The Life

Last night I was resolved to keep blogging, and writing. Today I’m back in this mix.

Been working on loglines for various concepts, as I want them down to one sentence, and as honset is the sentence as possible. For example, I know one of my characters is an attention-seeking vlogger, which is important to what happens.

The crux of his problem is he suddenly gets overwhelming attention, and has to find a way to get people to chill. If he can’t then life will suck. Especially he’ll never have a moment’s peace again. So if i can distill that, I’d have a good one or two simple sentences that sum up my story.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


Quick Blog

I slacked off this morning with my blog. Tonight I’m getting back on track for two reasons. The first is simple, I gotta get back on the horse and keep riding. The second is I keep seeing people doing shady, petty things, while claiming they are professional. They aren’t, and I am tired of having to ignore foolishnes.

My solution is to keep moving forward. I have to protect myself, and my well-being.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

A Touch of Monday

Hello, it is still wet outside. It looks like it rained overnight. My allergies have calmed down, or more likely, responding to my meds. That’s always a positive effect. Got up extra early today, so I can get myself together at the speed I want to. All the while I kept saying to myself, “write a blog post.” Now I have.

I thought I would write more with my free time. Just put pen to.paper and put down a few thoughts. The output wasnt do great, but it’s more than I had last night. Given time, I can revise and expand upon the text.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

Post Thanksgiving

Hello, I really needed to make a blog post today. Was talking to a friend about how creativity for the current project has produced anxiety in me.  It had me doubting my work, even though I was eight weeks into my project.  I felt frustrated, upset, and positive I was making huge missteps.

That said, after calming my mind, I can see that it was my fears getting the best of me.  At this point, I would like to go all in on this spec pilot/pitch. If It’s wrong, I can learn, and adjust my perspective and material. I want it completed.

For me. “all in” means a third pass at the outline, then writing the actual script. The story bible is a bit messy at the moment, but I can clean that up a little latter. I’d like to get myself moving.

As always, happy creative endeavors.



It’s Friday

Hello, a holiday is next week. There will be changes to my schedule, and I have to purchase food to cook/eat that has to last more than a day or so. Grocery is overpriced, but we have to eat.

That said my writing has been so haphazard the entire week. Last Monday’s deadline was to get my story bible organized, and I did most of it. I hit a wall, as I tried to get myself organized. I must perservere.

That said, I’ve been obsessed with getting the logline correct, and I think I got it streamlined. Perhaps a step back, or rest is in order. Something that will allow me to recharge myself. I don’t know.

Happy creative endeavors.

Days Like This

Ever since Monday, I have been in a funk. That one day turned into days of a hot mess of not writing in my routine fashion. So this morning, as I sip my coffee, the pervasive thought of blogging is in front of me. At first I said, “Nah. Let me finish my coffee first.” It dawned on me that if I didnt get on track, I’d lose out.

There will be days like this, where things don’t fall in place. Where being a hot mess happens, and I struggle against it. These are the days that need me to push myself. I can do one word at a time. I dont want to give up, and I dont want to fall behind on my project.

As always, happy crestive endeavors.