This is the Sun, Shining Through

Sometimes, just sometimes when that blah mood moves in, I find myself wanting to laugh more than I would under that cloud. Those days are filled with a sadness that doesn’t really make sense, but then when humor breaks through it’s a gift. Something that feels good, and so right. It doesn’t have to be perfect, only positive. I always suggest taking things a day at a time, because sometimes you can’t get things done if you try to take on too much at a given time.

So as things find themselves coated in a murky slate color, what breaks through is that slice of humor that can bite, simply bring the wit, or give us that little hint of humor, and let my face crack a smile, then things will work towards a better resolution, and I won’t feel at a loss.

So what does this mean for my writing? Perhaps I should put some effort towards something funny, and fun. Something to take my mind off the heaviness, and woes. Something to share to help others feel that hint of humor, and allow them to see that life isn’t so bad. That little sliver of light can break through, and it’ll be a matter of time before things fall into place for you too.

Also who can resist a good laugh? A chance to chase away not only woes, but to just unwind with humor.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


Let’s Start Anew

Today was one of those days where the best intentions went down the tubes. It’s a writing day, and there wasn’t any distractions, and yet there was no writing done.  Was positive after my coffee (which I shouldn’t have had-congestion issues), that there’d be much satisfaction in completing this script. I needed to do a super wash of my face, and broke out the cleansers, which made my face feel fresh.

Next, I needed to eat a meal, and waited too late to cook.  This was born a simple omelette with ham, cheese, tomato, onions, and some seasoning (garlic slat, red pepper flakes, basil, and paprika). By time I was done cooking, I felt light headed, and had to wait for the feeling to subside, and my body to know I gave it food. That took some time.

Then after the meal, and my body feeling like it had food, I went to cleaning the mess I made in the kitchen, then making a batch of sweet tea. Mom needed light assistance with some help with her plants, and I didn’t mind helping her.

One the plus note, its not like I did nothing, I was preoccupied with things. I still want to write, and starting with a blog post isn’t a bad thing to do.  Since I feel like a hot mess, and I’m trying to improve myself, let’s start anew. If it feels like I failed at my task, then guess what? I’m dusting myself and trying again.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

A Monday Wake-Up

Typically, the word is that Monday’s are rough, and they can be. For me, I’m happy for this day. Here’s why. Over the weekend, I had this uninspired, blah feeling, that took over my day. I wasn’t creative, very annoyed, and sad.  It really took some of the joy out of my time.  Today, I’m awake, and the blahs have faded, and its time to get stuff done that I like, and hope to get done.  Sometimes its a lone day at a time life, where the day must be managed.  Other days it’s the sun is shining, and I can get my inspiration on. Let’s see what we can do today that makes my life, and the world better.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

 A Cautionary Tale 

I used some bleach to wash some dishes, and ignored the consequences. Yesterday I went outside and saw my hands in daylight. Wow they were rough, dried out, and looked awful. I ran back inside, couldn’t find my lotion, and settled on baby oil, which took that rough right on out.  Perhaps I should lay off the rough cleaning agents. Still, for the sake of cleaning, I suffered.  Let this be a lesson, I need diswashing gloves.  

A Warm Up

Today is the day that I do more writing than yesterday.  Yesterday was a minimum, and quite frankly, I can do better.  Sometimes pushing myself is the only way stuff gets done. So this mini-post is me waking my mind up to writing.  My mind wants to play around, and constantly suggests I goof off. If goofing off was a drug, it’d be cocaine. Procrastination is a drug.  I fall off this wagon on an hourly basis.  Glad it’s not a drug.

On that note, I need to keep the TV off Cheaters.  Love is good, but the depicted relationships are ratchet, and I find myself observing behaviors, and fascinated with why people cheat, and the reactions of both.  It’s never pretty.  I will say some of the follow-ups are interesting. Some people are repentant, others are as defiant as the day the engaged in wrecking a relationship. I suppose that’s enough to of people watching from TV today.

Not much of note happened that I’d put on my blog. There were annoyances, but when are there not annoyances? The one things that helped me procrastinate was gaming, which I should have put down sooner than I did. I did talk to some peeps.  Peeps is good. They keep me grounded. I need that.  Too bad chatting didn’t make me write more. It did make me stop gaming though.

I did get to se the latest episode of the Originals. They happen to be a very dysfunctional immortal family.  Didn’t know actress Claudia Black was the antagonist for the epsiode.  I’m assuming she’ll be a recurring cast member. I can’t wait to see the next epsiode.  A southern locale, supernatural beings, and crazy family.  I’m in.  My only gripe was when Klaus had his confrontation with his father over the disdain for him that his pops could have admitted he was disgusted with the affair his wife had all those years, and took out out on Klaus.

That Unhip Moment

As a reminder, being off the internet for over a month was an interesting experience. I love my social media, but being away meant learning more about myself. Returning means seeing some things with fresher eyes. It ain’t a perfect experience, but it ain’t that terrible either.

I was reading an article when the word “SJW” appeared multiple times, and I hadn’t a clue as to what the word meant. I realize I’m behind in the times, and lingo does’t always sink in. The natural step for me was to look up the term on Google, and get some context.

“SJW” stands for “social justice warrior,” and it’s a a put down to those who champion causes they know know little or nothing about, that they can grandstand upon for social cred. From what I can tell this goes along with “false outrage” (histrionics over resolvable issues).

This is the internet version of calling someone out who doesn’t practice what they preach, or simply the ability to run off at the mouth, but left the facts and action down the street. Old school facts: that’s how one got their ass kicked. You talk smack, can’t back it up, and your goose is cooked.

What this reminds me of is the many conversations and posts I’ve read online that seemingly had the conviction, but not the strength or courage to be more than an upset cabbage cart. Not that all my experiences are like this in the least, but it sheds light on things I’m not interested in reading anymore.

I’m a firm believer that if you don’t like something, you have to make changes. I can’t change people, so it means I gotta keep some things moving. I don’t want to be bathed in negativity. Can’t avoid it, and it can be managed. It can be dismissed, and quite frankly, I got not time for insincerity and drama that’s not in a script or screenplay.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

Late Night, and the Rain

It’s raining. It was slow and steady, and now its pouring down.  Its good to be inside, and out of the bad weather. Being this late, and dark, for me, being outside can be rough. I know because I used to work late, and had to drive in the rain several times in the past. It was not a treat of an experience, but something that had to be done. The best thing that can be done, for me, was to take my time, as the destination was going to be fine, if I kept my wits about me.

Did little writing today. A lot more research than expected. Looked up theme, and its uses in drama. This is the point when’re I wish I had my cinema books nearby, as they can be handy sources of information. Just made due with what I had, and that was good. At least I’m able to put a little more thought behind what I’m writing. Looking at a theme and exploring it though storylines as a cohesive effort seems daunting, but I think I’ll manage.