Not Feeling It


Yesterday, I was a bit bummed out, and my creative energies slumped hard.  I found, after a day of efforts to get some things under control, I simply wasn’t in the mood for looking at my laptop.  I had scenes to write, and in the back of my head, I allowed myself to relax, and close the laptop without adding to the TV script.

This act, however (pardon that pun), did not excuse me from writing. I told myself even if I handwritten out one scene, that’s what needs to be done. So I pulled out the pen and paper, and wrote out a scene. It was simple, minimal, and something.  I believe on “testy” days, I still owe it to myself to put some kind of effort forward.

I also was distracted because I watched the Blacklist. Before that, I watched the Odd Couple. Not 100% feeling the Odd Couple, but that’s fine. It was ok, and kind of sad.  The funniest part was the “accidents” that befell Felix and Oscar.  Perhaps that’s what the show needs, more accidents.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


A Minor Setback: The Sequel


Yesterday I found myself doubting the quality of the direction of the TV script. There was a “not again” moment that I dreaded popping up. So I gave myself the day to go through dread, and doom, and I knew that overnight I’d make up my mind to finish what I started. If it’s bad, or need or a rewrite, it happens AFTER I’ve completed it.

At first, I told myself not to be so stubborn, and just make the changes, however, I loved the outline, and this is after making multiple revisions, and figuring out how to make the format work. I didn’t just settle, I made sure the theme was related to each story in all the acts. There was thought behind what I created. To doubt it now is not what I need. It’s just worrying, and it’s blah.

I think, in my mind I want it to be perfect, so I keep revising in my head, and as I write. That’s not fair to myself. I can get the formatting correct, and I know how to put it together, it just has to be done. Allowing that fear into the room, and staying will ruin my momentum.

The only change I would remotely consider is taking a break and working on a different project. It would take my mind off my anxiety, and that’s acceptable to me. Ironically, I wrote a bunch of random dialogue, which took my focus off creative stress.

Gotta stick to the decision I made when I committed to scripting the outline. I allowed myself a day of doubt because I’d rather feel like it didn’t work on a single day, then keep revising. I’m going to take a chance on what I have in front of me.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

A Minor Setback


I’m still writing the episode for the TV show, and of course, there had to be a complication. The page count I set up was off. I found out because tracking may pace and location within the script was necessary so I didn’t go over or under. It turns out I added an extra page where I didn’t need to, and thus threw my game off.

This meant doing a recount of how pages I set up each for each act, and the pages allotted for each story. I also needed to modify how I gave some stories more pages than others. It all has to balance out. So it’s a minor setback, and not necessarily a “back to the drawing board” act.

For the record, its always good to find these errors early on, as to not have to rewrite three scripts because of a bad page count, or story acts that are vastly off. Writing is rewriting, but not all rewriting would be fun if I didn’t figure out some stuff along the way.

Tonight’s film, Blade II has proved highly distracting. I’ve seen it multiple times, and thought it to be background noise for me. Its not. I’m watching it like I’ve never seen it before. At least I got the page count done.

Happy creative endeavors.

Two More Pages


Pages can be tricky, but I’d like to do, before bed, is write two more pages.  Why? Well, why not? I have some free time, and I’m a take that time for something I can do, besides loafing about.

What I said about my writing. At the moment it’s not a paying gig, but it’s still work, and I like working.  Keeping at writing helps me stay focused and busy. I like having a project to turn out.  I’ll keep working until I get it done.

I have to be honest; even though I get confounded from time to time with the process, I do love it, and always want to do more.  On a second note, yesterday’s thought was to start over.  I KNEW if I allowed myself time to mull over my frustration, and press forward, I’d clear up a few issues.

I guess my lesson is as it always has been, you gotta see things through to the end.  Frustration is a mess, but it can be beat in time and through perseverance.  So it’s a work day. An unpaid work day. But still something far more valuable than one can tell.

Writing 2/27/15

The saga continues as I work on the script of this first episode. It’s been a long time coming, and I’m glad to put my efforts towards writing what I’ve dreamed of completing. As mentioned earlier, it’s quite a task to get things to work in the order they should, but things are shaping up. I’m praying and keeping myself focused on the finished product.

Part of me is scared of what I’m working on. This story has gone through so many changes, and I so want it to be a completed product. I’m simply nervous, and a little afraid of what I’ve created. For this project, I didn’t even bother to play video games, or get lost in a movie. I want this to work. I can use a break now, as three hours in, and I’ve not eaten a full meal, just nibbles and snacks.

What I got done today is good. I got the page count to line up with the technical aspects/requirements. The opening, and commercial breaks (teaser and act out) are in the right place. Now I can relax a little, and think of how I can get the next part of the story down on paper. I dunno if I’m being nuanced, or simply its me being overly careful to make things work well, but I’m positive the next episode will write much smoother.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


Well, before the laptop gets fired up, my bed must be made.  Sounds silly, but it has to be done. While its firing up, I can put the kettle on for some hot tea with honey. There’s a lot to do, and I hope to get it done.
First, I got more concrete ideas written down and I’m working on those. The TV show does not lack for material.  What I need to do is clarify. I had to write out a few scenes to see where I was going. More importantly it told me about the main character. Then more ideas arrived.