Tired III

In my bed with hopes of getting up and about soon. Finals seem to be contagious, as I appear to be sleep deprived and need more rest and relaxation. I hope today is that day for the r&r. I’m thinking music will soothe my mind. 

No plans today than to go on top of a workshop project, and plug away to first draft. Yesterday had a moment of clarity, where the original proposal set for critique was not something I liked, so I rewrote it and resubmitted it to class with hopes of people responding to it. If not response, I’m still moving forward with it. 

I feel strongly about the direction, and this is why I like to write things out before they are due. It gives me time to digest things, and see what’s going on in my head. Otherwise I get days where things are clear to me. 
Happy creative endeavors.  


Tired II

Yesterday I thought I was tired. Well today I’m even more tired. Couldn’t sleep, and stayed awake a bulk of the night. I must have had three hours of sleep, if that. I did have a cup of coffee, and its taking a lot to stay awake now. This is most annoying, and inconvenient, and my poor system is feeling it about now. It’s hard to put some energy towards anything, but I’m making myself blog.

Found myself writing to stay awake. While not bad, I seem to have hit the wall, and hard. Whatever shall I do to recover my old self again? I pray I fall asleep and stay sleeping until I get at least eight hours in. Otherwise, I’m toast.

I wanted to post, and now I have.

Happy creative endeavors.

Sell Yourself

The final components of the workshop begin now, and boy am I nervous. First, it’s all about crafting a tight proposal, and I want to get a head start on this. The main components of this proposal is getting the story across, and selling myself as a credible writer capable of putting the proposal to full novella and/or novel form. I’m nervous as all get out, and I want to play confident, cool, and collected, however, but this is what I want to do, and I want to create a top-notch proposal.

So far, I’ve been good to where I have had fun writing short stories, and it has shown through in my work. I’ve had positive responses, and its clear I need to tighten up some of my technical skills. Positive and constructive feedback has helped me improve my material, so here’s to hoping I get more progress. My ultimate goal for the workshop is to get these stories published in an anthology or magazine after some revisions. It feels very exciting.

The proposal is the priority at the moment, so things will fall into place, and part of that is looking at other workshop classmates initial concepts and offering some feedback. Surprisingly I had some questions when I read their material, and I hope I helped out in some way. For the record, I don’t just say, “good work,” I do offer what I think and see without any snark or hate. The group’s been good, no negativity whatsoever.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


I’m a bit annoyed, but I’m also tired. This means I’m sleepy as all get out, but some writing needs to get done. At the very least I’ll do the minimum, get some sleep, and be good. Family is trying to distract me, which isn’t helping my ability to focus to write.

The weather has been nice, the house warm, my television died, and fixing it may cost more than a new television. It seems a lot of things have been breaking down, which has annoyed me to no end.

Still working, and the place has been busy, Super busy, however people need service, and I’m here to assist in the best way possible. It’s not bad, but my poor body feels like it needs more rest. Last week was a six-day weekend, so I’m hoping that this five-day week won’t allow me a breather.

Still writing. Another workshop assignment due, and that needs to be worked upon, and I will have that done soon. I feel so busy, and need to slow down.

An Opening

So, the night before I needed an opening to get my short story ready for the workshop. For most of the day I contemplated whether to write on an existing character, or a new one. I felt like the choice was the most agonizing of the pair. Finally, late, late night before bed, my mind was like on the new character.

So I wrote out a few pages of an exchange with the new characters and story. The goal for the workshop was to focus on the dialog. The dialog carried the bulk of the story, and was to show conflict, otherwise it was just chatting. So I got several pages last night, and new I’d have to touch them up the following day.

The good thing was that I was able to get an ending, that I felt was too raw. I was able to revise, and add a few details, and make sure the formatting worked. Again I used the Notes app, however, I used it on the laptop just in case I needed to work on the story on the go. I could make changes from what’s left of my old iPhone.

I am happy with the results, so it was good to get stuff done like a champ, and submit the material for feedback. I like the way this workshop has forced me to write more on a consistent basis. This has been worth my time, even though I kinda worried over what to submit. This only reminds me to push myself harder to achieve goals and resolutions to issues.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

Shame, Shame, Shame

For the record, my writing workshop or class has been all about Bizarro fiction. In the simplest form, Bizarro fiction is weird writing that incorporates elements of surrealism, absurdity, satire, parody, dark humor, and mixes with other genres. I always think of the Pop Surrealists art movement that happens to be text. Bizarro can be trippy, bleak, hilarious, or tragic.  There are some good books out there that were a mix of odd and disturbing, and some fun.

I’ve been learning a little more about the genre, and trying to write within it. I embraced the class with enthusiasm, and it’s been fun. I’ve been having fun trying to get my stories together while reading other class members stories. We all seem to have our own unique flavor. Needless to say this is a class of diverse talents. It’s also taught me to accept that fun ideas and weird can go hand in hand.

However, would I let my parents read my stories? I laugh at this because as someone with a southern upbringing, the kind of weird, imaginative things I dream up may have my family looking at me sideways. I can hear the “what the hell is this you’ve written” beaming from my parents’ brains directly to me. I can see my family wondering, “what kind of mind dreams up this kind of stuff without being disturbed.” Needless to say I am judged for my creativity if it doesn’t fit a certain mold.

However the answer is very, very simple; “my mind dreams of such things, and I love it.” I like being happy, and creative. I like working on projects that interest me. I love not having to try and fit my stories to please everyone when the goal is to tell an entertaining story. So I guess I’m ready to take the shame of being a Bizarro writer. Does this mean i get to put a scarlet “B” on my clothes. It’d look nice on a sweater. Or what about “Weirdo” on the back of a shirt?

I live for these moments.

Happy creative endeavors.



I have another writing assignment on the horizon. Well it’s due tomorrow, and I needed time to decompress. That was an issue in itself. It seems the moment I got to chill, someone went out of their way to distract me. My poor mind was “on” all day yesterday. It was not how I planned to spend the day off.

Flash forward to today, and this assignment needs legs. I really need an opening line to start the wheels of my imagination. On the one hand, I kind of wanted to create a new character, as it randomly popped in my head, but there’s a chance to expand on the characters I wrote for the last assignment. I really would like to see this character fit into a novel vs short stories, simply because I liked writing them, or I could do a series of short stories with the characters. I don’t know…yet.

So new character with all sorts of potential for silliness, or older character who has that lived in feel who could use exposure. These are the decisions that shape my creative world today, and I feel a bit nervous. God willing, I will get my stuff down on paper, and have this done.

Despite my conundrum, this is the most fun I’ve had writing in a while. Hopefully, this feeling will expand to my other works. I get the feeling I can do pretty much what I need to in order to get writing projects done.

As always, happy creative endeavors.