Know Better, Do Better

It’s hard for me to push myself when I know I want to goof off, or do something less stressful (like organize my constantly messy room). However, the more I write via blog, writing exercises, and generally writing my thoughts down/typing them into a file, helps me think better, and process stuff.

Case in point, I wrote down a lot of notes not only for the novel, but other writing projects I want completed in 2017. This meant, last night, as I pondered the age of my MC for the novel, I’d have a different mindset (think late teens vs forty-something). Needless to say in my notes, a couple of my concepts paralleled. The thought occurred to me that one should be about a late teen (novel), and the latest pitch be about the forty-somethings. That way I can explore variations on a theme w/out changing too much in the novel.

That said, I jotted stuff down, and more notes I need to act upon. One word at a time, and keep moving forward.

I also need to get my reading on, and earlier today I realized I failed to charge my Kindle. Not my best planning ahead moment, but it’s charging now.

Happy creative endeavors.


The Angel and the Bastard


“Stop being cute” is today’s motto, as I wanted to progress with writing without giving hoot what anyone else thought BEFORE I put a darn thing onto paper/file. It’s far too easy for me to get caught into what appeals to whom, and why I should censor myself ahead of writing the text. This always leads to half-assed writing on my part, and ultimately frustration. A friend calls this, “killing the angel in the room.” The angel is so sweet and demure and wants me, or any creative person to be that way for kindness sake.

What I need to be doing is find my inner bastard. The guy who doesn’t care about your feelings or imagined perceptions over stories that doesn’t exist. That guy cuts to the chase, loves what he does, and won’t accept negative attitudes in his space. He get’s stuff done.

That said, I did do some note-writing for the novel, expanded the main character’s friends, rivals and explored the setting more.  Also narrowed the theme down to one strong concept and will work with it from there. With the theme in mind, I need to look at the main character and his age. An older hero might feel the theme stronger, vs a younger who is coming into his own– or not. I will figure it all out.

Happy creative endeavors, or get your stuff done. No one else is gonna do it for you.

Into and Out of Love

This blog used to be filled with essays on film and television shows. I created it for that purpose. I used to have a personal blog that I filled with daily chatter, while CINES chatted about film and television.

I felt closer to the text, loved every bit of it, and pushed myself further to explore more topics in film. Then that love dwindled. I feel like I took a turn into deep chaos in a way I fully can’t explain, but my enjoyment for film and television went to a crawl. That’s never a good thing for someone who loves what they wrote about.

Perhaps this was a depression that I didn’t recognize, or a moment where other events overrode something I enjoyed. As a friend pointed out, “one step at a time.” I cannot get from under a cloud and expect an instant return. It truly is a piece by piece effort to regain your foothold and be a better man.

Some of the chaos was released, and left me. Thank God.

Still I gotta grow from where I was, to a better spot. This means focus, effort, and inching towards some form of personal success. So one day I will fall back in love with the things I once had a passion for writing about all the time.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

Tuesday Starts Slow

Felt so sluggish this morning, and coffee didn’t help me in the least. I should have skipped it altogether, but then that nagging feeling of, “you should have tried it,” would live in my thoughts. Didn’t want that in my day.  Needless to say, I’m awake, and stuff needs to be done. Time to get back on the horse and write more material. I must add the allergy meds have a slight drowsy effect on me. I hate changing them, because my system has to get used to it, and that takes time.

Observed in my notes that I wanted to adjust the setting of my novel. It’s not a major setback in the least, but I thought of new locations, and that came with a different set of personal desires and goals for the MC. It also helps tie some of the themes together. I found myself referencing some material to research, and added some other things–thus expanding the idea beyond what I thought it could be.

I believe the previous written material for the novel could seamlessly blend with the newer ideas IF I put the effort forth to think it through and execute it. My greatest fear was I would overwork the material. It’s a novel in the bizarro genre, however it has strong contemporary fantasy elements. I feel I represent the genre elements, but there was a few story elements missing. I dare say I compartmentalize a lot of parts, and need to get them organized.

Speaking of efforts, I was chatting with my brother about a subject/genre for a screenplay and was hesitant of the combo. Of course I realized I could write what I wanted without worry, AND get it done. That worry dissolved into humor. I needed to remind myself to focus and worry less about can I or can’t I. The reasons never seem to be something substantial.

Other than these factors, I will try to keep positive and productive. It seems to be the right thing to do to keep a balance in my structure.

Happy creative endeavors.

Sick For Days

Unfortunately, what started as my allergies and sinuses beating on me like an after school bully turned into a moment where I needed to get in bed, and lay in misery as it passed. It took a nasty toll on me as I lost my appetite, and all I wanted to do is try and breath well.  My poor nose went from stopped, to running, to “hey, I can breathe.” My allergy meds may, or may not have been working, or at least taxed. I had to switch meds in order to see some results.

Needless to say, I’m feeling better, so to that, I’m grateful. It will take some time to get back into 100% recover, but that’s expected.

That said little to no writing was done this weekend, but my motto is, to get back on the horse and ride again. So that meant listing out some of the things I want to get done, and boy am I ambitious. That said there are some things I’d like to complete before a talk about them.

One of those goofier distractions I was concerned about was the desire to write more screenplays. What genre, and how many to work on for the remainder of the year. So I wrote down what I want to do, and I’m going to have to tackle it. No way around that. Will have to find a way to make things work.

Happy creative endeavors.

Lovely Allergies on a Wednesday

Allergies are pure misery. As the temps in SC fluctuate between cold, and warm, my allergies and sinus dramas are wrecking me. I’m stuffy, then runny, then I lost my appetite. I made myself eat last night and this morning. It’s not a happy time for me. If I don’t eat, I could weaken my resistance, and really get sick. That’s all I need in the course of a day. Needless to say I’m on allergy meds, and I hope to get back to my regular self again.

I can also say that when I can breath through my nose, everything seems to be agitating my sense of smell.  This has taken the joy out of NOT being safe at home away from all things that really set my senses off. I digress. A brother can be a trooper when the occasion calls for it.

Allergies aside, yesterday I did get some writing done. What I did the first go round is write down what I think are some issues for my main characters.  One thing I used a lot was their fears. So after a few bullet points of exploring fears, I told myself to look at other emotions. Why? I felt the characters will start to repeat themselves, or get into a deep rut. Also I wanted to see what else I could explore beyond fear. So unless it’s a horror story, I want to see other emotions.

Wrote a little for the novel, but that’s fine with me. A little goes a long way for me, and I don’t mind when I’m under a hit of misery.  I hope to keep writing something soon. That way I can write about something other than allergies.  LOL

Happy creative endeavors.


I was gonna go edit some YouTube videos I uploaded overnight, but then it dawned on me that I should do a blog post first. Why? Well I feel I want to start my day with writing. It never hurts to start off with writing, and getting in the frame of being creative.

Yesterday I was annoyed because I left my Moleskin at home. I used the Moleskin to put down thoughts, so I can turn pages and see what I wrote.  I felt a little odd not having it with me. I have an alternate journal, and wrote down some dialog for the novel, which was fine with me. Still trying to get voices down, and I think I have two of the characters down.  Go me.  I have the Moleskin today, so no excuses for not writing something down today.

I did write some notes down, for the novel, over the weekend that I need to address.

Was reflecting on my poor attempts at erotic fiction again, which means I may be working in this genre again. Based on my last talks of not having personal stakes in the stories, I can see how and why I failed at it–It’s essentially a bad sex story, or really bad porn for a lack of better term. Again, nothing was going on in stories that made me think or like the characters. Perhaps the MC is afraid to be touched. The MC loves non-commitment, however the people he or she meets want more than a sexual romp. The MC loves thrills and cheating, however gets involved with a person who is far too honest and dignified to openly betray.

That’s me just tossing around ideas that could have made a bland story slightly better. If I put more focus onto the MC having an issue to solve, instead of revolving around doing the deed, I may have a story ready for a first draft, and multiple revisions thereafter.

Happy creative endeavors.