It’s already a hectic day but I am glad that yesterday in spite of being distracted I had the sense to write down some ideas I had.  On of them came to me while driving.  I’ve got to learn how to use my voice recording feature on my phone properly.  I did write them down and what i wanted to do with the story.  Both have science fiction flavors so I hope to develop these ideas into full fledged stories soon.  What’s more important for me is jotting down the ideas.  Even if I have to use the notes feature on my phone it’s important to get them out of my head.  It at least gets the ball rolling on thoughts.

Today I’m trying to get organized and that means everything from laundry to housecleaning.  In the middle of that I’ll write some more.  A few lines to keep me going.  I need that.  I am disappointed I didn’t work on a short story as planned.  Time got out of my hands and after a few appointments I allowed my mind to relax a little.


Good Posts Elsewhere

My homegirl, Kat is so crazy skilled with the writing.  I think you’ll enjoy her postings, but this one post, Writes Like a Slut has me dying of laughter at her creativity and ability to turn a negative to a positive.  Well done, Kat.

My buddy Emmet has a new blog, the Momus Report.  It’s on entertainment in comics, films,  and books. Dude is super amazing with the writing skills.  Give him a chance.

My friend Sarah beach is also a writer of some keen talent.  Her blog, The Scribbler’s Guide To Myth is worth checking out.  She also wrote a book on writing not too long ago.  You’ll find a link here. Will be updating my blogroll too, so don’t worry.

Also this post is from my personal blog, Yeah I Write This Blog.  I like the post but found it would be a bit backwards to double post when a link will do.

Of the many things.

Of the many things I’m needing to do today is write a new short story. Something in the fantasy genre. Why? That’s where my thoughts are today. Let’s see if I can make something worthwhile. Sometimes I feel like not thinking too deeply into a project. All one needs is some solid time to write, good or bad to get my ideas out of head and onto paper and files its time to rock it out as opposed to wishing.

As I said earlier, I have a lot to do and I need to make this work ASAP so I cant tend to everything. Let’s see how much I can get done today. I do know, when I get home, the garbage goes out. No need to keep that on hold. If I wasn’t pressed for today, who knows what would happen.

Rest In Peace Auntie

One of the worse upsets anyone could receive is the death of a loved one.  Needles to say she was loved and a positive influence on many lives.  At least she can rest now with no more illness.  If anything I’m more than determined to make my life better and stronger.  It’s really hard to not think of someone whose gone all the time.  She will be missed, and she will be felt for the rest of my life.  I’m so grateful for the time we had together.  Life is amazing.  her strength gave all of the family strength.  That strength still carries on.

Think It Over

Sundays are funny.  I get a mixed sensation to not do a thing (rest) and to do something creative.  I already have a sense of direction and purpose in regards to story structure and direction.  I have a pal who challenged me to write something in a weekend. An off the cuff joke for a science fiction disaster screenplay.  With that in mind I have a lot of stuff to get done.  On top of that new upsets to the fold, which will be handled.

This Monday is off.  I must admit my sleep pattern has gone haywire and I’ve been sleeping later than usual and staying up late.  I’m a mess. Some good has happened.  I turn the TV off often.  I like my mornings with either some music or silence.  I don’t know how productive I will be, but I hope I keep up a decent pace.  I need my hot tea.  Did I mention I gave up coffee?  It’s a shocker. I don’t need it.