, which is very easy to do. It’s also about love. Art has a lot of love in there for me. No matter the topic, or outcome. I love art, and it’s still within my power to get done. I say to anyone who has the opportunity to create and share, do so.

Not that everyone’s going to be open, positive or receptive to your art, but some things are not for everyone. Some things need to be expressed. It’s cool if people say, “this is not my thing.” Cool. I get that many move on. If they can’t move on, that’s their issue they need to resolve on their own time.

As always happy creative endeavors, and I wish all who aspire to greatness to achieve their goals.

The Hot Mess in My Head

I’m on a tangent at the moment. Creative projects, ideas, and solutions are part of the bread and butter of my passions. It does me good, in part to be creative. Been talking with a few people about the type of material I’ve been working on. I’m a huge lover of science fiction, fantasy, and the like. It catches then holds my imagination and attention. Of late they’ve all been falling by the wayside in regards to completing projects. I’ve also been thinking about culture-based stories that have nothing to do with action, science fiction, or fantasy. Mind you, I want to see more diversity in my genres from a viewer/reader standpoint. That’s a separate post on goals for my writings.

Where I feel some conflict today is with me reflecting back on my undergrad years as an artist. I was younger, a bit more spirited, and I stood out as one of the few people of color in an art program.  When I learned that multicultural theory sort of demanded that my focus be exclusively on culture related topics, I rebelled and I refused to be pigeonholed. I didn’t want to be the exclusive “black” artist in the crowd. I wanted to be an artist who happens to be black. I carried that same attitude into graduate school.

Like my art, I wanted to write about films because I love them, and I wanted to learn/share thoughts. I would not make all my papers and presentations exclusively about black films, filmmakers, or topics. I wanted to see and learn as much as possible and not through an exclusive lens. My professors were good. I liked that about them.

Back to the current moment, and I taste the conflict of my younger self, and my older self. My problem is I need to just do, and to hell with worrying. No worrying if it’s wrong, right, or perfect. I have ideas, stories, and concepts to work out. Still, the journey to get to places is amazing. It’s a good lesson about the changes and demands of life, creativity, and ownership of my artistic integrity and output. Only I can choose those. Not another person, not the demands of others. It must be me because I have to stand by my work, or denounce it. If I have to do either, it has to be on my terms, otherwise it’s not my creation. 

Happy creative endeavors.