This is Sunday

This is Sunday, and stuff needs to get done, and writing must happen, or I face being too serious a procrastinator.  Even worse, I give into my fears too easy. So I know some rewrites are in order, so I better get on point, or sit down and try. I don’t mind failing with the rewrite IF I place effort into the revision.  If I’m laying low, well, that’s on me for being too timid.

Last night I wrote a scene to replace the opening, however, it didn’t include the main character, and I wanted more on this new character.  Its safe to assume this new character would be the main character, and throw off the entire series. At the very least, readers would want to know more, and it would be too bait and switch as a writer to do to audiences.

My point for that last paragraph is that if I didn’t write out this scene, I would not have thought about how to improve it. I do feel like a hot mess, but I feel like progress is made by mistakes. If I wuss out and procrastinate, I don’t figure things out.

Spent the morning reading articles on making scripts more effective, and this reminds me to consult the books I bought a while back to become an effective writer. A former professor said I’m an “over writer,” and therefore my scripts contain too much details. Lets work with trimming the fat, so to speak. I don’t mind.  Will keep you posted on the results.

Today started as a non-meh day, so I’m praying that feeling stays. I’m encouraging all artists to work on their respective crafts, and keep up the progress.

Happy creative endeavors.



Trying to get myself together this morning, and stressing out over bills.  It’s time to do some writing.  Didn’t like all that I wrote last night, and perhaps the TV script needs me to have more objection to it.  This means working on something else for the time being.  I don’t mind.  The goal is to give the script the best possible revisions.  So in the back of my head it means I need to keep asking, “how do I serve this story well.”

In the meantime there needs to be something from my project list addressed in hopes it will make me “forget” the script for a short while. I expect more interruptions as well, which may force me to go in my room, and refuse to leave but for bathroom breaks, and snacks. I simply don’t want to afford extra distractions, which leads to me being frustrated and annoyed.

Perhaps I need to relax, listen to some music, and simply de-stress.  Couldn’t hurt, right?

Happy creative endeavors.

Tuesday Means “Get It Done.”

Hello, all.  Hope things are well.  If not, I’m praying we all fall into place on a stronger, healthier path. Why not? Why dwell on the negative, or negate people/events that serve only to bring us down.  We were not made for nothing, and we were not made for the doghouse. A part of my day should be about encouraging others, and the other part should be about getting things done to improve my own life. We gotta get past them woes and bad times, and believe me, things do get bad.

Need to get to writing, and before i say anything more on this, now’s a great time to reiterate the goal; To give the viewer an exciting story that will make them want to see more.  Yes, as mentioned yesterday, I was intimidated by the material, and the prospects of rewriting as it looked daunting, and intimidating.  The feeling has passed, and when I have a stronger update on the material, I’ll share.

Other stories and titles have visited my mind, and I wrote some ideas down, others have hovered.  There’s only so much one can do, and there is a hierarchy to the writing.  The only other material I worked on worth discussing is that I made a list of projects I wish to work on.  I need to reclaim that list and pic a couple of projects to start.  The reason for the list is that more organization is needed, and a little less randomness.

Remember to (re)claim your awesomeness, have faith that things shall be resolved, and stay positive.  Yes, that’s hard, and I fail at things too, so I’m not suggesting perfection. I merely want the best for you, as i want for myself.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

Intimidation Game

Script revisions should be fun, a challenge, and one gets lost in the mix, right? it was the general fantasy I was aiming for, however, I took a turn somewhere left of Albuquerque. Into one of the storylines I knew things had to change, shorten, and the page count would drop.

That means I now have empty space. So I’m intimidated and a bit because I have to fill it with new content.  On top of that, my instinct tells me to move a scene to the opening, and push a few things back. This alters my story, and several things will have to change to make the adjustments fit.

So I spent the better part of the day procrastinating and wondering when I’d get stuff done.  This is beneath me. I can do better.  I just allowed the fear to be the center player.  So it’s back to the story, and make the adjustments so that things fit better. It’s all about creating a strong first impression with the script, and ultimately the goal is to give the viewer to have a relatively exciting time with story.

At the moment I’m looking over Bugs Bunny stories, and I don’t know if I should, as the series is meant to be serious, and here I am digesting humor. Kudos to anyone who got the Looney Tunes reference in the first paragraph.  This is where my mind’s at.

Happy creative endeavors.

One Goal Met

A few days ago I completed the third episode of the TV spec pilot, and dropped that mic. If felt good to finish the first round of drafts.  Mind you, I immediately wanted to edit and rewrite it, but I thought it needed a few days to cool down.  Spent yesterday working on a short story that I don’t know where its going, and I kind of like that, just a little.  I also worked on a previous short story that got weird on me (more on that later). Today I need to address the TV scripts.

In regards to the scripts, I want to go through and do a “voice” edit, and add some details/Information. Voice editing is me making sure the characters have consistent voices. A few of the characters didn’t get a stronger voice until I wrote more of them.

In retrospect I should have placed much more time and faith in my outlines. This is because part of the reason for the outline was to see where the story was going, and that some things got resolved quicker in outlines. At the very least a problem can be mulled over when addressed early. Things turned out well, and the saving grace for me is that I am going to re-read and rewrite soon.

The weirds short story:  I’ve had this one for a while.  it’s a dark tale, and I remember I removed a weird part, but it still had violent content. I put back in the weird, and elaborated. I think this changes the story, and now for the sake of rewriting with clarity, I need to know the overall direction. So this dark psychological tale is now a weird, dark psychological tale.

Happy creative endeavors.

It’s Always About the Story II

Part of knowing your worth, and specifically what I believe my worth is as an artist is knowing that I do feel I need to place more effort into the story, and less onto what I’m doing.  It sounds odd to mention this, or how to articulate the topic further, but an elaboration is called for as partly a statement, and philosophy.  I suppose it is in part, and artists statement.

The goal is to fulfill those ideas I’ve documented, and progressed via my notes and files with ideas, and partly written material. It is not a race, but rather a desire to see creativity produced past a stage where the comfort zone reigns.  There is a pure talent for creating, and writing, but the creation aspect remains the strongest.  There must be  a competent that takes the dream to the next level in what medium best suits the project.

With that said, its not about waiting for the muse to strike, having a bad day/week, or even for someone’s blessings to push forward.  The writing comes first, and must see its way to completion.  The only limitation is the mind. Rejection, and the fear of it is not the hear of why the story must go on. The story must move forward. I must move forward. Progression is the key to success.

It is also not about being a machine, or perfectionism. Its about rising to the occasion to where the talent surpasses where it once was, and has an opportunity to not only flourish, but to feel successful, strong, and taking steps to be a better artist in the world I live in. It is also about taking the power I hold, and putting it to  positive, expressive, use.  This is no chore, but a passion.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

It’s Always About the Story

There was a woman on TV the other day whose name I forgot, but she said something I latched onto. She said for women to “know your worth,” and to “know your brand.” While I’m not a woman, I think the goal of empowering people is a noble one, and everyone can use pick me up in their lives. She was speaking of women in the workplace getting better salaries and finding success. I, who am always looking for improvement with my creativity found her words resonating with me.

Speaking strictly for myself, getting ducks to line up isn’t always easy, but some struggles are to be expected. If I’ve learned anything about life is that we can’t control how things turn out, but rather I must strive to know and do better. Each moment must be better than the last, otherwise we all risk repeating the same mistakes over and over. Kudos to all who strive to be better than they were in life as a person, and in their endeavors. I encourage and wish everyone more strength and success n your endeavors.

The above mentioned statements had me thinking of  my own writing/artistry, and how to know my worth and brand.  It has to be always be about the story, and not what I’m doing. It doesn’t mean that the ups and downs aren’t important, but if the focus can shift to the material, and telling the stories the characters lay at my feet. It means more writing needs to get done.  This is also a way for me to put aside my own feelings, desires and woes and serve the writing with a renewed sense of purpose.

In reality, I’d love to see more projects completed at a stronger pace, and I’ve seen myself halt, procrastinate, and abandon projects for multiple reasons–which don’t matter, since the goal is to make the stories whole, not make me whole. I’m already whole.  My life and world isn’t perfect, but there are resources that shall allow me to further my craft. Its time they got to completion, and less on my dreams of completion.

As always, happy creative endeavors.