Should have written something earlier. Spent the day gaming. I wanted something to do that got my mind off of everything. Now that I’m gamed out, I need to rest. I did manage to wash, dry, and iron my clothes for the next few days, so it’s good that I didn’t do all gaming. Rest time.

Y’all have a good night.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


Body of Work

Yesterday, after working on themes and premisies, I had an epiphany; “the visual artist in me demands that I make the body the subject of stories.” This resonates with me, and I began to think of the many ways the body tells a story.

We are dynamic, amazing, biological wonders. Why not explore a theme that often challenged and held my fascination for quite some time. Now, two of my talents can work together.

Gotta go take more notes.

Happy creative endeavors.

It’s Morning

I kinda popped up early, dozed back off, then my alarm went off. I’m rather annoyed by this. Slowly getting to a fully awakened state. This coffee isn’t working the magic.

Yesterday, I tried an exercise from college to simoly describe the theme for my stories. I eneded up making premises/loglines from them. I will keep working on this.

Gotta go write.

Happy creative endeavors.


So, as I contemplated having self promoting loglines, I’ve written six that I wish to see move into a clarification/rewriting stage.

  • Hot mess of a screenwriter who loves structure, rewrites, and good deadlines.

  • Mild-mannered screenwriter with a love of writing science fiction and fantasy adventures.
  • Imaginative screenwriter with a focus on satirical and parody humor.
  • Dramatic screenwriter who loves character and action.
  • Creative screenwriter with a concentration on genre and character.
  • Bold screenwriter who enjoys dark humor.

Happy creative endeavors.

Some Not So Shameful Self-Promotion

Yesterday I posted about creating a personal logline simply to describe me as a writer. I thought of adjetives that I thought best suited me like, “dependable, bankable, and imaginative.”

As the day passed, I tried a few outlandish ideas. Mainly to break me out of my comfort zone, I could always dial any description back, and it would be fun to be silly with a smile. I also went to a thesaurus to find alternate words.

I know I’d like to work in multiple genres, but would like to focus it stronger. The words haven’t 100% gelled, but time will make the material sharper.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

Sunday Motivation.

Warching the spaghetti western, Django. Not to be confused with Django Unchained. The latter pays tribute to the first.

Also thi king of yesterday’s post of writing a logline to descrube myself as a writer. Yesterday was a start, and I also looked at how I described myself on social media.

So its been interesting to figure stuff out. Will have this revised pretty soon.

Happy creative endeavors.