Delays and Restarts

My mind is always going on about something, so at the very least, it makes sense to jot some of this stuff down.  A lot of nonsense words came to mind, and I put them in a file. They don’t have meanings, at the moment, but that could change.

Decided to take notes on a book I’m reading. It’s called The Coffee Break Screenwriter by Pilar Alessandra. Going to try some of the exercises, and see what I come up with.  I do know it helps with trying to get the structure down, so that’s a plus. So it should be fun.

Allergies still going, but getting managed at a reasonable rate. My hope is to keep them from getting out of hand and feeling like a miserable rat. I usually feel beat down around this time of year, and some of the mis for allergies don’t work as effectively as they should or could.

Scribbled some notes don for some outlandish concepts for stories I hope to implement because they are outlandish, and push me out of thinking that stories need to be neat and somewhat “literary” or have some sort of magical merit. Why have I allowed myself to be filled with such foolishness that doesn’t even reflect me? Sometimes I need silliness in my day, and a lot of things don’t need to be serious, weighty, or meet out others’ expectations.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


Adventures With Congestion

Dealing with congestion is the pits. If I’m not stuffy, my nose drains.  If the sinuses are calm, then the allergies are attacking me. So many days of itchy eyes, malcontent, and trying to get rid of the ailments.  I do use allergy and sinus meds. Then there is the netti pot for flushing out my nasal passages filled with excess mucus. I may be speaking too soon, but at least I don’t have the sinus pressure that comes with any drastic change in temperature for me. The pain behind my ears, face, nose, teeth, head and eyes aren’t there.  Praise the Lord. Talk about experiencing misery around the clock.

Sometimes these meds make me feel drowsy, and I need some serious rest, or so I think.   Perhaps I’ll go to bed earlier tonight.  That should help me balance out some things, I hope. If not, it’s a long way from here, to sleepy time, so I better find a way to stay awake and alert. Besides coffee, that is.  As much as I want some coffee, it tends to agitate my congestion.  So booo on that, but I’m willing to let it go for the sake of feeling better.

Creativity needs to get on the go today, which is something I’m, not waiting to inspire me. I believe that I need it to keep me focused, as opposed to feeling a bit blah, which I do, but I want to be over that, and creativity helps.  I sense me working on an outline soon. Better that I go do it, than talk about it further.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

Sunday Evening

I was supposed to write sooner, but there were delays.  Yes, I wrote that in the passive voice, but it worked. It seems at night my brain has been working overtime, trying to resolve storylines it refused to work on during the day. So for the past few nights, I woke up, and tried to place some sentences in my Notes app.

Today I was supposed to work on them some more along with helping a friend with a storyline he wants to develop.  My poor mind is abuzz, and tired. I felt the power of DST and a schedule change, and sleeping late really didn’t work, as I woke up early (force of habit now), and that throws me off.

At least I got laundry done, and I vacuumed. I should go make some tea.  Not sure yet where my creative energy is taking me. I also have a new idea for a story, that I have yet to figure out the logistics, but I would like to see more words written about this.

Happy creative endeavors.

Friday Bliss

Today is another day and chapter in our lives.  Was goofing off with a friend, and before I knew it, I had a silly premise/concept for a story.  Don’t know where it’s going, but I liked that I could make someone laugh.  A part of me is a pure entertainer, and a goof, who believes in people laughing and having fun.

The world can be weighty, and scary. In America, politics have become part sport, part entertainment, and a lot of rhetoric. This is, however, is a race for the future leadership of our country.  Rather than diss any particular candidates, the process of seeing some, and hearing what they say, can be revolting and frightening.  Enough about that topic.

What I do want is to keep in line with humor, and getting our minds off of things that can be negative. So if laughs do it, well, then, I’m down for that. I’m also looking into drawing some surreal-themed artwork, and that will definitely send one on some kind of trip. Hopefully it will take your mind off your woes as opposed to enhancing them.

Happy creative endeavors.

The Push in the Right Direction

The brain and the body are constantly in flux for the past few weeks.  Daylight savings time didn’t do much to help, as my schedule shifted, and even my sleep patterns have run off the deep end. So I’m taking a moment to remember that I like writing, and should reengage as soon as possible because I don’t like long periods of not doing any form of creative writing.

As always, starting with a blog post is not a bad thing.  It merely gets the ball rolling.  This is the  warm-up for the day, and writing should have some frequency. So for every time the frequency drops, I’m going to have to build it back up. I don’t give up, so I’m happy to push myself back into motivation.

Working is both a blessing and a boon, as I try to build myself back up, and that, of course, takes time, and effort.  I feel like I’m gonna have to wait until the end of the year to feel the full effects of being employed, while I make my way back to a self-suntanning life. Things will get done, and life will keep moving forward.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


Someone once pointed out that I have an attraction to bad characters, and they were in many ways correct.  I have a creative taste for silliness, dark themes, and monsters. I don’t know how all those work together, but I enjoy writing with those themes in mind. Now I find myself thinking about more surreal and absurd ideas, which isn’t bad for me.

This introspection, in part, is me forcing myself to be creative again, and think about what I want to write and see.  Back to my title theme, I do like monsters and bad characters. Bad being malicious, petty, and vindictive characters.

Monsters, are just that, creatures, who can at least give a point of view for a story. Not 100% sure where it comes from, other than I loved mythology since I could read, and the villains always seem like they’re having fun in some films and books. The poor protagonists are kind of there being victims, and I loose interest in them.

This doesn’t explain my childhood fascination with superhero, and heroes of myth. Though heroes tend not to be victims, are stalwart, brave, and face some hardcore challenges. Perhaps I should accept that to write better characters is to embrace what appeals to my creative writing tastes.  It may also explain why some characters are harder to write for than others.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

Late Wednesday Night

I was supposed to write this a while ago, so late is an understatement.  Been fascinated with monsters of late, and thinking I should draw some for the heck of it, and why not?  It’s not like there’s some pressing matter I have to attend to, other than blogging.

Was also looking at writing some stories for fun, and simply exercising my creativity. For the past few days I’ve been cramped up in here and tired. A little unfocused tonight, however, I have to get myself together.

This is weird as I often feel my creativity drained, or simply laying low. I kinda need to push that to the forefront big time. Been scribbling stuff on scrap paper.  Silly images, that remind me I need a pencil in hand more than a pen.  May need to go buy a set of drawing pencils and a sketchpad soon.

Today I can’t say much creative happened other than random thoughts.  I hope to put them to paper to at least commit them from the brain to reality.  Also looking at taking a court in writing. Not sure yet if that can happen, BUT I want to make that happen if possible.

As always, happy creative endeavors.