Ok I’m Awake

I was trying to avoid writing today.  Woke up feeling pretty meh, but then I went to my personal blog and did some writing, and I promised myself another review this week, so I have tomorrow to get the latest one in.  I wrote out a page’s worth, then remembered I have notes for this one, AND I don’t have any images to share.  Of course, I can’t find the DVD to take some pictures from because I’m all like blah and meh this morning.  This is a typical morning.

It shouldn’t kill me to find this DVD, but the issue isn’t finding it so much as finishing the review. It’s like homework at this point, and I am bemused by myself with homework again.  I’m like am I making myself do college work when I’m not taking classes?  Perhaps that’s what I needed all along, busy work to stimulate my brain.  Poor brain’s been needing this kind of boost.  Not questioning it.  I simply hope it lasts.  Off for a DVD scavenger hunt.

Happy creative endeavors for all.


Doing It

Sometimes while contemplating what to do in regards to writing I get fed up and do what comes to mind as opposed to trying to resolve all the conflicts that come my way. It doesn’t make things perfect, but damn it sometimes you simply have to get stuff done and everything seems to be in the way.

Working on a plot for a new story. I love that I at least sat at my laptop and typed out a page full of plot. I suspect I’ll need several more pages, but this is raw ideas not a tight story construction. I already see tangents and disjointed thoughts, but a first draft is not supposed to be magical.

I used to hate a celebrity dream. Today changed that. Today I’m loafing about as it pours down rain and I hope it doesn’t storm. Been hit by some odd dreams that are film and television based and academic in mind. The first was about getting two Emmy Awards during a class where where they were presented to me by Sam Waterston. What a fun, made me feel great dream. I was ready to give the world my speech.

The second dream was me in class and the instructor was Christopher Lee as Count Dukoo. OMG. I failed the test (73), and the whole class made low scores. I’m grateful he didn’t use force lightning in us. He was disappointed in our scores. I woke up thinking that dream was cool as all get out.

It’s certainly better than the dream I had a while back about taking my comprehensive exam and Beyonce came in to room take it too. She passed it. I didn’t.

It’s the Weekend, Baby

For me today’s been about research, writing, reading and relaxing.  This weekend’s movie is Lord of the Rings. Love these films, and I can sit back and enjoy watching it.  Thinking of picking a side film to watch.  Not sure what it will be, but it should be entertaining.  Wouldn’t mind a monster flick or two.  The Creature From the Black Lagoon is good, or perhaps Forbidden Planet. I have a fondness for old school films with creatures.  These two couldn’t be more contrasting, yet similar.  Both feature creatures who act out of instinct, and fear’s a strong element for within the film, and the audience. Back to the biz.  Have a good weekend.

This Day Gave Me a Headache

To be fair, I may have given myself a headache.  I’m all sorts of stress and de-stressing just to re-stress.  Somewhere in today I should go lay down and reflect on how silly some things can be, and even sillier is my reactions to them. So, I say to myself, “everything will be ok.”  And why will it be OK? Well at the very least headaches go away. The day will smooth itself out, and I’m not gonna be stressed all day. Then I get another upset and I’m back to square one.

Upsets come into my life like a passionate lover who wrecks the place after making me fall for her. She busts my bed, wallet and bank accounts to keep her satisfied.  Then she leaves me like it was only an experience. She struts on out of my life and doesn’t even bother blow me a kiss goodbye. As I stand there dumfounded at first, then foaming at the mouth angry with veins popping on my forehead. My fists clenched tight enough to crush diamonds. The resolution stares me in the face. Why am I caught up in a fun metaphor that sounds like a really steamy drama? It’s kinda fun.  All days should end with a post like this.

What?  Sometimes a brother needs to get creative to get a smile on his face, or he’s gonna sit on the couch feeling as low as a politician’s actual morals vs his public stance.  Have a good weekend, y’all.

I Don’t Feel Like Writing

Got a case of the blahs, and that means I need to get over that hump.  Been working on a revision of an earlier post, and I have some items in draft that need serious attention.  I’ve been scribbling here and there, but it needs more energy and devotion.  Thus begins me getting off my duff and doing this warm- up writing post.

Gaming has owned me for the past few days and I feel like it’s a good distraction and procrastination tool, but I gotta get busy.  At least I didn’t slack off on the job hunting portion of my day.  Needless to say the job hunting is very meh. It happens.  it’s a slow, dull streak, and I never give up.  Writing’s like that.  I need to put things back in order before I end up with a few more incomplete pieces of material.

I can say I did have a writing frenzy not too long ago.  Working on multiple pieces to get the mind going. I produced some fiction and a blog post in draft.  I remind myself to write down ideas I have for other posts so I don’t have that “what to write about” feeling when I sit down. It’s why I have a notepad at my workstation.

I did suffer from a very sore neck in the process of writing.  Stress and bad sleeping is the enemy.  The I’m reminded that good pain relievers need me to eat something first, then consume the pills.  Some of them cause the stomach to bleed without food.