The Turmoil Post

Every now and then, there’s enough chaos going on to upset the balance of my life. To this fact, I find myself unable to perform the simplest of creative endeavors. Rather than be upset, I shall strive to keep striving. I feel like a hot mess, but at the same time, I wish to at least update my blog. Hopefully the turmoil will subside.

Writing has ranged from a few smatterings of plots and ideas being written, to nothing. This is weird. It seems like my talent has abandoned me, it hasn’t. I gotta pull myself together.

EDIT: The weather outside looks good, after several days of rain and gloomy skies. I see the sun, and it’s warmer than it was previously.

The puddles of rain have gone, and the ground’s saturated with water. I make this observation in part to get my mind on the world around me, and to write a little more. Seems simple, but I can say I put some energy towards my craft. Small victories and all.

Happy Creative Endeavors.


9/12/14 The Second Wind

So I cooked, got overheated, and needed rest. Before I cooked, I did open a Word file, stared at it, and wrote a few lines down. It wasn’t bad, and it was a scene that is dialog free, and I think it doesn’t need any. I also got some ideas for a scene that precedes it, and wrote it out. Now a simple piece of a page is five pages, so I am going in the right direction.

I’ll be opening a new file a little later because I need to write out a scene in my head, and even if it’s a few lines, I want to see it out of my head, and onto the file.


9/12/14 Now You’re Cooking

Cooking spaghetti, and it’s a process for the sauce. The noodles is fairly simple, and its not 100% made from scratch, but still, I like cooking. This is me sitting down and resting me feet. Let me add that my kitchen is HAWT. Even my beard is sweating. It never sweats.

First I did use a ready-made sauce. If I had the money, I’d buy fresh seasonings (garlic, basil, and parsley). I used what I had on hand to jazz up the jar sauce (Prego). I sweated some onions, mushrooms, and bell peppers for the sauce. I added bay leaf, dried basil, salt, pepper, and a tiny bit of sage. I added a dash of sugar to cut the acidic taste of the tomatoes. I also added cook then add Italian sausage and ground beef last. Now the pot’s on simmer, letting all the flavors have a party together.

After cooking, I found myself overheated, as it’s pure summer weather, and needed to go lay down. I did manage to cool down some, so that’s a plus, and as I write this, I’ve worked more on the script, which is a separate post.

Happy creative endeavors.

9/12/14 Good Morning

Hello World. I’m up and about far sooner than I wanted to be, however, I did go to bed early. Trust me, I tried to go back to sleep once I realized it was early, but my mind was active, imagining all sorts of scenes and scenarios for everything.

It’s gotten slightly cooler than usual (summer like blasts humid heat in the southeast). Noticed that it got darker sooner as well. I welcome some cooler temps, and less heat. My mind is not ready to write yet. Perhaps after some hot tea, I’ll be in a working mindset.

Have to say, as I type this, I do miss the internet, and keep pressing the browser icon out of pure habit to check my messages. Eventually, if I leave the house, I may stop by the library and check my messages.

Might as well get some chores done to get me moving, and my thoughts going. I’m looking at you, laundry bag. Time to make some clothes as fresh and clean as Tide can get them. If I do the laundry now, I won’t have to think about them this weekend.

Happy creative endeavors.

P.S. I’m gonna open another blank Word file until I get something on that page to fill it with.

9/11/14 Staring at a Blank File (What you Gonna Do?)

Did not feel like writing today, and yet I did. It’s all good. I gotta put something down for the script, or I will feel like I’m procrastinating. Had some things like making a list of the scripts and screenplays to see what I often work on. So this post ends now with me opening a Word file, and staring at it until I put some material on there.

UPDATE: For the record, I wrote out two pages after thinking I had nothing to go on. It’s good to prove myself wrong, and to get material done. It’s more than I expected, and better than I hoped for to convey some simple transactions.

If I have any tip about feeling like you can’t write something. I challenge you to open a Word file or whatever medium you prefer, and write down some stuff. A smattering of dialogue, a dab of description, or a plot point. It may be a little bit at the moment, but perhaps the following day you can turn it into something worthwhile. No one said a first draft is supposed to be perfect. Mine rarely are.

9/11/14 Some Progress

Yesterday did a lot of writing. Mainly for the script, which I worked on to get act one of episode two together. Found myself writing a small two page scene where things escalated into an argument. Its weird but I knew how to write the “angry” moments well. I’m gonna have to look into that, because it got what I wanted to say in two pages. Maybe I need to think more on how the characters feel and their desire per scene. It may tighten some things up as I progress, and when I do revisions.

Wrote some other things down, like concepts, and revised tales. As per yesterday’s post, I read and revised the sexy vignette. I need to leave this one alone for a while. It has a companion piece, so I may disturb that one soon. It was written in a far goofier state the updated story, and has a different tone. Will address it in due time.

Looked at some old writings. It was to see what was in my back up flash drive. I can tell you if I let items cool off, these items have gone into deep freeze. Some of the items I have not seen in a long, long time, and was able to read them with the freshest of viewpoints. I like what I read, and want to add more to them.

Did find an not so old script I hope to get a chance to work on. I thought of it for television, but I don’t know yet. All of this stuff is on the back burner. I did notice how this story supernatural focused on death, and I had another script that also dealt with the topic. They are very different, and I’d like to see them reclaimed and reworked.

About yesterday’s treatment, I thought about it more. Still not 100% sure of everything, and where it goes. It does need to be rewritten. One thing is I’m changing all the lead characters’ names. I read this, and they all had double consonants in their name (Darrell, William, Ella, etc.) It made them far more playful that I wanted for the story. So I’m gonna reach in my bag of tricks and pull out some new names for these characters at least.

Happy creative endeavors.

P.S. I remind now myself to back up what I wrote yesterday, as I failed to do so last night. Save, save, save, and put stuff on an external drive as well.

9/10/14 III: Sexy Little Vignette

Hello All,

A few months ago, I wrote out some dialogue concerning an exchange between a lady and a knight. Decided that yesterday was the perfect time to flesh out the story (no pun intended) a little more. Put a few descriptions here and there, not impede the flow, but set the scene. I need to reread it soon to get a feel for what I put down.

Said story is a sexy little fantasy ditty about falling for a seduction. I was goofing off a lot, and playfully wrote the exchange, which made it fun and curious for me. When I added some details, the ditty became a three-page story. Part of me wants to write more, like how the knight arrived to the lady’s keep, what happens after the seduction. It would cease to be a vignette, where I’ve captured a moment, but it might be worth exploring.

Happy creative endeavors.