My Derring-Do

We’re gonna play a game, y’all. A simple game.  All I have to do, is check my methodologies as I get hip to this new game in town called the “Derring-Do,” or as my peeps put it, “a case of the common goof offs.”  I get those a lot.  Now, all I have to do, is treat my fiction like I do my songwriting skills.  When I wanna have some fun, I pick up my pen, and put the lyrics down.  I pretend it’s a jingle, and I want to do is sell the product no matter what it is. It’s goofy, it’s fun, and I laugh at myself. The writing isn’t a chore, a bore, or a burden. It’s my derring-do.

Sometimes all it really takes is for me to make mistakes, and laugh at them all.  When you go a writin’ at this pace, you don’t have to save face. When you fall, you fall, but you’re on top as I recall. You don’t crawl away in shame this is just a silly game.  Not everything I write, say, or do will rhyme, but at the start of the process, why not make some progress? Why not play a game with the words and be free of over thinking or overreaching.


Slacking Off and Eyeing the Prize

When I think of this title I see how contradictory it sounds, but sometimes that’s how emotions come through.  They’re so conflicting and complex. I wish there was a straightforward way to handle thoughts, but then I wouldn’t be me if I did.  I’ve been a bit melancholy worrying over finances, which strips the enthusiasm out of creativity, BUT I want to bounce back.  It may be rough now, but I truly believe in hope and success through perseverance.  We all struggle with adversities, big and small.  Writing is my passion, so I always come back to it, no matter how uninspired I feel.

Now that that’s over, I let my mind wonder and somehow resolved an idea for an older story, and now I’m like, “when am I going to have the time to develop this one?”  I’m putting it on my list of to do.  Surprisingly a theme of siblings came back up. Unlike the novel I’m still scribbling on, this story features siblings at odds with each other.  It gets complicated as they are half-siblings with different mothers.  I’d like to see where this goes.  More than happy to write up a few more paragraphs on what I think the plot of this story.  Did some of that last night the fell asleep.

Last I spoke of the novel, my ideas mutated a bit, and I found myself merging some of my ideas together, thus changing the story from traditional fantasy to more of a hybrid of sorts that appeals to me.  I wrote out a few pages with this in mind, and I want to write out a few more things.  perhaps a page length plot to “see” where I’m going.  Plots are easy to write, and need mad rewriting, but gives me some clues to the next steps of the writing.  So let the character conflict and overwriting begin.

World Building

Note: For the sake of continuity I was supposed to post “World Building” yesterday, but felt I needed to back away from the material.  I was more than a bit of a dervish when it came to writing, and felt I did too many things at once.  One of them being writing this post and not being able to review and revise it properly. Rather than rush it out, I let it breathe.  I did manage to get some writing done I’m proud of, and trying to managed all the irons in the fire.

Working on the world building aspects of this novel has been quite the challenge. I’ve written a few short stories in the fantasy genre, and a couple of scripts but I feel so nervous about the story. Last night I felt inspired, and wrote out as much as I could before getting to sleepy to write, and fell asleep. I need to do research soon.

World building made me rethink the plot I initially wrote and rewrote several times, which is not a bad thing. Not afraid of the revising aspects. I do think there’s the high possibility I need to scrap those earlier story pieces in favor of the characters that emerged from my mind last night. I may still get to use the original characters in some fashion. As I typed this I think I found a way to incorporate them, so the writing was not a waste, and I can use it later.

For a moment, I thought the fantasy genre might be wrong for me, which kinda contradicts that I love Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, and RPG games like Dragon Age (dark fantasy) and Kingdoms of Amular (fantasy). I have more than a passing interest in the genre. I can add some of my favorite films are fantasy or historical fantasy. For example, I still love the original Clash of the Titans, Excalibur, Pan’s Labyrinth, etc. Perhaps I need to rewatch some of these to get my mind in gear.

It took a while because I ran through a lot of scenarios in my head and a few on paper. Sometimes this infancy stage frustrates me, but at the same time finding something feels rewarding. So late last night I wrote a few pages that clearly defined the world a lot better and I need to do some research to place some punch and bite into the details.

Wrote out a few paragraphs for the story that I do like. I need to keep that momentum going. As I’m in bed updating/revising this post I used the Notes app to write some more details and paragraphs. Now chapter one has a definitive start in my opinion. It doesn’t start with nekkid people, which could be a con, but not to worry, I’m a get that incorporated.

A Moment for Gratitude

NOTE: Wrote this post a while back. Adding to it to make it post worthy. I’m glad I have drafts in my queue and in need of revisions. I’ve hit a dry spell of creativity again. It shall pass.

Yesterday was all about the guilt and today needs to be about gratitude. Why? Can’t be about the negative, and the postives do make a difference in my life. So I’m grateful for my peeps, breathing, getting up today and having a chance to reflect on my thoughts. I’m gonna start gushing with love and praise, so that’s too syrupy for me.

Also finally decided to experiment with using my phone to make an actual blog post. I do this while watching episodes of Young Justice. The episode with Harm and Secret appear. It’s got a horror vibe to it. Harm is a true sociopath and super villain. Creepy.

Off to run a few errands on a budget. I’m timing this to work with me than rather against me.


My Fair Sunday

Ever write fiction and it’s like a sentence here and there, leave it alone for a while and think of another sentence or two to include to enrich the text? That happens to me from time to time, and I’m fascinated. Sometimes it’s a thought on the lines of a description or a piece of dialog. I admit it’s a choppy way to write but at the same time it’s a brief inspiration.

Mr. Haynes You Post Pictures of Cat’s Online. What’s Up With That?

Today is about my experience with posting images on Facebook of cats. I love cats, and I’m not a pet owner because I can’t afford one, and my space is limited. There’s no need for me to have any pets if I can’t take care of them properly. Pet’s cost money and need all the TLC I could give them. Cat pics make me smile and laugh a bit. Needless to say I went a bit overboard with sharing the kitty pics a few times, and calmed down a bit. I think two in a day is more than enough, unless I think it’s really, really funny. I do think the images are fun and silly. Otherwise I wouldn’t share them with friends. i get the impression they mean much more (or less) to others who see them.

These aren’t the only pic/memes I post. Many of the images/memes in my feed deal with being drunken, lazy, general goofiness, rudeness, puns, etc. I also post news pieces, my blogs updates, and personal blogs about unemployment (which gets weighty a lot), and make status updates that range from goofy to food updates. I will also leave comments of encouragement/support on your page (text) if you’re feeling down. In many ways I strive to be entertaining with a little bit of info, and a few political posts.

A few people, from time to time ask me directly about the cat posts: “Why do I post them, it’s a lot, or where is this coming from” type of questions. I found it odd since I posted equally about being drunk, lazy, and generally falling into a fake debauchery. ASIDE: Anyone who knows me will tell you, you have to hold your liquor to drink with me, and if you can’t, adios.

So I wonder if the pics are serious to others when they are fun for me? It doesn’t mean I should stop posting pics? If that was the case, why not stop posting altogether, quit Facebook, and for that matter quit all social networks? Why not stop writing? The fact remains that not everyone’s going to like everything I write, post, or discuss. I’ve seen that many times  in the past. Questions are natural, even if people aren’t on the same wavelength.

It could be that sometimes a cat is a damn cat, and no one wants to see it, no matter how cute it is.  Well some people don’t want to see them. I could be wrong.  It’s happened before.

Someone once asked me,”how can you write about drugs when you haven’t used them before?”

I replied, “I’m gonna write about a murder too, and I haven’t killed anyone either.” I am not my posts, even though I have my reasons to bring a smile about, and I can’t expect others to “get me” when I post anything. My goal was to make people laugh, and the joke doesn’t reach all. I will say that in my defense, if included cat pics on ALL my social networks and cat facts daily, then I WOULD have an issue. That, or I was a cat/pet advocate.

Now if I want to get off the net and write, I won’t argue with that line of thinking.

Fridays and My Adventures This Week

This week’s been mixed with stress, anxiety, and some upbeat happenings. First I had a job interview, which I needed to get all professional and presentable. It was worth every moment of me being a bit nervous and praying that I was likable for the job. I think the interview went really well.  The decision is out of my hands, so I must wait and see.

It’s also been a bills, bills, bills kinda week, and the funds are lower than a politician’s morals during and after a sex scandal. There can be no tell all to the bullshit that goes one with stress, or can there be? It’s debatable and doable.

I mentioned the job/hunting interview to talk about me doing more writing.  I was inpsired to write out more for my novel.  It’s been slow, and I’ve yet to make stronger decisions.  If I learned anything it’s that I need to make firm decisions in regards to my creative endeavors. Also thinking things through works wonders for me.

Speaking of endeavors, while getting some things organized on my laptop, I noticed (stopped ignoring) a Word file on my desktop labeled “short story.”  I opened it as my curiosity was peaked, and it allowed me a small distraction. It’s a short piece (four pages), and I edited and revised it since I wasn’t doing much of anything at them moment. In other words, I felt a tinge of guilt for abandoning this project.

As I made the corrections, I remembered I left  this story on the desktop to remind myself to edit it. After looking at it with fresh eyes, I can say this story feels more like a vignette. Some of the descriptions and dialogue I liked, but the story as a whole itself gave me the impression that it’s unfinished. I’m thinking this vignette is the seed or start of a larger story. It feels fresh, and has some swagger because of the potential and promise I see and feel.