The End of September

Finally the weather feels like it’s not trying to cook people. Savannah can get so humid as well as hot. It makes for a harsh time to be outside. Better that cooler temperatures prevail for people. The heat is too harsh. Imagine if one didn’t have a way to cool down.

Today is a head and neck pain day. Fortunately, Aleve makes it all go away. One tempting option is to lay back down, and go to sleep. That won’t happen. Things need to be done. Still the bed and couch sings a heavenly tune of dropping off to La-La Land.

One outline was typed in regards to fiction. It’s rough as all get out, but it’s the basis for a new screenplay. Since there is a beginning, middle, and end, all can be rewritten and adjusted, with the good taken, and the bad, cut and saved for something else.

Still reading. Happy to fill time with novel reading as it fills my brain with something different. Wrote out some ideas late, late last night, and that had promise. Need to jot a few more items down. brace yourself, soon november will be here, and NaNoWriMo will be back upon us.  Hopefully, more peeps will give novel writing a chance. Last year was a fantasy novel.  What will this year be?

Tomorrow starts writing posts as fairy tales or in third person. This shall prove to be a serious challenge, as the whole month will be like this. The only caveats regard any reviews/essays on films, books, or video games, but they must be essays, no the author playing games for fun. Will add to fairy tales, creation myths, songs, poetry, fables, and will come up with some October 2013 label.


The Clean Up

This apartment is a mess, and needs cleaning. If it takes a piece by piece effort to maintain, then that’s what will happen.  Strewn about books now have a home inside of a lovely box with a label on top (thanks to Sharpie). DVDs and video games need a similar treatment.  Before the end of October, this apartment should resemble an organized placed so beautiful and lovely. Fear the organization, clutter and dust. Fear it! A new voice is in town, and plans to stay.

Writing and creativity’s been on a low yesterday. The energy and desire fizzled beyond jotting down a few few notes, and that’s not a bad thing.  Didn’t do much writing, and that’s fine. Not all days will have that energy to succeed and thrive. Better that that lull period hit and it leave, then it stay and hover. Lull’s are the worst guests. They drag the day down. At the very least, something was put to paper, and a blog post got published yesterday.  It’s not all lull.

There are potatoes baking in the oven that need more time to cook all the way through. They’re today or tomorrow’s dinner to eat with leftover chili or burgers. Should prove to be tasty as all get out. Breakfast is a simple salad with the last of the roast pork. Delicious.

Happy creative endeavors.


Next Month’s Challenge

Next month is a new format for the blog. My friend Shelly suggested writing posts for the entire month of October like fairy tales, or in third person. Since I was looking for a challenge, I think that’s a good way to start. I’m always having ideas, and this is a chance to write something. Hopefully I will sustain the momentum.  Who knows November may produce another theme/topic. My only caveat is any film reviews/essays/reviews. Those are usually done in third person, but I know some of the reviews may contain a personal insight, BUT I will do my best to keep those to a minimum if I get to post them.

Last night, after worrying that I didn’t write enough all day, while in bed I brainstormed. I wrote a few more outlines out for a a few concepts. It started with a few words (hero wanted to A, but B is in the way). Soon I was filling my pages with information.  It all needs to be transcribed onto Word, which I’ll get on top of soon. I’m happy that my concerns, while valid, dissolved into production at a later time. I think I needed to veg out a little during the and enjoy not being ‘active” (granted the mind is always going).

Happy creative endeavors.

The Call to Arms

Well it’s not a battle that I’m inferring with the title, but rather a challenge. I’m creative, I have energy. I’m always writing something. Perhaps it’s time to push myself a little harder.  I’d love to see me work more with my free time to get stuff done. Sounds like more drive on my part, but I don’t want to fall into complacency. I know I have to get more done so that I have finished products. So I am calling myself to use the weapons of choice, which is pen, paper, and laptop, to get more completed. I don’t want to make room for slowing down.

Part of creativity is ingesting more stories in various forms. This means reading more, and I have a few novels on my plate. I’d love to write more about them, but I feel the need to finish the material before I discuss it. All in good time, I guess. I have enough reading for the time being, and I want to write all about them, and type out a lot of things I’ve filled in my notebooks.

Part of this is also looking at content and moving past my comfort zones.  Some of my stories have the safest characters, and I so want to push them out of that.  Not that they need to be evil, or cracked out. Far from it., however I like the idea of seeing where I can take many of them without going overboard.

OK, this is my Facebook status:

Once upon a time there was an evil debt fairy, and that slimy trick always plagued the poor…

That hit me spur of the moment, and I kinda want to finish this story. I want to know what happens in the midst in the material.  The next line should be:

…He was within his right, since it was the law, and capitalism demands that the apex predator preys on the weak. “So who’s next?” He asked, as he rubbed his hands together, and licked his thin lips.  “It must be all mine. Everything you have, and everything you don’t have.”

I could go on.  I’m being a goof, now as I’m writing without taking the writing too serious. I like the flow.  I need to do more flowing and less stoppage to (over) think about things. Writing is a never ending journey.  More writing today. I insist!

Thursday Goodness

OK, it’s not really goodness, however, it’s a day that started of well. Didn’t get all the sleep I wanted, but I needed to get up and make something for dinner. It’s burgers. Pretty simple too. I mixed ground chuck, ground pork, salt, pepper, onions, garlic, and eggs for binding. It’s in the oven now. Should be done soon.

Wrote more outline  points last night. I will keep pouring out ideas, and will make time tomorrow to type them up. The cool part of typing the material is really having the option to rearrange and edit as I needed. It doesn’t work that way in the notebooks so seamlessly. That’s not to say I don’t like pages with lots of words attached to them, cause I do love the site of a notebook full of ideas and possibilities.

The outlines do need work. Found my mind drifting back to the fantasy story as I wrote on the sci-fi outlines. Likewise I have another sic-fi idea i jotted notes down on, and I want to explore more. Piece by piece, I’m a get things done. There are other works that need a sentence or two of info. I better hop to it.

Happy creative endeavors.

Slow to Wake

Woke up far earlier than planned (it was still dark outside). I couldn’t go back to sleep. Needless to say I wasn’t pleased. A headache simmered in the background of my head. I knew I had to get up and get some Aleve and water.

After turning my television on and closing my eyes, I drifted off. Now I’m awake (alarm clock), and I’m still sleepy. It happens. To counter my sleep, I’m blogging.

Yesterday, I wrote out a rough outline for three episodes of a TV show I co-created with a good friend. Hope to revise and type them out soon. I’m semi-awake now. Will get outta bed and make things happen. I wish this was my day off. Odds are I wouldn’t have set my alarm.

Happy creative endeavors, all.

The Down and Ups

As always chaos is upon me, but that’s ok. I’m still moving forward, and staying positive with some prayer and goodwill. Wrote more ideas and outline ideas down, and need to switch gears a little.  need to get some ideas down for a Tv script I’m co-writing. We have the characters down, and I  want to outline the first three episodes. After than I’ll work on other projects.

It’s gotta be a one word at a time as I fill my notebook with more writing goodness. I hope, when I have time to relax, I’ll be able to transcribe my notes. I like seeing them typed. Pressed for time, and I need to get a lot done in a short time,  but writing a post does me good, so I wrote one.

Happy creative endeavors.