A Moment to Sit and Relax

Yesterday I made some pasta to go with the chicken salad I whipped up. I wanted it to be spicy, but held back to a medium heat. It should be awesome. I cleaned the microwave, which was a long time coming, and glad I did clean it up. Soon I will tackle the fridge.  God help me.  That fridge needs a lot of work, and I intend get it done.  That, will be a beautiful sight.

Also found myself peeping a lot of films yesterday; Kill Bill, Blade 2, Alice in Wonderland, and Watchmen. Also watched a couple of episodes of Law and Order SVU. Today is Bram Stoker’s Dracula. If time permits and episode of Game of Thrones. Really getting my movie watching grove on.  I should do at least one movie a day.  I’m trying to push out some of the things I do watch a lot of.  For example, I like looking at the news, but I want that limited, since I read a lot of news articles.  No need to have it regurgitated to me multiple times, when a movie, or a worthy TV series will occupy some of my time.


Knowledge is Power

II tried to write out today’s post yesterday, but I failed.  Will save that for later, or have two posts for today. One of my brothers reminded me of something that’s good, and I’m paraphrasing here, which is that knowledge is power. If you have even an inkling, there’s no limit to the amazing things you can do. I’m amazed and pleased to think of the potential.  Of course the goal is to act upon such knowledge with dedication and a bit of finesse. I need to remind myself of this as I get myself together.

I’ve been looking up psychological horror/thrillers with my various cinema and genre books, so I can have a better understanding of the genre. I see a lot of films out there that deal in the genre, and I hope to get a chance to peep them.  At the very least I have a few in my own collection (Black Swan anyone). Some label Inception as a psychological thriller (I daresay genres overlap in this film). I can tell you that it’s also part of some video games, like Alice: Madness Returns.  From a look, I can say that the heart of the genre provoked deep psychological disturbances. Visually there’s a lot to be disturbed by. Playing Alice, I notice a lot of blood and blood stains. Alice has a bow with a skull as the pin.  Elements of the macabre and grotesque appear. It enhances the feel, and disturbs.

At the very least I’d say the here taps deep into the psyche, and provokes, fear, unbalances the viewer (and the protagonist), as well as creates a compelling image/story. I daresay a lot of films overlap in these elements. It reminds me of Southern Gothic writers, who also deal with the grotesque and macabre.  One distinct aspect of Southern Gothic is that it does tend to put the focus on class, race, and the southern culture. Notice some of these endings are so compellingly not (always) happy endings. Maybe they shouldn’t be. Not every story can end up happy or wrapped to neatly. Been reading on Southern Gothic literature as well.

Business is Business

Today started off lazy, but I’ve been having a lot of thoughts about being a productive creative person.  A lot of that requires that I put a harder emphasis on my activities. Slightly stressed, and hoping for things to work themselves out.  What I don’t need is to give into negative thoughts and emotions.  I really need to beef up a lot of handwritten cinema posts I never fully transcribed for posting. I haven’t done any film essays in a long while, and I’d love to see more on this blog. Also it keeps me watching and reading films.

I need to keep up with my fiction and screenplays.  Admittedly I did minimal writing yesterday. I scrapped yesterday’s post, which I may revise and post, but I felt I wasn’t putting out the a cohesive post. Revising, and letting it marinate on my brain may assist me in completing said post. Found myself looking at two concepts I had and the possibilities of merging the two. made notes for the characters, and put down some ideas.  This is strictly a side project, and I haven’t even thought of the medium for it (graphic novel, novel, screenplay, TV show). Perhaps after some cooling off it will come to me.

Did do some genre research in to psychological thrillers/horrors late last night.  It was cool to dust of a cinema studies book, look the info up, and sit there and reading before bedtime.  I love fueling my brain.  Also finally fixed the scroll bars on my computer (I hope). Clearly I overlooked the adjustments in the system preferences. I know sometimes adjustments sound like an alien language, BUT getting control of my computer since upgrading it is amazing.  Also it was pissing me off to try and scroll and the bars weren’t there, and to get them to work in some cases was really an exercise in frustration.

As always, happy creative endeavors to all.


Again found myself jotting down ideas/plots for my script.  Will transcribe them in my free time.  I didn’t want to type it out at work, because I don’t want to use the company’s computer for a personal project. Yes, I have my own notepads and pens to write down some bullet points, and sometimes I use a notes app at my desk.  I should also mention my assignments get done before I spend time doing this. I mention it as I tell some people, and repeat often that one doesn’t have an expectation of privacy on a company or public computer. You have to obtain permission for a lot of things, even though the access looks free and easy. Besides it won’t hurt for me to wait to get things done.  In a sense , this allows the ideas to marinate in my head some more.  While I hoped to type more at night, I can live with this scenario.

Also my sleep patterns of waaaay off. I wake up  early, then drift back to sleep. Sometimes I want to sleep till 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM. Unlike today where I got up earlier. May need to pick up melatonin again. Sleep should be fun.  Instead it’s a chore.  Yes, the body needs it, but I love sleeping.  I’d like it to be the smooth transaction it usually is. All the while I type this, I say to myself that somewhere I can create a story out of this woe. LOL All it takes is a few notes to begin.  My weekend will be very, very busy.


Bed Day

Ok, I feel lousy in the sense that I’m tired. Too tired. I didn’t get up on time. This post is being done in bed. Yesterday handwrote out the pages for the screenplay on a notecard. Have yet to transcribe them. Was gonna do that this morning, but that didn’t happen. Will keep on writing it down and this weekend clean it up. I need some coffee. Will have to get out of bed for that.

Need something to eat as well. Just not feeling this morning. Can’t wait for a day off to sleep with no alarm and get up when I feel like it.

Keep Writing

Last night I managed to correct the formatting for a scene in my script that called for an intercut. Sometimes trying to figure out these things rack my brain, and I was like, look it up. I found some good information, and used it to format my scene properly.Pretty happy about that. Also added two more pages last night. I told myself if I have to do two pages a night this week, then I will. This will get me set to do ten more pages this weekend, which I’m happy to make progress. I’m surprised at myself. I have a chance to improvise a scene or two and I kind  of wimped out.  That’s not me at all.

I need to get myself back into the frame of mind, and I suspect if I keep doing this for like two pages a a day, that I will seen screenwriting as a regular activity, and will want to keep at it. That’s the goal anyways. I have to keep the flow, or face falling into a nasty rut with this script angain.  I want to see it completed  and me moving onto other scripts.  That’s not to say I’ll stop writing short stories, noveles, writing, blogging. I want to put more energy into my scripts.

As always, happy creative endeavors to all.


Where did the time go? I feel like a hot mess when all the time seems to fly by.  Spent too much time sleeping, and not enough writing. Had a few more “joke” posts to develop, but I failed to work on them.  Just managed to get a bite to eat, take my allergy meds, and get my work clothes ready.  Did managed to write a couple of pages of script last night, which is a step in the right direction. I told a sibling if I had to do two pages a day, I’d do that. It shall be done by this weekend.  At least that’t my goal. I need this done.  It’s long overdue for it’s completion.

One thing I did do in addition to the two pages is look over my outline, and see how far I cam, and how to resolve the end. By all rights’ I hit act three, and to me that means I’m in completion for the first draft! So I need to let that momentum flow.  If I have ideas tonight, I need to jot them down in a notepad.

Also found myself writing out a scene that was in my head of a fantasy story. I needed to get it out (pen and paper).  Don’t know when I will transcribe it, but I have a few more ideas on the goals of this story I came up with before I typed this post. When I first wrote the parts of the story out, I had no idea about the direction I was heading. I *do* know that I can hear one character’s voice clearly, and I have to add a few more characters.

Happy creative endeavors, all.