When the Pane Shatters

Window pane, of course.  Yesterday consisted of me working on some lines and descriptions for a horror story. It was something to keep the hand and mind occupied-as opposed to buys. Busy to me meant my hand was simply moving, and mind darting all over the paper.

I want to push this further, since I keep getting my focus broken, so these staccato-esque sentences and fragments may help, and it keeps me writing, so I’m in favor of that.  Also I want to know what this is leading to.

On a side note, I was reminded that the fantasy script contained a LOT of horror elements, and this over three episodes was it’s one consistent element. I still need to make clear what the main character’s evolution is going to be.

Part of me says he needs to work better with people, another part says he needs to chill, while another part suggest he needs to close his cases and worry less on others.  More work to do.

Have a good weekend, and happy creative endeavors.




Granted some of the distractions is procrastination on my part, but when I do hunker down and get ready for business, one of the things that seems to be common is people find a way to interrupt me repeatedly, and thus break my flow.  There seems to be no relief from this kind of foolishness.

It does grate my nerves when I find a quiet moment and make myself sit down and put effort into a project. I say make myself because most of the time I have plenty of creative thoughts, but when I commit to a time to write them, it seems the thoughts up and run away.  They’re worse than feral cats that want the food, but refuse anything else.

So a moment’s peace, commitment, and looking up notes should be a great combo of event that lead to action, right? Wrong. Suddenly my name is called several times within a twenty minutes span, or someone hovers like they’re some damn Crimson Peak ghost and shit.  I have to stop what I’m doing and address some things that often DON’T Need me, but rather the person in question seeks attention.

The worst part is when I play video games, no one bothers me, or I get extra cranky enough to say pointedly, “do not interrupt my gaming,” which usually gets fam to leave me alone.  I’m gonna need to do a “do not interrupt my writing unless of an emergency.”  That might help me out a lot.

Conversely, at work, I’ve gotten used to jotting ideas down and being interrupted, but not being annoyed.  I put ideas down quickly, and try my best not to write anything that’s extra long, or use bullet points.

Happy creative endeavors.


Sugar Rush

Well, the other day I decided to make some sweet tea. We were out of sugar, so I had to go buy some and then it was time for some sweet tea.

The formula is pretty simple.  Hot water to a large container with sugar.  Let the sugar dissolve, then add the tea bags. Let it steep for a while.  Afterwards, slowly add the tea to a pitcher with ice and water. Tea completed.

Well that day I didn’t move fast enough for a family member–who wanted tea, like yesterday. Well, he decided to make it. I didn’t worry or, care until I tasted it, and then I  noticed my newly retouched sugar bowl was mighty empty.

So I asked him how much sugar he placed in the tea.  He gave a modest amount, but that tea was over-sweetened, and I couldn’t drink it.  So I had to go back, and steep two more tea bags, then add it to this pitcher. Therefore the tea is far stronger than I wanted even with more water, but it cut down a lot of the sweetness.

I am so salty now cause I’ve wasted sugar and tea correcting someone who thought they were correcting me. I suppose I should move faster to make the tea, but how the hell is it supposed to steep if I don’t allow it to have time to steep?

I’m not buying any more sugar this week, or tea bags. We’ll just have to drink water if we run out of both.

Happy creative endeavors.

A Sly Fox Waits, and Waits…

It’s been an odd month with me truly not being on point with my writing output, and frustration’s building to a nasty peak.  I really find myself disinterested in writing, which feels weird. I can only guess my lack of sleep, and outside influences are a mess. I don’t like that I’m not writing.

So this fox waits, and waits for his inspiration to hit me.  I’d rather put my brain to work, but sitting at a keyboard, or even with my notebook has been a mess.  I’m finding myself annoyed, cranky, distracted, and doing everything but what I need to do.

Perhaps good or bad writing, I should just write anyways. At the very least I can say I put in the effort as opposed to waiting for the moment of inspiration to strike. Other wise it’s gonna be a meh day.

Happy creative endeavors. I say this without irony. I do want people to get in touch with their creative zones.

Wednesday Goodness

It’s been a few days of not feeling well, back in the sun (big mistake), going to bead early, and a doctor’s appointment early this morning. I was surprised I woke up that early, AND that I haven’t gulped down a large latte yet.  I did have a cup of coffee this morning, and that seems to be enough for me at the moment.  Oddly, when i don’t have a latte, I go to bed early. When I do have them, I tend to be awake for a while–like 2:30 AM without a hint of sleep in my system.

I’m grateful I went to sleep early, and that I wasn’t too groggy last night.  Mind you, I don’t like mornings, but I needed to see the doctor.  Learned my blood pressure is up, and that’s not good. Mind you, it’s not at a critical level, but I need to reduce that.

Spent a few days writing off/on for the novel, and it’s been like little visitations, then I’m off.  One thing that’s occurred to me is the main antagonist never shuts up.  he is in my head with lots of indignant comments that I put down when I can, but I am like dude, you’re killing me.  Shut up!  LOL  Lil bastard was like, “Excuse me? Where he hell do you get off? Read the marquis. I’m the headliner.”

Yes, he sassed me, but I love it. He’s too grown for his own good.  His comeuppance can’t arrive any sooner.   LOL

Happy creative endeavors.


I’m Sick and Tired…Or Least I Was

For the past few days I’ve been under the weather. Allergies, congestion, and sinus pressure went gang busters on me AND I had a strong case of heat exhaustion. Needless to say I had little to no strength, stayed indoors, and tried not ti over exert myself. Stuff happens, and of course I just had to wade through it. That said, I found myself writing, as it was easier to do, and required me to be still enough to put things on paper, or on in a file. That I did without any fanfare. It was good. Started writing a chapter of the novel. It’s all rough as all get out, but I like what I’ve done.  Also had some ideas that I need to implement past the creative idea stage.

Now it’s time to take more steps towards being better. I need a latte.

Happy creative endeavors.


I Lost My Wallet

Four words I never want to utter, nor think about. Yet today I did. Was sure my wallet was in my pocket, as I placed it there, or at least I thought I did when I was distracted.

Needless to say this morning as I knocked over some papers, bent to pick it up, I dropped my wallet in the process.  Without realizing this, I walked outta the house, got to work, and didn’t have a clue.

Of course, I needed to get some coffee, and I reached for my wallet, only to find it wasn’t there, and I had no clue as to where I misplaced it.  I retraced my steps, and it wasn’t outside.  I went into panic mode.  I got permission to go look for it, and went home thinking it may have fallen in my patio.

Over time I found where I dropped it, which was a relief, but I was rather dismayed that I could have potentially had my info and bank card stolen.  That’s all I need within the course of my day to be saddled with the drama of freezing my card, replacing my items, and just feeling ok.

Since I was able to calm down some, I’ve been trying to be grateful and should do some writing, which I haven’t, but for me, starting with a blog post helps put me in a writing frame of mind.

Happy creative endeavors.