I Have Questions, Plenty of Questions

One one of the bset things I did with this short story is allow myself time to think on the premise a lot longer. As I work on this short story, I started asking myself more questions through the day.

I wanted to know more about the main character, what he loves, loathes, is good at, mediocre, and fails at. I wanted to know his education level, and what he likes to read. I also want to what he expects from his confrontation. Why is he up to this moment.

I could go on, but I think my intent is clear. These are steps one would take for larger stories (mainly writing for tv).

Did some research as well. Will likely do some more. I want to figure put more about this character, and build this world better.

Yes, a lot of these answers may not be seen by the readers, but helps build the story world with the hopes of being extremely confortable writing a stronger story.

Happy creative endeavors.

P.S. Also wrote down ideas for other stories as they popped up. They go on the backburner, as I manage this story.


Adeventures in Short Stories

When I started writing, it began with short stories. Mostly because that’s what I was taught in class. Also, it was a bite-sized goal for a then young creative that didn’t feel short stories were overwhelming.

For the past few days, I have been reviewing my cumulative knowldge of writing better. I looked at the format of short stories, and asked myself if I have a better understanding of how to write short stories.

Looking back, I wrote short stories thinking I went from point A to point B. Truth is, my short stories meandered. I was then unable to kill (edit) my darlings. I thought the meandering was integral.

I know now, all stories start from an idea, to a clearer premise. I know the MC is on a journey. The MC has goals, obstacles, stakes, and rewards. There is a payoff for a character in a story.

There would be no meandering in the story if these points are addressed.

Now that I can learned something, I want to write short stories again. This time with clarity and purpose.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

Hello Morning Five Sentence Rule

Yesterday was warm, with plenty of cool breezes. On top of that pollen was everywhere. So it was enjoyable, with plenty of hazzards for my allergies and sinuses.

I did a little handwriting, which I loved, but felt like that was little to no effort. I felt defeated.

Later in the night, I convinced myself to at least write five sentences of a prose story. It was merely to boost my writing progress. After the five sentences, I wanted to know what happens next, so I kept writing. Four pages later, I have an interesting start of a prologue.

While this is my “back burner” project, I think My current, and other projects need five sentences too. Stuff can get done. I have to start the process simple and go from that point.

Happy creative endeavors.

Falling off the Wagon

It’s odd, sometimes I fall off the writing wagon. This time I feel had.  There aren’t really any good excuses. There are always upheavals and chaos within my give day.  Yes the tempest was a lot stronger this time, and I did find myself overwhelmed with life, but I always knew I’d get back on the writing wagon.

Getting back on means starting with a blog post.  Let me also say that while I wasn’t blogging, I did some light writing. A few written journal posts, writing notes and researching ideas.

That said, I like to think I can step up my game. I even stopped gaming to get this post done, and I’d like to see me get some more concern rated writing done.

I’ve also been getting into the online classes on writing a lot more. I need to complete those assignments so that I can at least keep myself feeling like a true participant.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

Tuesday is a Silly Day…Somewhat

Today I shall simply write, as ideas seem to pop outta nowhere, and they are outlandish. Outlandish is good, fun, and notoriously silly. They make me laugh, and then I move on from them.

I usually leave my outlandish ideas off the table for consideration to produce or publish, as my fear is no one will “get” these ideas, but today, let’s throw caution to the wind.

The fact remains that there’s a chance that any or all of my material won’t be considered for production  and published (and I have had a screenplay and several stories rejected)  and while rejection is a hard groin kicker, it’s not like that’s ever made me feel like I need to go 100% full stop. I’m a masochist for writing projects.

I must also be an optimist who believes in his work, and wants to get better. I confess every day is a learning process that I’m willing to work on and improve.

That said I have an idea—it’s silly, nonsensical, and amusing–that needs to get onto paper. Gotta go make that happen.

Happy creative endeavors.

PS On My Novel Writing

Hello All,

I am still working on the novel. I wanted to do a brief update, so as to not lose track of my progress. Yesterday, on my way to lunch, I had this idea for the MC’s background. Not radical makeover of an idea, but rather filling out who he is, and what he does.

I quickly pulled out my phone and added it to a doc app.  This new phone has a weird auto-correct, so I had to take my time and write out a few lines.  Pulled the doc out later, and elaborated on this. About to do some more work on this aspect.

It makes sense to me, this direction, and I’m glad for the random bit of inspiration while zoning out and thinking only of food. I was hungry, and on a budget. LOL

Still obsessed with Smite item building, though.  LOL Maximize potential.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


Realized I’m my happiest when I’m being creative.  This means I need more creativity in my days to make them richer and better. Perhaps I can create a project list for myself and manage how they are getting done. At least I’ll have things aligned to a particular way for my benefit.

That said, I did some writing in my notebook for the novel yesterday. It’s rough as all get out, and not even in a first draft of a chapter mode. Just me writing, and getting it from head to my notebook, and eventually my laptop/Word file.

Happy creative endeavors.