The Weekend

I did do some writing this weekend, and I need to do much, much more. I’ve been a little worried about the direction of the novel, and had ideas for other stories. I feel like I’m being pulled in multiple directions. At some point I felt like a hot damn mess.

What I’ve been contemplating is the format of my storytelling. I did the novel in part because it gave me the freedom to write and I loved it. What I was worried about was that if the story wasn’t good enough for a screenplay, which seems stupid, but that’s how I felt.

Part of the epiphany I had before the weekend was to take a few more risks in regards to my humor and creativity. By that I mean take the chance to do the material proper (first draft), then evaluate it’s worth. For me it means looking at screenplays and writing more. I understand screenplays, wrote a few of them, and know how to address aspects of them. Perhaps I should be writing more screenplays.

What is love to to is write a list of ten concepts that I’ve been working,and this novel. Out of those projects, I’m gonna pick five of them to make into screenplays, and see if I can get the first acts completed soon. I feel like a mess, BUT if Work in what I do know, I can put a lot of things together.

Happy creative endeavors.


Day Twelve

Today had me hopping with activities, like my car battery dying an embarrassing death. I hate the chaos that brought to my day. For the record, I *did* write. I had two false starts, and a patio session that got me two pages. I’m trying to get my last quality page. Having car drama coated my day, and kinda stole my piece of mind. Stress, stress, stress.

This may be the day I don’t get three full pages. I’ll keep trying. I like the I for I created today. Didn’t realize it was going to be so short.

Happy creative endeavors.

Creativity is the key to success.

Day Eleven

Today, like the past ten days, was about writing my novel. I was able to get a good amount of pages done today, and hope to repeat the results soon. Got my minimum three pages done earlier than expected.  I ended up writing more, which is always good.  One thing that help me produce more was that I spent a short time in the patio. It was warm, decent, and cozy. Most of all it wast filled with too distracting of sounds, so I focused on writing.  three pages worth of it out of that time. It was interesting as I wrote something I didn’t expect, yet I’m pleased with what turned out. There’s not much to tell after that other than I look forward to writing tomorrow’s seven out, and I need to compile the latest material into the novel. As it stands they are files chilling out in my documents folder.

Happy creative endeavors.

Day Ten

It’s been an odd day and feeling under the weather. Managed to write some, but not up to my usual standards. I have yet to format what I wrote out. Let me start by saying allergy meds really stink sometimes. Was so groggy, and I hope I get more creative before the night falls. If I can write out four more paragraphs for the current scene, I’ll be happy.

UPDATE: I got less groggy, and decided to writer out some more. It’s bout more crude than the usual writing, but I mad emu three pages, which is good for me. There were elements of this day that just messed with me, and then there are parts of the day that help me mellow out a little. It’s good to be able to meet my minimum for writing.

I think tomorrow I will, at least, try to clean up parts of what I wrote today, then write more pages.  I have a good scene here to work out.

Day Eight

Normally this post is written earlier, but I was on a writing binge today, after a slow creative start this morning. Going with the flow paid off, as the total count of writing is an impressive 1,836 words. This also marks the most cohesive scene in the story, which introduces the primary antagonist. A writing break is called for, so I hope to relax, eat dinner, and forget the story for a brief while.

Happy creative endeavors.


Day Seven

It took me a while before I could get my mandatory three pages completed yesterday. My mind was not on a creative tip like I wanted it to be, and there was this waiting period where I did everything but write.  The moment things quieted down, I rewrote the passage I didn’t like from earlier that needed revisions. The creative flood gates opened, and I produced little more than the minimum pages needed to meet the daily mark.

Before that creative burst, my fear of not completing today’s pages led me to think that perhaps there should be a break in writing this novel. I do like the idea of a “divorce” from some projects, as time away from a project can allow the gift of seeing the project anew. That wasn’t what I needed at that point. I needed to quiet my busy mind, which was filled with other thoughts, and things to get done.

Eventually I will have to sit down and examine what my main character wants/needs, and what’s going on, and if the concept/premise still holds true, however i still feel a need to write without overthinking it all. If arise in the story, then let it.

One a plus note, I’m on top of the three pages worth of writing for Sunday. That’s tomorrows post.

As always, happy creative endeavors.