Fountain of Creativity

The migraine must have heralded a fount of creativity, as I found myself writing a lot more in my notebook.  Some of it was for the novel, and some were ideas that were chilling in my head.

I then typed them when I had the chance, just to give the concepts more of a visual presence outside of my notebook, and a little more organized.  I need to keep working on them.

The ideas have a sort of cohesive, related theme, which is probably why they seems so clear to me yesterday.   One of my teachers once said, we write the same story over and over. Don’t know how true that is, but I do visit a lot of the same themes.

Some older ideas popped up as well, which meant they needed to be written down.  Once story I had so many questions, I typed them out, and hope to answer those quuestions soon.

The novel keeps taking these turns. Wrote down a possible rewrite by hand, and after thinking on it overnight, I realized I missed something, and will add that to the story soon.  Need to go back to the outline and add this as well.

Some of the dialogue I wrote out needs revisions, as I’ve thought of some new lines, and others I need to scrap.  It will work itself out.  I am happiest when I’m creative. so I love those aspects.  Gotta keep being creative.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


LMG 11/08/2016

LMG 11/08/2016
by S. Raynard Haynes

Relax your grip,
You hold on too tightly.
You think you rise,
As I struggle to breathe.
I’m fine, I’m alright,
I will never stay down.

Set me free.
Watch me fade from your eyes,
And you from mine,
Until we are distant memories,
Of where we used to be.
Where we dreamed of going,
Until we laughed ourselves Tired.
Set free the angry, petty stings of bitterness.

As they dart and revisit,
And you get high off
Vapor and foolish dreams.

Get it all out of your system,
Cleanse the dreams,
Hiding deep in your marrow.
Wash away with the dirt and pains,
That easily to cling to your body.

LMG: Let me go.
The truth is,
I have let you free,
A very long time ago.
You were the cautionary tale,
That was told and forgotten,
In my ages of caution,
Headed, and no longer needed.

Wherever I go in life,
I laugh, smile and move on,
With my life.

Calm Day

Happy Mother’s Day!

It’s been a calm day. Not that I was expecting rough seas, or something like that, but it’s been a good day to relax, and forget my woes for a time being, and to celebrate mom a little. I owe her a nicer dinner than I’m doing now, but at least it’s about making a meal, and being able to enjoy it.

Writing has purposefully cooled down for the past couple of days. This time was used to relax, forget the storm that was finals, and the campus wind down, shift changes, and generally coming down off of what felt like a roller coaster of dealings. Nothing terrible, just a lot of Irons in the fire, or so it felt. Two days of R&R is what a brother needed to feel good about himself.

For the record,  I am excited that I made it to the end of the workshop. Completion of a month long project always feels like there are ways having victories while we wait for brighter days of success. This was a positive step in the right direction. It by no means means I’m done with writing, or I can sleep on it. It just means I earned this moment to relax, and enjoy this time.

As always, happy creative endeavors.



I’m a bit annoyed, but I’m also tired. This means I’m sleepy as all get out, but some writing needs to get done. At the very least I’ll do the minimum, get some sleep, and be good. Family is trying to distract me, which isn’t helping my ability to focus to write.

The weather has been nice, the house warm, my television died, and fixing it may cost more than a new television. It seems a lot of things have been breaking down, which has annoyed me to no end.

Still working, and the place has been busy, Super busy, however people need service, and I’m here to assist in the best way possible. It’s not bad, but my poor body feels like it needs more rest. Last week was a six-day weekend, so I’m hoping that this five-day week won’t allow me a breather.

Still writing. Another workshop assignment due, and that needs to be worked upon, and I will have that done soon. I feel so busy, and need to slow down.

Wednesday’s Lost and Found

I lost my flash drive, or more accurately, I misplaced my flash drive.  This threw me into some serious chaos. I knew that I was careful with it, and placed it in a secure location when I was done with it, but I was wrong.  When I reached for it, the flash drive was not where I thought it was. I didn’t panic. I thought for sure I left it in my room, and when I returned home, I’d have it once again. It wasn’t in my room.  I did some mad searching for it too. This reminds me to clean up my room and vacuum behind the bed as soon as possible.

I did find it, today, sitting on my desk, out of eyesight. I stumbled upon it by accident. I’m rather surprised, and a bit concerned that I was so careless. Yes, accidents do happen, however, this is one misstep that could have cost me. At the moment, this is my only backup to my computer files, and when the opportunity presents itself, I can assure you I’m purchasing a back up to my back up.

This experience reminded me I really couldn’t describe my flash drive beyond a few basic points. That is not good. While the true proof would be to examine the files within the flash drive, and I named the drive after myself, there’s no outward label of this fact. I am taking a picture of the drive to show in case it does get lost publicly, again. It sounds overly simple, however, it will help me help myself in the future, if necessary.

I am going to take extra caution when using my flash drive, and make sure I put it back where it belongs. It was good that it wasn’t lost, but it could have.

Happy creative endeavors.

Note to Self: Get Well

A little under the weather since the weekend. Building my strength back, with drinking water, orange juice, and lots of soup (mainly broth). It’s not the flu, no vomiting, etc. I am tired, congested, and breaking though whatever this cold thing is supposed to be.  

My creativity has been impeded, but that’s understandable. Stuff happens. Getting better is my priority and let me tell you, it’s easy to take your health for granted. One moment you’re a bundle of energy, the next you need to lay down and conserve your energy. Your appetite goes away, and congestion builds up, and you need water cause you know in sickness people can die due to dehydration.

So me blogging is always the start of my mind working towards creativity. At least today I’m strong enough to focus.

I did get to watch some movies and tv shows. Jurassic World, a heap of Clone Wars episodes, The Two Towers, Age of Ultron, Hellboy, and Samurai Jack. 

As always, happy creative endeavors.  

Fool Up

Note: For some reason I’m having some text issues with cut and paste.  I’m willing to overlook this, as it fills in nicely with what I’m writing.

The term “fool up” is both regional and ethnic. It means something or someone is “crazy.” Crazy itself has varying degrees. It means any thing from silly, to dangerous.  Needless to say if you’re having some kind of chaos going, the situation or the people are “fool up,” and that’s not a compliment.

Writing has been at a crawl, but I found myself scribbling some scenes and dialog down last night. That’s always a good thing. It allows me to expand what i wrote, and there’s another scene that follows it, that’s in my head, and it disturbs me a little.  Something bad happens to people, and I’m trying to take myself out of the scene. I’ll have to face it, and write it out.

Doing some research into other literary styles, which can only inform any current or new projects.  I’m a bit of a mess, so I’ll just relax and let ideas flow.

Trying to think positive, and stay creative. Perhaps what I need is something completely out of the box, because as much as I like to think my creativity stands out, I’m pretty much coloring within the lines. It’s not bad, but sometimes I feel like the push should be to explore what feels unsafe and frightening. All of that is outside the comfort zone.

Was chatting with a friend, and was reminded about playwriting, and would love to write a few plays. Not sure of the logistics, and that’s not on the immediate pile of to do things. As another friend once said, “one word at a time,” so I gotta step up my game, even when I don’t feel that mojo going.

As always, happy creative endeavors.