The holidays presented me with some time off, and I’ve slacked off quite a bit. When not slacking off, I am doing some research via online classes in writing/creativity. I have a LOT of material to get through, and I love learning, so this is a plus for me. This learning comes with assignments, so I have even more work to do. 

Assignments aren’t bad, it’s a matter of me getting them done. Some of the classes have goals like writing/developing a manefesto on creating comedy content. I am greatly intimidated, and the same time intrigued.  

On a side note I made a huge mistake by having an idea, and not writing it down, or typing it out. I had forgotten the idea, only to remember it at a random moment. I am gonna type it in my Notes app. This is why, in part I like to write blog posts. It at least gets me writing. 

That said, I’m off to jot things down, and back to my lessons. 

Happy creative endeavors. 


The Last Jedi

Enjoyed the movie, as I was looking for an escape via entertainment. So I got transported to a galaxy far, far away. Here are some points of interest for me. 

SPOILERS AHEAD: Turn away you curious fools, if ye wish to remain surprised.  
I wasn’t angry when the movie was over. That’s always good.  Also there are some plot logic fails, but that’s for another post.  

I was sad as this was Carrie Fischer’s last role. My favorite princes is gone. I am truly saddened by her passing. Happy with her performance, and for the great memories.  

Seems like nearly everyone had some kind of story arc and that made the film excessively busy. Too busy. A lotta side quests too. Very RPG in that respect.  

There was a change in the dialogue that had its moments but sometimes felt very contemporary. Not a bad thing. It simply sounded like different kind of SW film. 

Phasma deserved a better moment than what she was handed. If she harbors that much resentment for Finn, did she have pop up and depart that quickly? Seriously, the ships coming apart and she’s so resentful, she’s like, I’m a stay here and kill the former janitor. 

Snoke kinda was not what I thought. For that matter, neither was Rey. Both were teased to have this extraordinary tale, or at least my expectations were set for one, but nope. LOL 

Luke, Luke, Luke. This series broke you. My childhood hero lost himself, and turned into Obi-Wan…sorta. That saddened me. He did come back to the light, so that worked for me… A little. 

Counter rebellion (resist the resistance). Poe becomes the hothead and the trouble maker at the same time. Had he not put his plan in motion Holdo’s plan may have worked flawlessly.  

Kylo Ren: I get part of the anger. I liked how he was hesitant to attack his Mom. He just seems more petulant than anything. Also a force prodigy who hates his uncle and dad.  

There’s more, but that’s enough for the moment. I got my escape, things didn’t go as imagined, but that’s fine. The story took a darker road similar to Empire Strikes Back with elements of Return of the Jedi. My thought is that anything can happen in the upcoming third installment.  

Get It Done, Darn it!

I was trying to write about how I was looking forward to revising material for the novel. The content was sweet, thoughtful, and faced multiple revisions. Then I deleted it.

Why?  I was laboring too much, and if the material is to unabashed, progressive, and creative. I must act, not hold back, and do what needs to be done to make an entertaining story.

That said if the main character is naive, innocent, and these are defining traits, then he’s not truly passive. I simply have to break his traits. By that I mean I’m going to break, destroy, and ruin those traits for him.

He’s going to get some choices, where he can run, hide, and hope it all goes way, or he can man up, and get his life under his control, and it won’t be easy, or pretty.

So everything can and will fall into place.

Why? Because he’s my hero. Right or wrong, he’s going to get through his journey.

Happy creative endeavors.

Tropes, Archetypes, and Sterotypes

Was looking over tropes and archetypes and came across something interesting.  In my novel I needed a mentor archetype to teach my MC (hero) the ropes. The MC is white and the mentor is black. I didn’t think this was a trope, but came across what is called “magic negro.” BTW I bristle at the word, and should. It’s a pejorative.

For those not in the know, the term refers to a black character, usually of a lower economic and social standing, who is “in touch with the earth,” and may or may not possess magical powers. He or she may be the sole black person within the story, and his/her sole purpose in a story or film is to find the clueless white leading character, and give him or advice, then sacrifice himself for the MC.

This magic black man/woman typically doesn’t have their own storyline other than he or she is to be the MC’s guide. The magic black person has no family, no origins, and kind of a blank slate. This makes their character role pivotal, but also underwhelming.  Even Obi-Wan got to hang out and guide Luke after his death. Dude had more than agency—he had staying power.

By contrast, mentors are the archetype, and serve to guide the hero. They may sacrifice themselves, however they have agency and are viable parts of the narrative. For the record, the mentor for my novel has magic, and knowledge he teaches the MC how to use magic properly, but this is a world where magic exists.

The mentor in my novel evolved from being simply a mentor, to having elements of an ally (potential friend/companion), and trickster (who’s side are you on, anyways) archetypes.  He definitely has his own story arc, and he’s not the sole person of color in the story.

For the record, I love mentor roles in stories. I also love teachers, ad teaching. Academics is important to me personally. It’s important for me to get story elements correctly without falling into tropes and/or racial stereotypes.

Do I think I can have a black mentor for a white student? Do I think the roles can be misconstrued or misunderstood?  Can I give my mentor the role he deserves, past perceived limitations? Can I even defy expectations by not having a mentor be perfect or a great role model? The answer is “yes” to all of these questions.

Happy creative endeavors.

Visions of Love and Writing

This is completely separate from my own current ambitious with projects, but I’ve always wanted to write a collection of love stories.

The goal would be to write, enjoy, and share them. I kinda even want a visual component to them to make it seem a little more fantastical and theatrical (love comics or films).  I want to have fun with the genre without a care in the world.

This will likely have me creating stories that are filled with sex, mythology, humor, and varying stages romance.

This been a dream of mine for a long time. I think it comes from watching melodramas, space operas, and reading comics for ages.  They’ve revisited my imagination—sorta.

Happy creative endeavors.

Title Goes Here

I didn’t do much writing yesterday, and that’s on me. Today I got some ideas down, and after my two-part post, I’ve been contemplating how better to see and explore the themes in my stories. As I’ve said before, art exists in a variety of mediums, and words happen to be where I’m focusing—at the moment, but I may want to add visual components to my work.

Here I found myself looking up definitions and theories on art as a whole.  The idea was to inform my further creative decisions. Also I like learning.

Thematically, I think if I underline the root action or theme I wish to explore, I’ll be in the right direction.  Not worried about story structure, as I pretty much reinforced what I previously learned from college, reading, online classes, and applying said knowledge.

So while I have a moment, I will evaluate the four projects currently on my plate and see if I identify the primary theme or goal I wish to explore. Then I gotta get more research done that directly impacts each story.  Granted it is finals, and its busy time, I think I can managed an article or two this week.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

The Artist: Part Two

So then I wondered, why am I apologizing for stuff that hasn’t been even shown to others yet?

It’s easy for me to want and wish for approval. The scale of likability goes up for material produced or published—but even then that’s no guarantee people will approve and like the material, or myself.  So this is the wrong way.

It’s also easy to fear my own potential. Have I gone too far? Did I go far enough? Did I learn my techniques properly enough to execute my visions?

There must be an unflinching bond of trust between the subject, the actual project, and myself.

I must be willing to accept the consequences of my works—misunderstood, or not. I don’t owe anyone anything, least of all, and apology for quality content. The only exception this rule is I go in half-assed, and the material suffers/meanders. That’s’ gross unprofessionalism.

Furthermore I have to believe that I will put together solid works from start to finish. If I’m willing to be responsible for the content, I must not rely on the content to sustain my ego. I’m not an artist because I need adoration.  I happen to love being creative, and don’t mind growing and sharing my material.