Another Late Night Post

In my defense, I had to work today, and early. It’s not my typical workday, and it rained overnight. On top of that fun time, it got warmer, and my allergies fired up, literally. My eyes felt like they were buring. I woke up in pain. Cracked my window, took some meds, and tried to call asleep. The. The alarm went off. I had no choice but to get up.

By time I was on the road, the rain didn’t let up, and I drove like an old man. Got to work, put books away, and the thermostat was set different on the floors. My desk was warm. Upstairs cool.

Writing was minimal, but that happens. I am happy the meds took effect. That stinging was relentless.

Happy creative endeavors.


Another Late Post

I feel meh, and don’t want to do anything. This doesn’t mean I’m not doing this blog post. My writing has nearly stopped completely. It feels like a low cycle, where the output dries up, and it restarts itself anew. I, however, feel compelled to write a blog posts. I try to be consistent, and even when I fall off the blogging horse, I get back on. I need to bounce back. I loathe feeling blah.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

A November Petite Post II

Y’all, I forgot to post this morning. I don’t know what’s happening to me, as my routine is totally thrown off. I feel like I’ve lost control of things, and this is not what I want or need. So at the very least, this post is, in part, to say, “hello,” and “keep writing.”

As always, happy creative endeavors.

Hey, Saturday!!!

Wrote a post. Wasnt feeling it, so I’m writing a new one.

Chaos has come and went in, and quite frankly its manageable for the moment. So, I turn to being creative.

Today I had an epiphany about working on themes, and how to implement them. It really helps when I stop fighting the idea that I am a creative person/artist all day. It’s not compartmentalized, as I sometime do.

That said, I’m glad I wrote a new post. I need to contemplate some more things with with no filter or sanitizing of thoughts.

Happy creative endeavors.

Truth Is…

Trut is I haven’t been blogging much, but it didn’t mean I stopped writing, which kept up.  I’ve also been taking writing more classes and trying to get myself in order. On top of that it seems my schedule has conflicted with everything; my life, diet, sleep, and creativity.  I am not a happy camper.

That out of the way, let’s talk of pleasant things.  One of my writing lessons has been to look for the emotional payoff of characters in a story.  So, the question of “what’s this story really about,” sunk in for me.

After much contemplation I found myself writing down something that was too real and raw for me, personally.  It really pinched a nerve, in addition to being an emotion I felt I could explore and discuss.

My initial reaction was to pause, let the words cool down, then I went on to working on technical aspects (outline). Still there’s an elephant in my room that’s being ignored, because I felt I was shying away from my own story/character epiphany.

So as chaotic as things may be, the current goal is to get back to the heart of what I discovered, write it out, and work through a pinched moment.

On a side note I am glad I paused from blogging.  It helped me want to blog again.

Happy creative endeavors.

Wallet and Keys

For a brief moment I forgot I placed my wallet and keys in my book bag, and was walking around carefree. It was only after I was in the middle of returning a cart to another department that I realized I didn’t have the wallet on me, or my keys, so I panicked.

How was I gonna eat, or get back into my home without either. I sincerely hope I didn’t drop  them.  Then it downed on me that neither was lost, but in my book bag. A few moments later, they were back with me. I felt safe again.  If this isn’t a basis for a story, well, then I’m doing something wrong. At least I got a sense of relief.

I almost feel like getting a latte, however, I won’t be getting one.  That’s a story for another day.  For the moment I just want to back in the glow that I didn’t forget or lose my wallet and keys.

Happy creative endeavors.

Weird Ideas, Gaming, Goofing, and Writing

If I learned anything in my life, my goofiest ideas are often the most interesting angle I can have on a story, and should write them down even if thy don’t make 100% sense. I have lists of nonsense words I keep just so I can review and use them later, BTW.  🙂

Yesterday was a slow day where I recovered from the after effects of a migraine, and tried to take things slow. I had a few ideas for some things for the novel and they still don’t make 100% sense, however, maybe they shouldn’t, at the moment.

If given enough time to think on them, I’m sure they will add a nice layer to the story.  I still feel I have a LONG way to go with this novel. It never feels right or complete.  I need a writing life coach.

Happy creative endeavors.