Fork In the Road

Drew this mask for the cover of a story.

Art by  S. Raynard Haynes.  I drew this mask for the cover of a story I wrote a while back.

A few days ago I posted a drawing, I call “Duality,” on Facebook . A friend, who happens to be an artist, responded to the image. We talked about the image, the art, and creativity in general. So part of the conversation was on how to become a better visual artist than I am now.  So this means doing more drawing. Right now, the medium, at my disposal is pastel, so I could make a series based on the image. I don’t mind.

One question that burns in my mind, is a choice to throw myself into art and make it my primary goal.  One reason to jump in this pool is my degree is is in Studio Art. I’ve been tried in the fine art disciplines of drawing, printmaking, painting, and photography. So there’s more than enough reason to get back into something that once brought me a lot of joy and creativity.

The side whammy, is that it puts a schism in my writing. I LOVE writing, and trying real hard to make it my primary focus. As many know, I have struggled to get this television script off the ground. I’ve written three episodes, and have been editing, rewriting, and trying to get it presentable. To get back into art, and put it first is not a bad idea, especially if I can get people to see the material, and to share more.


Art by S. Raynard Haynes This was another attempt at creating duality, but with a mask that dominates the face.

My plan is to post a bit more of my older art pieces, and if I do anything new. Expect more pastels soon. It’s the medium I can work in at the moment.

Of course, I want to do both, and possibly strike a balance between both screenwriting, and artwork. The thing is, one will dominate, and the other will be on the side.  Not because its bad, but because no one can do both simultaneously. I should have gone into sequential art, then i could have both.  LOL I have decisions before me, and I pray for answers.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

All artwork © S. Raynard Haynes


The Monday Goodness

This is Monday, and unlike yesterday’s post, I hope to post it and not overlook it.  Yesterday was uncommonly cool.  The temps were mercifully lower, and that meant a little relaxation.  Summer is a trial of discomfort that I’m loathing, and pray I’m able to get from under.  

Writing went exceptionally well yesterday.  As with the previous post, I did write the new teaser (first three pages). As I revised it, I knew it would replace the original. Then it became four pages.  It wasn’t easy to incorporate as the story resisted, and cutting the original teaser out didnt help me. 

Needless to say my first act which was fifteen pages became nineteen pages, and it needed to get back to fifteen (goal: four acts, fifteen pages each). After daring to cut more than intended, and removing a dialogue heavy scene.  

Now today is about more writing.  Gotta keep at it.  

Happy creative endeavors.  

Slacked Off

NOTE: Wrote this post on Sunday morning. Failed to complete it, but for the sake of accuracy, I need to follow up with what I did yesterday in a depressed post.  

Did minimum writing yesterday, but in good with that.  I needed some time to relax and recharge my mind.  
Today is another animal.  First a blog post, then I’m firing up the laptop, and working at the TV script.  I have to fix act one, after adding a new teaser (first three pages).  It changes some things, and rewriting is a must.  I think this gels the first fifteen pages. As far as any plot logic issues.  A few passes for any grammar and clarity is a must, but I’m happy.  

Then it’s onto the next fifteen pages (Act 2). It’s all done in quarters, so maybe I get to Acts 3 & 4 between now and Wednesday.  

As always, happy creative endeavors. 

A Quick Saturday Post 

It’s Saturday, and the sun appears to be hiding, which means less heat.  This place can be an inferno of discomfort.  So yes to less discomfort.  

I did write yesterday, so that’s a plus.  Based on a friend’s suggestion, I came up with an alternative action-oriented opening.  By action I mean less diogue, and an explosion of sorts.  Now to intergrate that with the story today.  

Another friend dropped a powerful thought in my head in regards to art and writing.  It’s made me contemplate some stuff, and fear the outcome.  It was a great conversation.  Thoughts on creativity like this can be exciting.   It means more work, but she has work be a deterrent? 

As always, happy creative endeavors.  

Thursday is a Good Day

Today is a nice day. The weather is a bit on the verge of the storm with the sun hiding. Were this winter, I think this would be dreary weather. So long as it isn’t that dreaded southeastern heat and humidity is not too bad for me.  I like to start the day with some writing. Blogging is writing. Writing is good.

Speaking of writing, I feel very blessed that I have a friend I was able to send the first act of my script to read.  My belief is that if you get the first act written well, then you’re good.  This friend really doesn’t like to sugarcoat what’s wrong with a script. If it doesn’t make sense, it gets called out for being wrong. She asks all the right questions.

At this point, I’ve put my ego aside to hear what’s not working, and fix what needs fixing. While I wait for feedback, it’s time to write something else. Revise a project, read a book. Do something.  There are a couple of short stories I’d like to make a dent in.

Happy creative endeavors.

Coffee and a Smile

Got up extra early today.  Not sure why. All I can say is sounds and heat snapped me into awareness. Yesterday, I made an effort to drink less sugar-based drinks, and more glasses of water.  Yes, I’m having my coffee this morning, and will have a couple glasses of water to start the day off too. Been thinking more and more water as it is typically hot and humid, and why be dehydrated and full of sugary drinks when what I need is more healthy options.  

Writing has been the same since last night.  As per yesterday’s post, I wrote out a concept, and it marinated on my brain last night. Woke up wondering why the guy would want to sleep with a woman who he hasn’t seen since high school, and did he want more than a one night stand. I came to the conclusion that this guy makes bard relationship decisions. So I know he wants the old HS crush, but what he needs to do is think about what’s truly important to him.  His obstacles are two-fold: the lady is unattainable, and he doesn’t value himself enough. I could make this work as a screenplay. 

Now to marinate more on the tv scripts. Revisions was simple, last night. Act four of episode one needs some plot revisions and rewriting clarity. Surprisingly it’s been smoother for the past few days. Will keep it up, and discuss my ideas of genre options in a different post. At the very least, I need to work with what I have.  

Happy creative endeavors.  

The Lusty Fiend

today was a little change of pace in regards to writing. Decided to research a little more into formatting, and improving the protagonist, and characters in general. With most stories, it’s all about bout the protagonist, and their desires, and what gets in their way. I hear this in every book, video, or article on screen and script writing.  In wiring, in general, if a writer has an idea of what your main character (AKA protagonist), you’re on the right path.  

So, now that I can digest what I wrote, I wonder do I know what my character desires? This harkens me back to knowing what a MC’s hearts desire, or their greatest fear. Whatever I think it is the desire will be denied, and the hero will ultimately confront his fears. It all seems simple now, but I remember when I first heard it, the words didn’t sink in.  

So I had this idea: think of it as a sex story. Usually the sex desire is clear in my head–story wise.  

Character X wants sex from Character Z, whom he’s had a crush on since high school. Now that he’s a millionaire, he thinks that’ll sway her to his bed.  The obstacle: Character Z doesn’t even know X is alive, let alone finds him attractive.  Furthermore she’s into waiting for months before even thinking of sex, and maintains a strong Christian background and appearance. So character X has got to get Z to notice him, and make her fall in love, and want to sleep with him.  Damn those are tough obstacles.  Why is X putting himself through this? 

Now I have to know what happens.  Clearly his ego is high, but he still can’t get the girl with his bling.  Does he just want a one night stand, or a start of a relationship? It needs more work, and sex was not as simple as I thought for a story. LOL

I will say this, I’m intrigued, would develop this, and before scripting, I’d figure out the answers to the questions I raised. There I’d find the theme, and have a viable screenplay.

That’s enough. Glad I wrote, glad I blogged, and happy to have a new idea to contemplate.  

As always, happy creative endeavors.