Robot Chicken: Bitch Pudding NSFW

The title says it all. I did, however laugh at the inappropriateness of the material, and the contrast of sweet and salty imagery.  I think I was supposed to use “juxtaposition” instead of contrast, but who cares.  Enjoy. If not, simply pass on by.  


Old and New

After a couple of inquiries, I need to clarify some of my goals and aspirations.  For those not in the know, I am a writer and blogger. I use a variety of mediums to write both fiction and non-fiction, such as poetry, short story, TV scripts, and screenplays. I prefer to write scripts and screenplays for film and television. You can add scripts for comics as well, and need to get on top of that.

Some of my education has been geared to film and television, mainly research, film history, film theory, and writing based on the text.  I also learned to write and format television scripts, comics, and screenplays for films.

The one constant project I’ve been pushing is the completion of a speculative pilot, and two additional episodes for a TV series. It is a fantasy series, and it is my hope that the spec pilot is gets picked up for production, and lands on a network as a series. This project has been a challenge, as I started, and forgot some of my teachings in regards to formatting. I went back and reread textbooks, and relearned the format process.

Also part of it is me learning to cut out parts of a script that, while they look good, may not fit with the story and format. Sometimes I’m adept at this, other times I’m terrible. At this stage I’m revising, and editing, since I have the luxury of doing so without a time table. I hope to have the pilot looking like a champ.


Happy creative endeavors.

The Late Night Thing

I find, after I turn off the tv, and everyone is resting, writing gets done. Last night was about revising material, and trying to make the script cohesive. One thing I have a problem with is cutting text from pages. I think its all brilliant, however, it can’t all be there. So getting to the heart of a scene was the goal. Don’t even know how effective I was, yet, but progress towards completion is certainly a good thing.

Last night also has a tornado watch, which kinda took the edge of my concentration. While we got rain and lightning, a tornado did strike Johns Island. I am grateful and sad at the same time. I just want to take a moment to reflect on how dangerous the weather can turn. Watching the news now, and learning the extent of the storms all over SC.

I’ve also been trying to give some of my dialog a few passes at being better. The rule is not be be too straightforward with what one wants when a character speaks. It’s kinda contradictory, as in my head one should speak their mind and be as direct and as succinct as possible, however being on the nose doesn’t always work. Thus, instead of saying “I want a bag of chips, cause I’m hungry,”  I have to figure this out in a subtle fashion.

I’ll take another pass at the dialogue soon.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


It’s the first day of fall, and the weather is mercifully cool and calm. This is my fave kind of weather. At the very least, the unrelenting heat is off the table for the moment. I don’t think I want to do another summer like this. All I can do is try to get through it, and I did, but darn the weather takes a lot of of me.

After a day of activity, from thefts post, I found myself not writing much. It disappoints me that I don’t keep writing even though I felt that the well is dry. Clearly its not as I still have ideas, and one simply doesn’t simply cease to be creative (do they?). Just where the heck is this leading to? So in a simple fashion, I need to get back on the wagon. Let’s start with this blog post.

This last paragraph has proven to be a challenge, which means I’m not focusing. I do owe it to myself to be more clear, concise, and dedicated to completing something. As it stands I feel like a marshmallow of thoughts.  Too iffy to get stuff done. That’s gotta change.

Happy creative endeavors.

Attitude Adjustment Department

Today is about having an attitude. Not a bad attitude, but about putting some energy and sass in my scripts. I want to write more than progression into my stories. I want to feel like these characters are on fire, sitting on blocks of ice, or standing buck naked in a forest of cacti. I want that imagination sparking, and the words flowing. Nobody gets on or off the page without doing something that pushes the story forward. 

So no negativity or blahs from me in my creativity. I will accept cheeky humor as these characters work the runway of these pages. Also I’m trying to break out of a rut. I need fierce determination and on point delivery. I also want to see me succeed, and that means I gotta push myself harder. I can get things done. It will happen, and we start now. 

Happy creative endeavors, peeps. Work your projects like they gonna be outta style next week, so make it all count today.  

Monday with a Chance of Rain

Outside looks gloomy, ready to drop rain at any moment. The weather man says 50% chance of rain. As long as its not muggy and hot. That heat can be ruthless at times. It makes for great discomfort. I digress. It’s cool and I’m having my iced coffee like its brain food. Should make a sandwich to nibble on.

Yesterday I found myself rewriting a scene on my Notes app. The write was to add tension to a rather flat scene, so from what I have mission was accomplished. The material was rough and unformatted, so today’s goal is to get this scene in shape. I have a few other items Notes I need to address, so there’s at least a technical aspect to adder if I don’t feel creative.

As always, happy creative endeavors.