Crazy Carolina Weather

We had days of rain, and murky skies. Today, however, the sun showed back up in full focrce, and beamed the heck outta the area. You almost miss the rain. Needless to say, it was hawt (not hot, Hawt) and I was rather drained.

Soon, it was meal prep time. I made chicken alfredo. It seemed to take forever. I sat down, only to realize I only imagined I wrote today’s blog post. So here I am, writing today’s post.

At leat it’s done.

Happy creative endeavors.


The Why Got Me

I am revising my premise based on feedback. The question remains, why does the character do what they do, as it is part of the inciting incident.

So far, my re-wording has been clunky, AND I am distracted constantly by fam. It may be time for headphones and music to relax and revise. I really need some undisturbed time. I want to de-clunk this premise.

That said, I keep having other ideas, I joy them down, but I am giving a single project my attention.

I will figure it out.

Happy creative endeavors.

Back to the Grind

My allergies are working OT, even though I took my meds. Welcome to another fun work week that starts off chipper, and with a blog post.

Spent yesterday watching vids on writing, as well as getting some clothes washed. Apparently, I like to squirrel away clothes, and learned that my dwinding supply of fresh items were merely in a bag, out of sight.

Moving forward I am hoping to.get some stories together. If only to “see” characters better.

Happy creative endeavors.

I Want To Go Back To Sleep

The title is true. I am beyond tempted to go lay back down. That said, I am up, and its time to get things done.

To be fair to myself, I worked six days a week, as opposed my typical five. You really don’t miss that day of rest until you don’t get it. On top of that, it was busy, and hectic. My goal was to do work and get out. It worked.

Will be writing more, and have been revising premisies in my free time.

Happy creative endeavors.

A Late Post

Last night, fell asleep earlier than expected, again. I was tired, and that took me by surprise. Typically I stay up late, but nope. Went to bed early, was sleepy as all get out when I got up this morning.

I suspect the obnoxious weather changes and upcoming daylight saving time is messing with my system. Gotta work with it.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

Cold & Fever

For the past few days, I have been bedridden with chills, fever, and coughing. It was so damn lovley. I got to bask in the zone of agony, discomfort, and a leave of my senses.

My nights were sweaty events with fevered dreama, only to wake up cold, or partially cold. All I could do is drink juice and eat soup.

All of that sweet, precious energy wasted on a few days. It was paradise.

That said, I’m being completely ironic and sarcastic. I was miserable, and it is still taking time to get full strength back.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


It was my day off, and I had errands to run…for other people. Them I foolishly went to Burger King to get a bite to eat. Store was too hood, and I knew better. Last time I went there, they ran out of Whoppers. Today they telling people in the drive through to please come inside to order.

Never again. I don’t care if I have to go ho lome and cook a burger first. No more of this store for nothing. Too snatched up, and still open for biz.

That and I wrote a litte today.

Happy creative endeavors.