Multiple Projects

Well my schedule hasn’t been my friend this week either.  I sincerely feel the crunch/demand on my time, and I don’t blog at work, so that’s out the window. Now that I have some free time today, I want to get down to business.  I’m trying to create a couple of treatments for some screenplays that I want to start. Part of the issue is writing it out first. Those first few drafts always look rough. They’re a mess, and need some fine tuning. I’m ok with that aspect, after all my motto is, writing is rewriting. I’m happy I got a draft down, but it’s gonna be time to rewrite.

I should add, that I hand wrote down what I think is the start for the pilot for a science fiction TV show.  This came after a few days of writing down several versions of episodes 1-4 and upon looking at them, I knew I had to rewrite parts of all of them. TV scripts are different from movie screenplays, BUT the method of writing and rewriting is very much the same.  I’m gonna need to write more to get the first episode looking good simply as a my first idea/proposal page. I want to have least three episodes minimum, so I can determine a lot of the direction but I wrote out what I thought episode four would be.  Trying to keep an active theme with each episode. Handwriting this out has been a challenge.

So treatment one has a first draft. I want to do one for treatment two and a possible three. I really need to value my day off soon, and gets to writing. I’m already behind in my daily schedule, cause I am pressed for time.  It’s incredibly rushed, and a bit tiring.  This has got to change, or I get adjusted to these time compressions soon. I feel like a hot mess. I also feel pressed to get a lot done.  This reminds me that I want to do some laundry tomorrow. Get my clothes feeling and smelling fresher than fresh.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


Not Really Slacking

I’m not. There’s stuff to get done that’s non-creative.  For the record, yesterday I hand wrote out some ideas for a TV show.  Filled my notebook pages good and proper. I do need to find the time to type them up.  Somehow looking at it typed invites me to think and add more. Also cooking today.  I have collards made already, so making some BBQ ribs. After par-boiling, they’re in the oven, cooking. So I’m good with that.

Have to meet a peep a bit later, so I don’t know when I’m a get that typing done, but I know I’ll get it done. Also I want to do some gaming. Gaming is fun, and I want a mild distraction. I can have that. I really want to relax and enjoy this day. I also want to give thanks to the many brave men and women who’ve served our country.  While it seems like a simple day off, imagine if that freedom wasn’t available to us.  Yes, my brain needs a recharge, but I want to make sure to make note of why I’m taking a moment today.

Happy creative endeavors.

Let’s Get That Groove on Sunday

So today is a day I’d rather loaf, but I go things to do.  Let’s start with the writing.  Working on a few writing projects with a friend, and we’re trying to get these projects on schedules so they get completed.  It’s difficult, and tricky to manage things when there’s so many ideas going on for diff projects.  I am more than pleased to say the brainstorming sessions did us good, and we have some solid ideas to go on.  Part of this will be me printing out some things and looking over what we have.  I”ll be able to make notes from there, and keep progressing.  I already have a mental list of the things I need to get started on today. It feels good to go into creative mode.

Cooked yesterday, so I feel like I don’t have to do much today. I went all southern, and made collards, they’re a bit spicy.  I need to clean the fridge soon, just so I don’t look into a cluttered space once more.  Once again, If I won’t eat it (the other stuff, I’m throwing it away). I hate to throw away food, but at the same time, I know leftovers occasionally looses their appeal after the third time.  A note to self will be to make LESS portions of foods.

I do want to watch a movie soon.  Something to get my brain in gear. Currently typing and listening to a mixed playlist of songs.  Sometimes that’s what I need to start off my day.  Also it keeps me writing, and a little distracted as I dance to the music, instead of focusing. I know,, I know, back to the writing.

Wishing everyone happy creative endeavors.

P.S. was combing through several of my old files on my laptop, and my hardcopies, which is filled with concepts,  that I abandoned.  I need to get back on top of those. I feel I can do better than that. While I’m not going to add them to the schedule just yet, I need to get them into rotation.

Keep it Together

Missed one day of allergy meds, and my eye feels like the Human Torch said “flame on” inside of it. Feel that burn.  Schedule is all a hot mess that I have yet to get together. My brain is barely set to work on stuff, and now I have to contend with an on fire eye.  Allergies stink so bad. I should have known it would be on when my nose was running like mad last night before bed.  It wouldn’t stop leaking.  By then I had already took my allergy meds, and I was for sure good.   Never mind the nasty heartburn I had.  I must stop going to McDonalds. That burger really put a hurting on me. Thank God for hot tea and Gas-X.

Back to the morning; Of course as I stumble my way to the bathroom, and as I turn the lights on, the bulb blows out.  Ok, I need as much light as I can get while squinting.  For a brief moment I wondered if I had light bulbs. It wasn’t my morning for light and and seeing out of my left eye. Sadly finesse with one eye is weaker than weak.  So I improvise:  Lights in hall on, bathroom door open.  I live alone.  No one’s disturbed. I’m so glad in all of this I didn’t pee on the floor.

Writing was minimum. I was a little mentally bankrupt. Did decide to distract myself with gaming last night.  I really need to get my brain back into creative mode. At the very least I’m making myself blog today before I do anything else.  As my eye cools down, I feel that things shall fall into place.

Had weird, obscure celebrity dreams and nekkid people.  There are times I wonder what the hell is going on in my head. Needless to say I wondered a lot about this dream between my eye burns, and laughing at myself. This is my mind having its own version of fun when i feel all congested with upsets.  It by far isn’t a perfect morning to wake to.

As always, happy creative endeavors and if you sufferer allergies, I hope they go away ASAP!


Time, Work With Me

These schedule changes are the worst. I can’t get to sleep like I want to, and my mind’s a mess today. I’m a have to try and get myself together, and get something to eat. Had to get up and purchase some more allergy meds, because I refused to do it last night. Well I also told myself to get up earlier today so that I can have a little more time to get my head together, and nibble on something.  I really want to go back to bed.  Where’s my hot tea? Oh well, gotta do what I gotta do to get things done.  I’ll get used to the new schedule soon, and things will flow.

Writing was minimal I had an idea and I put it in my Notes app, which was a good thing since I wasn’t thinking much of anything else. Once I strike a good balance, I’m sure I’ll get into the swing of things.  I feel like I’m a hot mess of thoughts and ideas I don’t feel relaxed enough to put stuff down on paper. That’s gotta change ASAP! If anything I’m feeling like that chaos will simmer down and I’ll be back to writing.

Happy creative endeavors.

I Needs Mah Tea

I’m making a cup of hot black spice tea, and my home smells like french fries.  Opened the window while I ironed a shirt and pants.  Speaking of my iron, the one I had, died today, and I really needed to get the kinks outta my clothes, so a trip to Wal-Mart was in order for an inexpensive iron.  Inexpensive being fifteen dollars. I’m not pleased that I spent money on it, but it was a must for the sake of looking like I didn’t roll off a park bench, as I’ve seen so many others do with ease no less.

I also need a peanut butter sandwich to calm my tummy, and to feed it something I can abide by in the morning. I don’t want anything else for the moment. About do do some more writing, and I figured I’d eat and drink something before I go all into my creative zone.  Now I’m regretting opening my window as two people are talking at the top of their voices and as much as I like people being happy in their conversations, I’m not wanting to hear what they have to say.

For the past couple of weeks, my schedule’s been up and down, and I’m a bit discombobulated from the time shifts and quite frankly, my sleep patterns are so jacked up, I feel like I need vacation from the changes. I need a smoother flow.  Spoke with family members, and trying to make sure all is good with them. I love my family. They work hard, and I’d love to visit them soon, if just to hang out and enjoy some time with them.  I have to get to business soon, and I’m trying to get this post done proper. Here’s to hoping we all have a good day.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

The Master has Arrived

Last week had a lot of schedule changes, and my sleep pattern went all to heck with me trying to maintain my sanity. Coffee didn’t help me the way I figured, and that was no good for anyone. I found myself up all night last week, when I was up early that day, and that’s never good for me. I found myself up past 2:00 AM with no sign of sleepiness in my eyes. How I loathe when caffeine works against me. I thought we were friends, coffee. You let me up, and never let me back down.

I’m calling my last draft, the “master,” but it’s far from it. I wanted a draft that I could call real tight, focused and presentable. In a way the master “resets” the draft count back to draft one.  by that I mean once this is read over, I’m sure I’ll have to make some revisions. I don’t mind it at all.  It’s par for the course. I pushed myself pretty far, and sometimes to get the extra oomph, I think a little kick is needed.

Went on to writing up a new idea I wanted for a screenplay, but it has an episodic type of feel, and that means looking at it more as a TV series, or perhaps a comic book that would allow me to explore the ideas. I woke up and kept adding ideas, so I don’t know where this will lead to, but I’m gonna keep writing it until I run out of ideas to put in there.  CLearly there’s a story arc for the protagonist. I’m thinking of a sub story for several of the other characters because it will be fun.

This means I need to work on another concept, because I’d like to get another screenplay into motion. Well time to get onto concepts, and keep things moving.  In the background, I’m playing/watching parts of Clash of the Titans. The 1980s version, which is the best version, in my opinion. It is a Harryhausen classing, and sadly Ray Harryhausen passed away. The man had magic he brought to his creature effects for films.  Clash of the Titans being one of those films.

As always, happy creative endeavors.