Today Mom had an appointment, came hone and rested. I answered her phone and took messages. I don’t give out deeper information than this. Likewise if she’s sick, I tell people, she’s got the flu, and resting. Other than that, you will get the deeper details from Mom when she’s able. I had a cousin call, and took it as I withheld pertinency info from her. This implies my Mom was ill/or not doing well. In truth, she went to bed late, got up early. I knew she was tired.

I got a call, later on from another cousin. By that time, Mom was awake, and taking calls. Even later cousin 1 called, with a different number and disguised her voice. I suppose she thinks I’m going to do something different, but I gave Mom the phone. It didn’t take long before I knew this cousin was a hot mess, and indeed thought infer on my Mom’s health was being withheld from her. The only way to take this is to laugh about it.

Trust me when I say if theres a drastic illness, I’d let people know. A doctor’s visit, and the paranoia comes on out? Really?


It’s Late

Didn’t do much yesterday. Wrote some screenplay stuff today. Hope to write more soon. I needed rest from it. My mind was not in the game like I need it to be. It happens. Yesterday was not about writing. I was poor at it. Did more loafing that creative. perhaps I needed the break. Looking at the show, Crisis right now. Not sure how long the kidnapping can last, but I like the tensions, and procedural elements here. It begs the questions as to why I haven’t write some version of a procedural myself. That’s something to think of. I want the script to have at least ten pages soon.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

Fantasy Story

NOTE: Late last night I wore a post, and all I have to do is press the “post” button, but I needed to write another post this morning to get my mind flowing.

Been working on putting down ideas and information on a fantasy story,and it’s time to document it. Late last night I wrote out the main characters info. Just a few paragraphs of info and will add more to it. Also wrote out notes before bed that include plot and history. Those notes need to be typed.

Drew a crude map of the town where the series takes place. It’s a start at visualizing it. May draw images of the characters to see what I can see. I don’t know. The more I build of the world, the more I like, and hope to write more today on it.

At the moment my brain is unfocused, and I’ve only scribbled a little of the material. I needed coffee, which didn’t come out anywhere as good as it normally does. Sipping on water now, and thinking that I need to try harder I f I’m going to make my life and this story better.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

Just a Little Bit of a Workaholic

For the past couple of days I’ve been writing out ideas for a fantasy series. part of it was to put out as many plots I could think of, and choose from the best. It became a bit of a process, as I began to write more personal ideas for many characters, and the world took shape. I compiled everything, and hope to look it over soon. I miss having ink in the printer, because I would print this out, and mark all over it. ┬áThe cost at the library to print is not to my liking at the moment, so meh. I’ll have to edit on-screen. As far as the ideas go, I don’t know where this is going to end, BUT I love that it has a foundation to work from. Also I think after a few more ideas I will have more than enough to put some scripts together. I have a pool of thoughts to swim through. It’s all good.

Happy creative endeavors.

Idea Man

Last night was about trying to put ideas down in a file, and notebooks, and it seemed like several of the ideas gelled, and I typed up what I could before bed. After bed there was scribbled notes, and that made my night. Woke up today, and typed out what I put in my notepad. Also wrote some more ideas down, and between this, interacting with family, and social media.

Let me say, because I was so focused, it seemed like everyone needed my attention, and felt very comfortable in stopping me from writing. An unfocused me, is a cranky me, and it seemed, for a brief moment, the more I resolved to focus on my writing, the interruptions multiplied. I’m glad this slowed down. I need to write more, because as I was freshening up, more ideas popped into my head. Still a blog post has to happen.

Happy creative endeavors.


Sometimes for stories not only does one need creativity, but the confidence, and clarity to see the material to completion. There are days where those don’t feel like they are in abundance. Other times I feel like a mess. Other days it’s about being silly, and not being deep at all. It’s like being a hot mess, but smelling like roses at the end of the journey. I have no clue how to make things better. I’m just moving on. Excuse me, I just got inspired to write something. Gotta go.

Happy creative endeavors

Sunday Motivation

Part of this day’s been about relaxing and trying to think positive. I then went into writing more poetry. This time about being an inspiration and continuing on a positive vibe. So I have a draft of a new poem. I though about a poem that I wrote earlier. It had a strong rhyme scheme, and the thought occurred to me to change the rhyme to a different word to see different results.

Right now I don’t feel like writing, but I did think about an issue with a previous story. As I followed the beginning, and middle of this story in my head, and remembered several stages of writing from the books I’ve read, I realized that this particular story only has an act one. There’s no real beginning or middle here. I told myself there was because I wrote out so many pages.

I spent time writing where the protagonist reaches to a point of no return. This typically signals the start of act two, thus there’s no middle. What does this mean? I have to revise once more. This story is at page 5 1/2, before we cross the threshold. The goal was to make a shorter story than the usual, to see how far technically I progressed.

In the past, I fine tuned this story a few times, but it looks like I’m going to do it again. At this point, I’d like to see this story completed with a full draft. Act one needs to be redone, and act two needs to be done. Only then can act three come into play. I’m gonna go work on that, and see what I produce.

Happy creative endeavors.