Suicide Squad Trailer

Based on the DC Comics book of the same name, we have a story where mostly villains being blackmailed into doing secret and dangerous jobs for the government who has instant deniability.

How bad are these cats? Well they are the worse of the worse and headed by the demanding Amanda Waller. I want to see this.  I have a love for villains as protagonists in films.

I am also curious how close the source material was adapted. For the record the adaptation doesn’t have to mirror the books completely for me.  I’m merely curious.


A Cold Monday

It’s a cold day. Too cold for me.  I needs my hot coffee immediately. There also needs to be a blog post on my agenda, so here we go. Not sure what to say other than I hope to get some writing done via screenplays today.  Even if it’s a start, or addressing themes.Something to get the ball rolling as far as writing done.

Granted, being sick slowed me down, however I feel a need to be productive, after spending days laying down and resting. It was good to have absolute rest while ill, but I’m mobile enough now, and my head’s clear.

Let me also say I had ideas of what I wanted to write.  I really did.  I still have those outlines and ideas. I’ve also been watching some videos on being a better screenwriter (will post some soon). So I have a little more ideas on how to put some thought behind the work.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

Keep It Moving

It looks like whatever was ailing me has decided to kick rocks and leave me be for the most part.  A pesky, lingering cough, congestion, and sinus drama want to stay, but I’m handling them with the proper medicines. It’s good to be at least able to have an appetite again.

My mind has been filled with a lot of nonsense words for the past few days, and I’ve been ignoring them. Then the thought of defining these words came to mind. They have stories behind them, and my curiosity is peaked.

Last night, I was chatting with a friend. We were laughing at our love for silly genre movies on Syfy Network. Most of these movies are abysmal in terms of story and acting, but there’s an appreciation for kitsch films.

We also agreed that these films should be more fun, and less wound too tight. Think about it, Sharknado, in my opinion, is fun because its inherently silly in premise and content, and it seems most are “in” on the humor. Disclaimer: This does not mean I think it has universal appeal, or is a “must” watch, but that the creators/crew knows its silly and go with it.

Then I  joked that being a “serious” artist (me, who strives and struggles to have a tone and message with my work) needs to chill, and have fun with the text. I may have also said something about celebrating banality, and declared I may have started a creative/artistic moment. I’m nowhere near serious, but I do like being silly, so that was a moment of fun worth mentioning.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

Recovery Time

As whatever cold decided to beat the mess outta me, and I thought it would last a weekend, lasted a full week. I’m in a recovery mode. It wore me out good. My creativity dried up. The medicine gave me surreal and odd dreams I can’t really say was good.  I’m glad to be awake.  Still tired.  

I feel lot better though. I went out for errands and tried to relax afterwards. No ill-effects from being outside the house. I’m happy for that.  It is easy to take your health for granted, because when you don’t have it, loose your appetite, and find yourself drinking a lot of juice and water cause hydration is sometimes overlooked in illness.  
I’m still hoping to get creative again. The only good benefits to being sick was I laid down and watched a lot of films, and perhaps this time away from writing gave me a fresher perspective on material/ideas.  

Happy creative endeavors, and please don’t get sick.  

Note to Self: Get Well

A little under the weather since the weekend. Building my strength back, with drinking water, orange juice, and lots of soup (mainly broth). It’s not the flu, no vomiting, etc. I am tired, congested, and breaking though whatever this cold thing is supposed to be.  

My creativity has been impeded, but that’s understandable. Stuff happens. Getting better is my priority and let me tell you, it’s easy to take your health for granted. One moment you’re a bundle of energy, the next you need to lay down and conserve your energy. Your appetite goes away, and congestion builds up, and you need water cause you know in sickness people can die due to dehydration.

So me blogging is always the start of my mind working towards creativity. At least today I’m strong enough to focus.

I did get to watch some movies and tv shows. Jurassic World, a heap of Clone Wars episodes, The Two Towers, Age of Ultron, Hellboy, and Samurai Jack. 

As always, happy creative endeavors.  

Out With the Old, In with the New

Ever had a moment where you were so frustrated that you got over whatever it was that set you off? I’ve had many of those, and I am so glad for them. It’s the things in 2015 I don’t want to carry over into the new year.

I’ve been frustrated by creativity, and trying to resolve some stories, and I’m very over trying to decide on one factor over another.  Yes, some decisions needed to be made, but that’s part of the process.  No need to anguish over the little details.  Let the journey tech me if its right, wrong, or needs a stronger resolution.

The past year also taught me to go back and look over some of my guides and instructions. I totally threw some of the story structure out the window, and had to relearn some things in order to make the format work. So at the very least a simple basic is remastered.

Also feeling a need to delve into fine art.  Its something that I’ve been trained in, and to be honest, the best time I had discovering art was in a graduate art history class. Some of the stuff was odd, and I was indifferent to some it, but it reminds me of why art was important and communication is powerful.

Have a very happy, prosperous New Year,

Happy creative endeavors.