On The Go, Go, Go!

I almost skipped blogging today. Today was one of those “get out of bed, and get things started” type of days. I decided I should give it a go and write something. I don’t mind it, as I got some things out of the way, like working. Now that I can relax, and my neck pains and migraines were thwarted, I need to relax or I’m back at square one. I need to treat myself to some pure quiet time. Maybe some reading, and a few movie rentals. Dunno what I’ll watch yet, but I’m gonna watch it.

While I made the NaNaWriMo quota, I was thinking of how the novel needs a lot of work. What I can say with confidence is I pushed myself in a great way.  I have a lot more ideas, and jotted them down. I also found myself resolving one of my short stories, and coming up with an entirely different idea for another novel. Need to jot that idea down too.

After work I’ve been laying in the comfy chair, simply vegging out and enjoying not having a thing to do. The holidays are just around the corner, and it’s time to plan out some things. It should be more fun than expected.  I sense a few pleasant surprises around the corner, so here’s to great things happening for everyone.

Happy Creative endeavors.


NaNoWriMo Cherry Popped

I participated in NaNoWriMo 2012, hit the 50K mark required for the contest, and I still have more I want to write for this novel. That’s a great thing. It was quite the experience, and I never put this much into writing anything on this scale before. I’m very happy I made the attempt, and worked towards my goals. It means that when I put my mind and action together I can produce results.

I have to be honest, the week of Thanksgiving threw me off and I sincerely doubted that week I’d make the goal because quite frankly it was hard, catching up drove me nuts, and threw me off my schedule. I was happy to do 1600-1800 words daily. I was taking one bite at a time. I did step up my game and went for 4,000 words daily. I found my stride. That crisis made me stronger.

That brings me to my next conclusion of life in general. We all rise from our crisis and upsets, and we’re stronger in ways we may never know. I suspect if I hadn’t had other upsets in my life, I would have never slowed down to try NaNoWriMo. This was a real enjoyable experience I don’t mind sharing with others. I got just as much from it as I gave.

Other upsets I met were things like how the characters, genre and story changed on me. First it was a surrealistic urban fantasy.  Then more of a sociological fantasy/sci-fi tale. Finally it morphed a straight up fantasy tale. All of it legit.  I also found myself with three potential protagonists.  My protagonist was always one main guy I knew for sure, but then I developed a separate storyline with a female character.  Her story’s very different and complicated. Finally I created a villain, who was a bit of a stock character, but I thought I wanted more out of him. He became a bit tragic, and his vanities broken. He wasn’t just a villain anymore. He could take the lead in this story.

Who knows, I think I have some spin-off tales here.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

1000-Plus Words, Cooking, and One Letter of Recommendation

Hello all. It’s been game on time today as I began writing a letter of recommendation for a former student who deserves the letter. I’m happy to lend my voice to her.  Also preparing a meal for the crock pot (lima beans). It’s got me busier than the typical day. Also writing, writing, writing, as NaNOWriMo ends on Friday.

I do feel pulled in various directions, so slowing down is the key to getting things done. I wanted to make a blog post for sure and I need to drink some water, as I had coffee, and I knew better, but I did it anyways. It helped a little, but now it’s time for water, water, water. All of a sudden I feel like I need some sleep.  I suppose this coffee either didn’t work, or I’m really sleep deprived.


Yesterday worked a lot on my novel (4007 words).  Stopped for the night.  Impressed I got that much done in one day.  If anything NaNoWriMo’s teaching me I can do a lot with my time and energy if I put my mind to it.  Let’s see if I can duplicate that number today.  Something interesting happened while I was writing. I wanted to work with the villain, and devote some time to develop him past being a petulant bastard with a lust for power and being a bit inept. I gave him parents and had him interact with them. Next think I know I raised the stakes on him, and made him more developed than the actual protagonist. So now my villain technically is more of a protagonist at the moment than the protagonist.

I did all sorts of things with this development.  Changed the character’s name, and explored the consequences of his actions.  It ain’t all roses, and I think while I didn’t think about it, things that happened became gruesome and horror-based.  Of the many parts of this draft, this is the one that appeared to have strength, and pushed the story forward.  I admit I was a bit stuck where I was, and dared to start revising soon.  I need to write out a new scene with him soon.

I’m a bit mystified, but at the same time it’s obvious my antagonist has a story to tell.  Furthermore my genre morphed from urban fantasy to fantasy. This shift was unexpected because I started working on a slightly surreal, urban fantasy with sociological ramifications. I nearly lost all of the sociological aspects of this story. Once this month is over, I need to take a breather and reorganize this.  The story is nothing like I expected, which is both great and a bit intimidating.  There are four more days left to write, so let’s see where this takes me.  I can tell you the ending’s nowhere in sight.  I can say I changed some of the rules of this world.  The hero’s gonna have to change as well.

I should say by contrast the actual protagonist developed a bit.  I’m trying to figure out who he is and why he does what he does.  He’s a slow start.  I can tell you he’s grateful to be rid of some harsh situations in his life, and is moving towards figuring out what he wants todo now that he’s free of some burdens.  Wonder why he doesn’t have the stakes raised on him? Will have to change that after I give the “antagonist” a love interest that I imagined he had right before I fell asleep last night.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

Back on Schedule

Yesterday was the drive back home from the family, and while I miss them, it was time to get back to my home. The roads were busy, and that was ok.  The interstate was the busiest, and I wondered about that.  It was a lot of rubbernecking for an accident on the opposite side. The moment I passed the area, the traffic congestion faded into nothingness. I feel for the people in the accident.  Hopefully a lot more people made it home with little or no interruptions.

Today I finally get back into my regular routine.  After spazzing a bit because last week throw my writing count off, it’s nice to get myself back to a state of decency.  There’s a lot of things I need to look into and complete today, but I feel like that I can’t get them done if I don’t put forth the effort.  Went to bed late, and I knew I shouldn’t have, BUT I wanted to sleep.  Time seemed to play tricks on me.  First it was 1:00 AM, then it was 6:00 AM. I think I may have not read the clock correctly.  It was rather funny.  I went back to sleep just the same.

Worked on my novel yesterday.  I wrote 2,500 words for the day, then after midnight some more writing.  I honestly don’t know where this novel is going.  I put more focus on one set of characters, and i don’t know how to bring some of them back into the fold, as they really are becoming two distinct and separate stories that only share the same world, as opposed to being tied together.  It’s not a bad thing, by I wonder about both of the characters created.

Let’s hope I keep up the momentum for writing, since NaNoWriMo ends this week.  I’d love to reach the 50K mark, so that means more writing.  I gotta get some more stuff in.  I feel nervous.  I also created a few new antagonists. if push comes to shove, I’m gonna write out a battle scene and keep it moving.  I need for things to move.  This first draft is an awful hot mess of a draft.  I’d have it no other way.  If anything it’s still moving forward, which is all one can ask for.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

Writing Fool

Hello everyone. Happy Sunday! Today is a bit nippy and mellow.

Spent last night and this morning writing. Not bad, as I figured that I’d work on the novel today. I’m a bit tired of typing as this is all being done on my cell phone. I can’t wait to break out the laptop soon and add some more writing.

Family’s been fun and exciting. I really want to stay longer, but that’s not happening bad my Brother said, at least you had some time with family, which is more than true. I am grateful for the time and the change in venue.

Didn’t do as much reading as I would have liked, but I did get some in. Now it’s time to get myself together and relax on my comfy couch or chair, peep a few movies, and watch some more. I kinda want to write more pages we’ll see how much of a total I get tonight.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

A Mind Divided

Hello All,

Woke up with a headache, and hoping the Aleve works magic. Freshened up, said my hellos, and now ready for some errands. Putting writing on the errand list.

Got a little writing done, about 1800 words. Not bad. Part of writing and letting it be on this scale is sublime in part because I have a need to revise. I’m gonna have to hold off and work on some new chapters.

I have a week left to hit the quota and being thrown off by the holidays worries me. I dunno if I can make it to 50k, but it doesn’t mean giving up. If all I get is 40k by the end of the month, the. That’s where I get. I have to see NaNoWriMo through to the last day.

I’m getting hungry now. Gotta get myself together and go.

As always, happy creative endeavors.